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Blast on the Bay Schedule...Key West Presenter...a #1 Album!

Oct 8 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Friday morning headed for a weekend of singing and packing a bag again. A lot of good music news to share this morning…including a number one record on the charts!



I had a busy Thursday with not one but two songwriting appointments. I met Irene Kelley at my publishing company yesterday morning, she was running quite a bit late for her but made up for it by bringing coffee!  By the time she got there I had a verse and a chorus on an idea going and it didn’t take us long to finish that up. In fact, it gave us time to almost finish a second one from a melody idea Irene brought in her writing bag. She’s still working on songs for her next bluegrass album, and I know at least one song we’ve written together will make that, and I’m hoping maybe one of the two from yesterday might sneak in on that album too. It’s a pleasure to have and to hear Irene sing any song, much less one I’m involved with.


Irene also shared that the cabin she’s been working on in Gatlinburg is now completed and she’s ready to have some writers like me come over, sit out on the deck, run the bears off and write songs. So I’ll look forward to joining her and some others on Rocky Top soon.


And oh yea, Irene is celebrating this number one bluegrass song "Wild Mountain Stream" that just hit the top of the bluegrass charts last week! It’s good to be Irene.



Then about 5 pm yesterday evening Darin and Brooke Aldridge joined me from their North Carolina home with their little dog Otis providing some background harmony as we wrote. Brooke and Darin met years ago and married. Both love Jesus and Bill Monroe and we captured that in a song for them last night that was fun to write. It’s always a pleasure to write with them. Darin is a gifted instrumentalist in the bluegrass world, and Brooke has won the bluegrass “Female Vocalist of the Year” 4 different times in her career. So yea, some talented folks to hang with…every time.



I wrapped up my song with Darin and Brooke just in time to turn on the Grand Ole Opry on my computer and hear my friend Linda Davis singing. Gracious was she great…as always. I have the pleasure of being on stage with her and her husband Lang Scott  at the Dosey Doe Big Barn this Tuesday evening in Woodlands, Texas just north of Houston and that will be fun. They’re going to video shoot our show that night on a 4-camera set up, so I think I’ll have to think about makeup. Geez.



Next weekend I’ll be in Port St. Joe, Florida for the “Blast on the Bay” songwriters festival with “Hits & Grins”. We didn’t think Steve Dean was going to make this trip because of a scheduling conflict, but that changed, and the trio will be there in full force. This is such a fun boutique festival in a beautiful location. Here’s our official schedule.


Friday October 15- 7pm show at the Lookout Lounge in Mexico Beach (GREAT listening room)


Saturday October 16-11 AM morning show at The View on Old 98

Saturday October 16-5 pm at Tap Root



Then I’ll be in Key West for the Meeting of the Minds, the world’s largest gathering of Parrot Heads and Trop Rock musicians, songwriters, and players. I have at least four shows I’m a part of and last night I was invited to be a presenter at the big awards show at the Key West Theater. I’ll be presenting the award for the Best Trop Rock Radio station. The awards show is 7 pm November 5, and I’ll be playing November 3, 4 and 5. Venues and start times are on my calendar here on the website.



My friend Angus Gill sent me an e-mail from Australia letting me know that his new bluegrass album “The Scrapbook” that I have the title track on and one other song just went number 1 on the Australian country charts!  Woo Hoo!  We will be writing tomorrow evening online, and we’ll celebrate that achievement looking at each other on our computers. I’m happy for my young talented friend. I’m partial I know, but the album is great, so its success is not a surprise to me.



42% may not get the flu shot this year which worries some folks as hospitals don’t need flu patients to add to the Covid patients.


The push is on now to vaccinate younger folks and kids. That’s not going so well here in the south.  Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, South Carolina, and Tennessee all have less than a third of those vaccinated. And it’s not just the southern states completely. The same numbers apply to North Dakota, Wyoming, and West Virginia.


The good news is some of the experts are seeing the numbers start to fall and think it might signal the end of the U.S. pandemic. Wouldn’t that be awesome? I’m rooting for that to be true.




A guy in New Jersey falls 9 stories onto the top of a BMW roof falling through the sunroof, gets up and asks, “what happened”? A broken arm seems to be the worst of his injuries for now. He may have been trying to end his life, but apparently a higher power thought, “nope, not today”. This dude needs to buy a Powerball ticket.



Lego just put out a Titanic kit you can try and build. It’s going to take a while. There are 9,090 pieces! Cost is $630. If you get one for Christmas, you’ll probably still be working on it come next Christmas. Wonder how many pieces for the iceberg?



Bankrupt companies gave 165 MILLION dollars in bonuses to top executives last year just before their companies went bankrupt. How do I get that job? I’m sure I could drive a company into oblivion, and I could use the bonus.


As the Willie and Waylon song said, “Mama’s Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be Cowboy”. Let em’ grow up to be CEO’s.



I think I might want one of these. Ring now has a drone security camera. You can fly it all over your house from an app on your phone from work or from wherever to check each room of your house with a mini-fly-over. At $250 that’s cheap and fun security all at the same time. I’m sure some would use it to check on their pets. It would be great if you can voice activate it and scream at your cat at Christmas time…” Stay away from the Christmas ornaments”!!!!



I’m headed to a recording studio today where I’m going to do a voice over for a Christmas production that will run this year at Busch Gardens in Williamsburg, VA. So if you go there and see the “O Holy Night” show, you’ll hear me bellering like Moses I suppose. My friend Victoria Venier and her husband Matt Davenport are producing this show for Davenport Productions and thought of me to be the narrator so that’s cool. Thanks to both for this opportunity.



Tomorrow morning I’ll be on stage at the Listening Room here in Nashville with my young friend Taylon Hope and two other songwriters for a 10:30 songwriter show that should be great fun. Usually I take water with me on stage. For this one I’ll be taking coffee.


Then tomorrow evening I’m online with Angus Gill who’s in Australia to write a new song, but to also celebrate his number one album I mentioned earlier.


And oh yea, I’ll be watching some of the baseball playoffs too. Last night in the Tampa Ray-Boston Red Sox game a player hit the ball so high it hit the ceiling and that was declared a home run. And then a guy STOLE home plate! In the playoffs! You’re right…I do love that game.


Then Monday I’ll be on a bird headed for Texas for a Tuesday night show with Linda Davis and Lang Scott. More on that Monday.


Have a great weekend!




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