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Playoffs...The Voice...Drunk Gator

Oct 8 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

And just like that it feels like Fall here in Tennessee.  Long pants for Tuesday morning.



I wrote with my buddy Gerald Smith and that’s always a fun day.  Gerald has written a couple of number one songs in his career including “What Part Of No” by Lori Morgan, has recorded several comedy song albums himself and use to be on the old TV show Hee Haw a lot doing his “Georgia Quacker” thing where he can sound more like a duck than a duck can.  And he always brings new ideas to the table as he did yesterday and that idea pretty much wrote itself in a hurry.  A pretty good day of rhyming yesterday.


The rest of yesterday was all about watching the baseball playoffs and outside the Yanks eliminating the Twins we’ve got some pretty good series going on.  The Cards bounced back and now have a game 5 in Atlanta that should really be exciting.  Go Cards.


My wife and I do watch the “Voice” too and that was on last night.  I watch just the section where the judges pick their teams…my wife watches all of it.  The selection part to me is the most fun and the most unique part of the show that’s having a very long run on NBC.  And last night Blake got quite the surprise at the end of the show when someone he did not expect to get chose him. Some very fun back and forth going on between the judges…despite Adam Levine not being there this year.



So a woman in Pennsylvania wrote her own obituary and is sharing it in an inspiring way.  And that makes the question, what would you write if you were to write your own obituary?


I’m hoping Doctors never write their own obituaries because you’d never be able to read those.



You don’t have to put your body in a normal looking casket.  These days caskets and urns come in some very unique designs.  Like this STARSHIP URN that you can check out and boldly go where no body has gone before.


I know folks have had ashes put in shotgun shells too and then a loved one would fire them away.


Those are kind of cool I guess but since I don’t plan on dying it doesn’t really interest me all that much.



Have you noticed the comeback of mustaches?  The millennials apparently think they’re cool and so more young guys are sporting what I rocked in college way back.  What took ya so long?  Get some platform shoes and bell-bottoms…add a “fro” and you are one cool dude my friend.  (God I hope those pictures never get out)



Someone is making a little tile sticker that activates with an app.  You put the sticker on your remote control…or whatever you tend to lose…hit the app and an alarm goes off to help you relocate the remote.  Can they give me a tiny one to attach to my reading glasses?



Flight attendants…and my daughter was one can all tell you unreal stupid sometime funny stories about passengers.  Many wear out the call button with ridiculous questions.  One lady wanted to know what state she was looking down on when she hit her call button.  A guy asked if the pilot could check the football scores and announce them.  Actually…I wouldn’t mind if the Captain did that as long as the co-pilot was paying attention to what state he was flying over.



“Florida Man Arrested For Trying To Get A Gator Drunk”.  Tequila shots I think.



I’m writing with one of my favorite young writers in town Josh Shilling.  Part of the group Mountain Heart Josh is just a heck of a singer-piano player and it’s a true pleasure to sit and write with him every time I get a chance to.  Click on the link and listen to his amazing version of "Georgia On My Mind" and you'll hear what I'm blogging about here.


Have a great Tuesday!




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