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Southern Gospel Lesson...Hits & Grins on the Beach...Psychics

Oct 7 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Thursday morning coming at ya dark and early here in Music City. I mentioned a few blogs ago how loud the crickets have gotten at our house. This morning it was like a band of them were singing at the highest volume ever. I’m going to have to Google “crickets” this morning and try to find out what’s got them going.



I wrote with Nathan Woodard and Matthew Lawson at my publishing company. Two young very gifted Christian songwriters. I’ve written with Nathan multiple times, but yesterday was the first time with Matthew being in the mix. Quite the song turned out yesterday, and I’ll bore you a bit here with how it got written.


When I walked into my publishing company at Billy Blue Nathan and Matthew were listening to gospel quartet music with the VP of Daywind Rick Shelton and my guy at Billy Blue Publishing Joe Dan Cornett.


Rick and Nathan had just been to the gospel quartet convention (yes, they have one of those) in Gatlinburg-Knoxville and had a copy of a new record from a progressive southern gospel quartet the LeFever's. And they were listening to this SONG which we could later not get out of our heads. So when we did get down to writing, we wrote a gospel quartet song in that kind of groove, and it really did turn out great. In fact, it turned out so well that Rick walked down and heard us play it and immediately sent it out to be record it so that we could pitch it to the LeFevers and other groups like them.


I’m still learning a lot about Southern Gospel and Nathan explained the difference between traditional southern gospel like the Blackwood’s and the Stamps and the Goodman’s and progressive Southern Gospel like this. “Progressive Southern Gospel is an updated style that tries to appeal to the younger fans without turning off the older fans of that kind of music”. Best explanation ever.


After the song was completed, Nathan asked, “Bill, have you ever had a Southern Gospel hit”? Since I don’t write a lot of songs for that world the answer was, “no”. He then replied, “well, you’re about to have one”. Nathan has had a lot of those, so I’m going to hold him to being right about this one.


Either way, just a great fun day of writing. And I learned a lot.



I did catch the NL Wild Card winner takes all game last night that was exciting and ended in a walk off home run by the Dodgers. I was rooting for the Cardinals and now they too are eliminated like my Reds. Sigh. So, I’m down to the third team I’ve rooted for through the years the Milwaukee Brewers. I saw a lot of their games when I lived in Milwaukee and saw Bernie go down the slide a bunch of times. And now that I think about it, it is October. October brings Oktoberfest. Oktoberfest brings out lots of beer. Beer is made in Milwaukee. So, I think I like the Brew Crew’s chances this month.



Some good news here. Steve Dean of our “Hits & Grins” trio was not going to be able to go to the great songwriter’s festival we always do together, “Blast on the Bay” in beautiful Port St. Joe-Mexico Beach, Florida this year because of a commitment to another thing he had with veterans. That veteran’s retreat was cancelled because of Covid concerns, so “Hits & Grins” will be back as a trio at Blast!  Awesome. We’re just waiting to see if there are changes in times and venues on those shows we have October 15 and 16. If there are any changes, I’ll post those on my online calendar and here right away. Start packing flip-flops!



Los Angeles went “hard core” yesterday. Their city council approved one of the strictest Covid mandates in the country. Everyone 12 and over will have to be fully vaccinated before they can enter a bar, restaurants, or other indoor facilities.


Without looking I might have guessed that as much as 70% of the country has been vaccinated by now. I would have been wrong. Despite the push, and all the press, only 56% are fully vaccinated. So almost half of the country is still wary of it.


The Country Music Association announced that this year’s CMA Awards will be back at the Bridgestone Arena in Nashville after being moved to a smaller place with only artists in attendance because of Covid concerns. A limited number of tickets will be sold but only to those fully vaccinated and you’ll have to wear a mask during the show.



My friend Lang Scott who I travel with in our “Evening in the Round” show was the first ever winner of the old “You Can Be a Star” contest that was carried on the old Nashville Network that was known back then as TNN. He always mentions this during our show and then sings the song that won the competition for him. That song was “Misty” …the Ray Stevens arrangement that’s so great even today.


This morning I found out another guy competed on that show one year too. He was just 27. And that was Alan Jackson.  A complete unknown at the time. So before American Idol and the Voice, “You Can Be A Star” exposed a lot of young talent too.



Gas went to another record high. The average is now around a whopping $3.21 per gallon. Meanwhile we have a cereal shortage according to Kellogg’s. And bacon is now the latest victim of supply chain disruptions and it’s going to be more expensive. Overall, it now costs us $175 per month more to get by per household. Yikes.



So with all that BAD news on inflation, here’s some great news to overcome that and put a smile on your face. A squirrel, a dang lawn rat, has learned to ring a doorbell. And that’s entertainment!



Yes…we have a rolling hot tub that they drag up and down Lower Broadway here in Twang Town that they roll by all the honky-tonks. The tub is filled with tourists, drinking, shouting and I don’t want to know what else they might be doing. The city has decided they need to regulate these as well as all the peddle-yourself bars and party wagons that you can’t help but see and HEAR if you’re visiting downtown Nashville.


And here’s my favorite part. The city found a loophole to go after the hot tub folks. They have no public swimming pool permit. I don’t mind them regulating them or getting rid of some of them. Nobody needs to see Bubba in his Speedo on the diving board of a hot tub while a tractor is pulling it downtown for all to see. Okay, maybe some do. You don’t have to be vaccinated to watch that.



A study suggests that those who drink lots of soda have a 3 times better chance of getting dementia. Plus there’s the sugar which leads to weight gain and other problems that we know about.


I mostly stopped drinking soda years ago and there’s an interesting reason why. Hall of Fame Green Bay Quarterback Brett Favre was a regular guest on my radio show on FM*106 when I was in Milwaukee. He joined me twice a week to talk about the Packers game that had just finished on Monday, then would call again on Friday to talk about that weekend’s upcoming game. He was great and could be funny. But one time we got into a discussion about staying in shaped and Brett said on air that his one suggestion to anyone wanting to drop pounds was to not drink soda. Just drink water. And that made sense to me. So these days, a soda is a treat, not a daily go to drink because of what Brett said that morning. And now ya know.



Now, some ladies can get a robot manicure. Yep, in San Franciso you can put your feet up and let a robot do the work. And it only costs $8 or so. Pretty cool. So now I’m waiting for a robot that will trim the hair out of my ears and trim my facial hair for 8 bucks.



"California man sues psychic $25,000 for failing to remove a curse".And I'm suing the same psychic for assuring me I had the winning Poweball ticket earlier this week. Geez. It's almost like they're not legit or something.



I’ve got a songwriting double header today. This morning I write with Irene Kelley who’s working on a new bluegrass album so I’m sure we’ll try to write something towards that.


Then this evening I’ll be online with my friends from North Carolina Darin & Brooke Aldridge whose new CD that I have three songs on is doing really well. And this song “My Prayer” may be my favorite of the three.


Full day.  Have yourself a great Thursday!






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