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Change In Plans...Two Musical Losses...Bear-Packer Breakup

Oct 7 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

First Hump Day in October.



I was all set to write with Jenny Tolman and Dave Brainard yesterday morning, but plans change. I’ve learned to always text my co-writers just to make sure we are good to go before ever leaving the house. I’ve forgotten writing appointments more than once…somehow didn’t get them on the calendar. I know to check.  Good thing as I texted Jenny only to find out that she and Dave were in Austin, Texas to do a show!  Jenny had forgotten to let me know of the change.  It happens.


She did tell me our little single “If I Could Invent a T-shirt” is getting some good press and it’s on a lot of those digital lists that are so hot these days like Spotify. And there are more articles coming that should help raise even more awareness about our song. 


With plans changed we had a PERFECT day in Nashville, so I jumped into a pair of walking shoes and tennis shorts and took a 2-mile walk around Percy Priest Lake which is located about 20 minutes from the house.  Peaceful…and the leave are just starting to turn a bit, so it made for a good day.



Teens are not spending as much either during this pandemic. Down 9% from last year which means the folks who sell video games are taking a hit too along with fast food vendors and concert promoters.


Church worshipers?  They’re not returning in normal numbers for those churches who have opened their doors again during Covid times. 


Forbes says that business travel will not return to normal in 2021 and may not for many years.  Not a great time to own stock in the airlines.


The pandemic has already lasted so long, with no end in sight that many folks have changed habits that won’t change again when the world does right itself.  Businesses have learned to work remotely which is why the airlines may never fully restore themselves.  We’ve gone so long without going to a movie theater that many may just stay home with Netflix and Prime and Apple + or whatever and pop their own popcorn. And many may just keep ordering food in as opposed to sitting down in a restaurant again.  And more folks may worship online.  It’s. a changed world for sure.



A couple of great musical losses yesterday. Eddie Van Halen lost his battle with cancer. Though it took a lot of years for me to start listening to some hard rock, if you really like music you could not help but be amazed at what an incredible innovative player Eddie was. Almost every guitar player of note is feeling that loss and you can see that from their online posts about Eddie.  And that includes noted country guitar players like Brad Paisley and Keith Urban. All you need to be amazed by his skills is to watch and listen to his iconic guitar solo “Eruption”


And then Johnny Nash passed away too. If that name means nothing to you, you’ll certainly remember him every time you hear that song “I Can See Clearly Now”.  And because he wrote that song too Johnny never had to worry about making money after that. 


RIP Johnny & Eddie.



Hurricane Delta is looking more menacing all the time and my friends down in Gulf Shores and Pensacola are bracing just in case. It’s ashore in Mexico right now and could gain strength again when it moves towards Louisiana. It’s a way of life if you live on the ocean but man, that’s got to be tiring to get through one and then await another. 



Amazon Prime Days are coming up October 13 & 14 and other folks are going to be offering up major online deals too like Kohl’s, Macy’s and others.  That means there will be more early Christmas shopping than ever before.  It’s another trend that will remain after the pandemic ends. Less in store…more online.  Heck, I’m pretty sure all of my Christmas shopping this year will be online.  No more Sears & Roebuck catalog page turning before hitting a mall. 



And some will boot up their computer and go online to buy the Elf Monopoly game with pieces that represent the game.  I’m waiting on the Tiger King Monopoly game myself.



The remake of the Presidential Debate to open Saturday Night Live this past weekend got huge ratings. Folks wanted to see Jim Carey as Joe Biden and Alec Baldwin as Trump go at it in a comedic way. It was SNL’s biggest ratings grab for an opener in the past 4 years.  And with more debates coming?  Look for the ratings to continue to rise.


Politics is just handing comedy writers a gift over and over again. Imagine what SNL might do with the Vice-Presidential Debate tonight with the candidates using plexiglass to keep them safe and protect them from their opponent tossing tomatoes at them.



Howard Stern has decided not to retire.  I wouldn’t either is Sirius was offering me $120 million per year to keep yakking’.



If you’re on the market for a new humble abode?  Alan Jackson is selling his estate for only 23 million dollars. Yep…hillbilly music was very kind to Mr. Jackson. Take a look at this place up for grabs. As I once heard a farmer say the first time he walked into a mall, “Man, you could sure stack a lot of hay in this place”.



Aaron Rodgers, the Green Bay Packers QB (go Pack!) broke up with former race car driver Danica Patrick a few months ago. Could they possibly reconcile?  I don’t think so as Danica just posted a picture of herself wearing a Chicago Bears baseball cap.  Nope.  Not likely.



I’m back writing online today with my Boston buddies Ayla Brown and Rob Bellamy who got engaged a few months ago. Always a pleasure to do so.


Have a great Wednesday!



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