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Nice Article...WSM Birthday...Moonshine on the Rails

Oct 6 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Here we go, the first Hump Day in October to try and get over. We got a good soaking’ yesterday, looks like we may get more of the same today.



I had a little procedure done that was overdue, the kind of stuff I’m notorious for putting off. I finally ran out of excuses, got it done, got a clean slate and all is good and I’m glad that’s over. So my Tuesday turned out pretty darned great.


The rest of the day I spent dealing with stuff in the “catch up” pile and watching a bit of the Yankees and Red Sox last night as the MLB playoffs begin in earnest. The mighty Yanks got upset by the Sox at Fenway in Boston so the Yanks will go home for the rest of the year. My Reds did not make the playoffs, so I now will be rooting for my original team that I grew up with, the Cardinals who have been on quite the roll at the end of the year and now have face the Dodgers who are loaded. That should be a very fun series to watch with game 1 tonight.



American Songwriter Magazine just put up a really nice article about my friend Jenny Tolman and the song I helped her and her producer-fiancé’ Dave Brainard write “Who’ll Be Your Fool” that she recorded as a duet with Grand Ole Opry star Jeannie Seeley. What’s great is they also put up some behind the scenes footage that I was witness to the day they recorded this that’s so fun, and the video of the song itself is also included in the article. Thank you, American Songwriter Magazine, for the kind words, and for drawing attention to our little song. Just click the LINK to read and watch.



The fourth person died from rare blood-clotting syndrome after receiving the J&J vaccine.


ESPN anchor Sage Steele expressed disgust about the networks vaccine policy and was removed from the air there. And then she got Covid-19. She’s issued an apology.


Astra Zeneca is asking for FDA approval for an antibody treatment that would be used for those with compromised immune systems. Between the Merck pill, and antibodies, we may be seeing more alternative methods to treat Covid outside of getting jabbed. We’ll see.



To WSM Radio that just turned 96 years of age. One of the great pleasures and highlights of my career was getting to work at that historic radio station that is the home of the Grand Ole Opry for a lot of years. I had a band growing up in Missouri that would play late night club gigs. And when we’d wrap up, and load back up for the drive home, my old Chevy car with just an AM radio often would pull in 650AM WSM. Many nights I'd catch the last of the Grand Ole Opry then listen to one of my radio idols Ralph Emery do his late-night show from Nashville so many times I can’t count. I never could have dreamed that I would one day work there too. It gave me a chance to interview so many artists I’ve admired through the years. Often, they would bring their guitar and sing “live”. Pure Prairie League came in one morning while I was on air and played “Amy” three feet away from me. Charley Pride sat down and talked as much about baseball as he did music. Tommy Emmanuel blew me away with his guitar skills. And on and on and on. So yea, Happy Birthday to my favorite country radio station ever.



Someone did put up this sign outside their business that makes me grin. The sign reads, Things That Tell the Truth: “Small children, drunk people and yoga pants”.



There’s a new documentary out on HBO Max "The Way Down" that pulls the curtain back on a couple of churches and the weird doctrines they have. Like the one that preaches that losing weight is the way to gain salvation. Right. So I guess God has a weight scale just outside the pearly gates? I don’t think so. And some wonder how religion sometimes gets a bad name.


Me? I’m on the Moses Diet right now. I’m taking three diet tablets per day.



Dear Santa, please bring me the Keurig ice cream maker. Made by Cold Snap. I’ll put it right next to my Keurig coffee maker. I’ve been REALLY good this year too Santa.



Hallmark Christmas star running constantly in just a few weeks. October 22 to be exact. Stop the insanity. It’s before Halloween!  My friend and co-writer Riley Weston is not upset about this in the least. Riley writes a lot of those scripts for Hallmark, so this is her favorite time of the year. Christmas comes in October for Riley.



Australia has been locked down hard for a long while now. So that gives some Aussie’s time to think. This guy thought about a different way to open his beer bottle…by using a rotating fan to knock the cap off. In redneck vernacular I would say, “Watch This”!  (Warning...there's a bit of colorful language from his buddy off camera)


I’ll be up on a footstool with a cold Michelob Ultra later this evening if you need me.



You can now jump the Smoky Mountain Train and sip moonshine for a four-and-a-half-hour journey in North Carolina. The train leaves from Bryson, North Carolina for the journey and you get to sample all kinds of “Shine” while you’re riding the rails. Just remember to have a designated drive waiting when you return to the train station. I’m not a “shine” guy. In Gatlinburg where I play some, they have a lot of places selling it legally with moonshine tastings. All kinds of different flavors. I’ve not tried any yet. I’m waiting for the Mac N Cheese moonshine before I tip up a mason jar.



“Woman Hasn’t Been on A Vacation in Years Due to Her Pet Toucan’s Separation Anxiety”. They might let the dang bird on the Moonshine Train. If I were her, I’d ask.



Back to the writing room this morning. I’ll be rhyming at my publishing company with two great young Christian songwriters Nathan Woodard and Matthew Lawson. Nathan and I write together quite a bit, but it will be my first time with Matthew so I’m looking forward to that. I have a feeling we won’t be writing a song about the Moonshine Train today.


Have a great Wednesday!



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