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A Tribute In Rhyme...Another Hurricane...If I Could Invent A T-Shirt

Oct 6 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Tuesday morning and once again we’ll have an almost perfect temperature Fall day.  Gorgeous weather right now in middle Tennessee for sure.



A little music magic happened with Jimmy Fortune and Sydni Perry I think. I told them how I had been at a funeral and had given a eulogy for someone I consider my second Mom Dean Raymer last week and was still feeling that emotion as we sat down to write. One of Dean’s granddaughters, Andrea Nelson posted on her Facebook something that Winnie The Pooh said that touched me. So much so I read it as my closing thought at her services. That little bear said, “How Lucky Am I To Have Someone That Makes Saying Goodbye So Hard”.  I had not read that before but when I did, I knew instantly that I wanted to write that thought into a song. 

Jimmy and Sydni loved it too and Jimmy came up with a beautiful melody and we honored my late friend Dean with the lyrics that spilled over and clung to the notes of Jimmy’s melody. I have no idea where this song might go.  But I know the family will love it as I do and that’s good enough for me. My publishing company loved it enough to lay aside some studio time so we can least record both a male and female version of the song and then we’ll see if some other artist might love it enough to think about cutting this song that honors my friend, but will also touch a lot of other hearts if they hear it.



And if you have not yet heard the "Brotherly Love" quartet featuring my friend Jimmy Fortune along with Bradley Walker, Mike Rogers and Been Isaacs... check out this unreal version of the old hymn "Where No One Stands Alone" and wait for the high note Jimmy hits at the end.  Their album, and DVD is out now from the Gaither Family if you're interested. Great stuff.



I had a great conversation with Jeannie Kendall who used to be the daughter part of the hit Father-Daughter duo the “Kendall’s” back in the day scoring some major hits including “Heaven’s Just a Sin Away”. We talked some about Dean Raymer who used to also book the Kendall’s. And it was the Kendall’s who produced my very first album back in the day in Nashville and Porter and Dolly’s old recording studio Fireside. Dean Raymer made that happen.


Jeannie was calling to tell me that she’s finished all the songs for a new album she’s been working on. Dean Raymer knew she was going to do that and called me and said I should send Jeannie some songs…and included Jeannie’s e-mail. Jeannie recorded 4 of those songs I sent her, so I’m totally thrilled about that.  But here’s the greatest thing about that for me, and Jeannie caught it. She said something like, “Bill I love these songs but one of my favorite things about recording some of your songs is that I know how happy Dean would be about this”.  Just one more thing to thank Dean for.



Some couples have done well quarantining together.  Some not so much. Divorce rates are up, but some say they’ve grown closer as a couple quarantined together. And, there have been some funny quotes and comments like the quote from this quarantined husband who admits, “When her hair is in a top bun the chances of my wife and I fighting go up 3000 per cent”. 


Some folks are drinking more during quarantine time. And many of those love to fly but won’t right now because of Covid concerns.  Hence, the perfect gift here.  Vintage airline bar carts are available to purchase.  For folks who really miss drinking from tiny bottles on an airplane I suppose.


Meanwhile more major movies are being pushed back…and back.  The new Batman movie now will not be released until 2022.



Thinking about my friends down on the Gulf Coast as yet another hurricane seems to be forming and headed for the shorelines of Louisiana, Mississippi and maybe Alabama. One report suggest it could come ashore as a Category 4.  I know some folks are weary still from cleaning up after Hurricane Sally, and here comes another one.  Gulf Shores, Alabama got totally surprised when Sally turned and came there and then was more severe than they expected. The Mayor says that won’t happen again. Good ole 2020.



Oreo Peeps anyone?  They have them.  Why?  I don’t know.  Seems like they just have to mess with the classics.  And you can’t top the classic Oreo cookie. I want my Oreo to taste like an Oreo…not a dang Peep. And how good would an Oreo Peep taste if you dunk it in milk?  C’mon!



Those will be held November 11 this year. And it will be a co-hosting deal with Reba and Darrius Rucker together for the first time. If you’re curious about who’s nominated in this weird year of 2020…here’s the list.



A Weird Al Yankovic Chia Pet?  Yep…they got those too. If you’re going by hair, why don’t they give us a Don King Chia Pet?  That I would buy.



One investing expert says that buying Michael Jordan sneakers is at least as good as an investment as buying Rolex. One pair of Jordan sneakers recently sold for $560,000 at auction.  So, before you spend a ton of your money on Weird Al Yankovic Chia Pets?  Maybe think twice.



Apple + has a new series coming up that will go on my wanna see list. A “Right Stuff” TV series.  The movie is still one of my favorites. Every time it comes on, I’ll watch part of it.  Same with “Field of Dreams”.  In the TV series coming several folks produced an episode. One of the producers is Leo DiCaprio.  I don’t subscribe to Apple + yet…but this might convince me to do so. Check the trailer out by clicking on the link...looks great.



Drunk Student Gets Stuck in Dryer and Has to Be Rescued By 3 Firefighters”.  That college tuition was a wise investment wasn’t it Mom and Dad?



I’m back writing with Jenny Tolman and Dave Brainard this morning. I’ll be able to catch up on how Jenny’s new and very timely and fun video and song is doing “If I Could Invent a T-Shirt”. I’m pretty happy to be a co-writer on this song and if you’ve not seen it yet, click on the link and watch the lyric video that Jenny and Dave creatively shot in their home…which is where we’ll be writing today.


Have a great Tuesday!


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