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Ending the week with a flurry starting this morning off on WSM Radio 10-3.



I filled in for Mike Terry on WSM Radio from 10-3 on what was our 92nd birthday for that radio station...and also for the Grand Ole Opry.  Artists Aaron Watson, Crystal Bowersox who many will remember as being a runner up on American Idol one year....and Lacy J. Dalton all called in while I was on air to wish us a Happy Birthday.  So that was fun talking with all of them and especially getting to hear Lacy J talk about the song "16th Avenue" that is probably the best song ever written in this town...about this town.  Thom Schulyer really captured the struggle and the magic that can happen in Music City all within a three minute song.  Thanks to all who called in yesterday...and later today the phone will be ringing with more talented folks looking to do the same.  I'll give you a couple of stars you can expect to hear at the end of today's blog.



Right after the show I raced home to change clothes and go to a funeral home with good friends to pay our respects to a talented songwriter-singer and one of the nicest kindest folks one could ever run across.  Kenny Beard passed away too soon.  The proof of that was how the music community turned out big time to pay their respects.  Kenny wrote "If The World Had A Front Porch" by Tracy Lawrence and "Where The Stars And Stripes And The Eagle Fly" for Aaron Tippin just to name a couple.  He produced Trace Adkins and more.  I played a songwriters round at the Tin Pan South Songwriters Festival here in Nashville once as he joined me and my "Evening In The Round" trio that also consists of Linda Davis and Lang Scott.  He was funny, sang great, told great stories and was humble.  We finished off the evening with a Waffle House breakfast early that AM where Kenny held court with wonderful stories about his experiences in this business.  What a nice nice talented man.  He always wore bib overalls...and that' how we viewed him yesterday resting in peace...in his bibs. 



Chris Young...the country music artist talked a bit about Vegas yesterday and said something I do agree with.  He won't be scared to play concerts because he feels music heals.  Indeed...it does.  And despite the horror of Vegas...you won't see country music artists stopping what they love to do.  Right now the world could use some musical healing so here's to those who continue to do that.



My friends down on the Gulf Coast are again keeping their eyes open.  This time is for tropical storm Nate....and I'm hoping it just stays a tropical storm and we won't have to see Jim Cantore tied to a pole again.  Bout time for all that stuff to be over.


A lot of fundraisers going on for good and tragic causes.  Folks are lining up to give blood for what happened in Vegas.  Puerto Rico will need a lot of time to put that island back together.  Some places in Florida are still drying up...and certainly there's much to be done in Houston after that hurricane.  With that in mind I wanted to share the picture you see here of that All Star Choir I was a small part of that recorded a song with BJ Thomas to raise money for his hometown.  You'll see some folks you recognize here with big heart.  I know I was thrilled to be part of it.  The song-video?  That's coming out very soon.  Stay tuned. 






American Eagle says they are going to start making clothes out of garbage.  Seriously.  You can pretty much recycle anything.  I will say though that I'm well ahead of my time in that department.  I don't know how many times I've started to leave the house for a party or event or work only to hear my wife say, "those clothes you're wearing are garbage".  Sigh.  When did sweat pants become inappropriate for wearing to a cocktail party?



They are about to re-boot American Idol.  It will be an expensive re-boot.  Katy Perry is being paid 25 MILLION to be a judge.  If you believe an article that's out...Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie were supposed to make 2 million until they heard about Katy's salary.  They now will each get 7 million.  Yes...you're paid by how big a star you are.  If I were a judge I'd be receiving half off coupons at Denny's. 


And then there's the cost of Katy Perry's assistants.  Big stars have to look good.  So...they don't hire a make up artists..they have their own make up TEAMS!  A host of folks to make ya look good for the camera.  A TEAM.  Somewhere in Hollywood someone needs to put together a Fantasy League of make up teams. 



I had no idea but...Nashville hold's the second largest Octoberfest celebration in the country...and it happens this weekend.  I did know that the largest Octoberfest party is in Cincinnati where I lived and witnessed that many times.  HUGE crowds of folks doing their polka thing, chicken dancing, eating pretzels and hoisting cold beer steins in the air.  In order to cash in on the popularity of these "once a year I wanna be a German" things....next year I will roll out my new product...Leder-pantyhosen.  Why someone has not already thought of this...I have no idea.  I figure by November 2018 I'll be raking in Katy Perry type dough.


And why is Milwaukee not home to the biggest Octoberfest?  Hello?



Haunted Houses.  Everywhere.  Pay your money...make sure you're wearing your Halloween "Depends"...and go enter a dark house and have a heart attack when some guy wearing a mask and whirring a chainsaw at your face pops out.  Uh...no thanks.  Now...one year I WORKED in a Haunted House for a charity organization and I was THAT guy popping out of the dark screaming.  I can tell you for sure...it's more fun to be the "scarer" than the "scaree".  I'm pretty sure all those places should be required to have a defibrillator handy.



For those who are not totally into pets and pooper scoopers but would still love to have something cuddly around the house to stroke...you gotta love the all new "Tail Wagging Robot Pillow".  For real.  You can rest your head on your pet every night and it won't bark at ya to take it outside.  No leash, no boarding, no poop, no barking, no meowing...no way you can't love this fluffy version of a pet rock.  I'm in.





First...I'm on WSM again later today.  A great songwriter-singer will be in studio with me "live" sometime between 10-3...Leslie Satcher.  Leslie wrote one of my favorite songs..."Troubadour" for George Strait.  She's so talented...does artwork too...and we'll talk about that an her new CD which has a Bonnie Raitt kind of feel to it.  In fact, the single "This Won't Take Long" features Leslie singing with Vince Gill and Sheryl Crow.  So that will be fun...


AND...Charlie Daniels will also call in today and if you know Charlie...he'll have some pointed poignant things to say about what happened in Vegas.  Don't miss it.  10-3 on WSM.  Listen in at wsmonline.com





I'm in a great songwriter round Saturday evening at Puckett's Grocery in downtown Franklin, TN with my friends Brady Seals and Bobby Tomberlin.  This will be very very fun.  You'll get to hear Brady rip into "God Bless Texas", hear Bobby move the crowd with "One More Day"...and I'll try to make folks laugh with song titles like "If You're Not Careful, My Wife's Gonna Leave You".  We start playing at 8:30.  If you want more info go to my calendar.


After that?  The baseball playoffs have started, college football games are on Saturday, pro games on Sunday.  So...you'll know where to find me.


Have a great weekend!




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