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Facebook...Tornado...No Clothes Singing

Oct 5 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Tuesday morning in Nashville and we've got some wet stuff in the forecast again today.



My Monday was truly uneventful. I spent most of the day catching up and prepping for a got to thing I gotta do today before the rest of the week gets busy with songwriting appointments and a Saturday morning brunch show at the Listening Room here in Nashville at 10:45 with my young friend Taylon Hope and two other songwriters. How was your Monday?



Facebook went down for hours yesterday. Quite the “what the heck happened”? story there. It was down for so long I almost sat down and read a book. That would have been tragic. Thank goodness people can go back to posting what they ate for dinner and the costumes they put their pets in getting ready for Halloween.


Mark Zuckerberg lost 60 million in revenue yesterday when Facebook went down and lost over 6 BILLION dollars when you figure in the stock loss. But get this, he’s still the 5th richest billionaire on earth. If had won the Powerball last night, which I did not, I would have won near 700 million and I’d still be a pauper compared to Zuckerberg.



Coming home from Georgia over the weekend with Linda Davis and Lang Scott after doing shows in the Peach State, we were going past the Nashville airport on our way home. We were close to home. There was an odd-looking dark cloud hanging low and I remarked how weird and ominous that cloud looked. Sure enough. Yesterday I woke up and read that a weird EF-O tornado touched down near there, and near where we all live. 60 mph hour winds. And the good news is there was no damage, nobody injured. If it looks weird, sometimes it is.



Crude oil prices are now at the highest level since 2014. Close your eyes when you fill up. My wife and I gave away an old Prius we were no longer driving to my daughter and son in law since it was just sitting in the driveway. I’m thinking about asking her to let me have it back. Sigh. Time to relearn my “Dipstick Song” for my shows again.



The NY Times reported that the virus has fallen by more than a third over the past month. Some hopeful news there.


Vanderbilt hospital here in Nashville is reporting a shortage of ventilator care experts due to pandemic burnout. There are 60 openings right now.


Research conducted in Southern California has confirmed the dramatic erosion of the Pfizer vaccine’s protection against “breakthrough” coronavirus infections. The study. The research found that the vaccine’s ability to protect against infection stood at 88% in its first month, then fell to just 47% after 5 months.



Yes, she was. Kacey Musgraves was naked when she sang two songs on Saturday Night Live this past weekend. Only her guitar, and a pair of boots. However, it’s not an original idea. Kacey admits she stole the idea after watching the movie, Forest Gump. There’s a scene in the movie where Forest sees his girlfriend Jenny doing the same thing. Singing in nothing but a pair of boots with a guitar covering the rest of her. Thank goodness, neither chose to use a ukulele to try and cover themselves up.



I read an article in our local paper this morning about a local singer who plays down on Lower Broadway who talked about one night when a drunk tourist kept requesting that he play the Little Big Town song “Pontoon”. He offered $100 tip. The singer refused but started singing it like he knew it when the drunk offered him $300 to sing what he called the motor boating song. Motorboating is just a line in the hit song, not the title.


That story made me smile because I’ve been there a couple of times. Once after a long night of playing with my band at a bar in Albuquerque and guy comes up and requests the old Ray Price hit “For the Good Times” after we had just finished singing that song and saying goodnight. I told him politely “no”, that we were done. He asked again, and again I said, “sorry”. Then he held up a 100-dollar bill that I grabbed and then started singing “Don’t look so sad, I know it’s over”.



The baseball playoffs start today. Tonight actually with a classic matchup in the American League. Yanks vs Red Sox. And there was some great news for baseball purists today. They will not put a man on second base each inning if the game goes into extra innings. And even better, it looks like baseball will do away with that idea completely going into the 2022 season. Good. The idea was to shorten the game, and it did, but it was just a weird way to try and finish a game, and not fair all the time depending upon where a team was in their lineup come their time to bat. Nice to see a win for common sense and the purists who love the game as it is.



Doing a little health thing today so no writing but then I’ll put my feet up tonight and watch that playoff game I just mentioned.


Have a great Tuesday!

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