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WSM Today...Pumpkin Cake and Angst

Off to WSM radio in a few as I'm on air today from 10-3...and I'm expecting a lot of fun phone calls today from country stars wishing a Happy Birthday to the Grand Ole Opry which just turned 93!



After a ridiculously busy Tuesday...it was nice not having anything huge on my calendar.  A girl I was set to write with got called to New York on business on short notice so we had to cancel...and it turned out to be a good thing letting me re-set for being on air the next two days and then a show on Saturday night.  I did write a parody song for NY about the popularity of Halloween "bimbo" costumes that apparently popular for some reason this year.  Look who they call when they need. song about "bimbos".  Uh huh.  I feel like I've been completely validated now as a songwriter.



Our house smells like pumpkin.  That's because my daughter is making a wedding cake with my wife's help so the kitchen smells pretty incredible right now.  A pumpkin flavored wedding cake.  I like it.  And there's always more cake than she needs to deliver...so guess who benefits from that?  Dear ole Dad.  (FYI...the picture you see here is all cake that my daughter Heather made.  Yep...you can eat a horse.)





I'll eat some of this cake...how can you not?  But...I will not be buying this new Panasonic contraption that will allow you to insert a plate of food into it and the machine will then nicely tell you how many calories are on your plate.  Who needs that kind of pressure?  I'm pretty sure I need to drop some pounds.  Yesterday my bathroom scale said, "stay away from me".  Sigh.  My wife Kathy is a complete healthy eater.  She knows every calorie that goes into her mouth...and what country the calories came from. Me?  Not so much.  I've seen our milk cartons go from whole milk, to 2%, to skim, to Almond, Coconut and Flax milk for gosh sakes.  How you milk a flax is beyond me.  I need to be more like her...but so far I'm still the husband asking, "honey...where's the lard"?



I did get a little good news...couple bits of good news actually.  Lauren Mascitti who is a great young singer is in studio making a new album with her highly awarded talented artist boy friend of hers Shawn Camp.  Shawn was just named the "Bluegrass Male Vocalist" of the year and his group the "Earls Of Leicester"  who play nothing but old "Flatt & Scruggs" songs were named "Entertainers Of The Year" again.  So Lauren is in great hands in the studio.  She's recording a song we wrote together with Wil Nance...and she's telling me the song is just sounding incredible.  So...can't wait to hear that...and I'm excited to know that more folks will be discovering her talent in the near future.  And...she's a sweetheart of. a young person too which makes it even more special. 


And...I found out our "Hits & Grins" trio has picked up a new date at the all new Listening Room which just moved to a new location off of 4th Avenue.  We'll be there for a 6 pm show Thursday night November 30.  Can't wait to see the new place.



Talking bout Dolly Parton.  She recently found herself between Lily Tomlin and Jane Fonda at an awards show where those two put Dolly on the spot by going political.  Dolly avoids talking politics...another reason I love her.  When talking about supporting candidates or not...Dolly quipped, "I know all about support" referring to her bra.  Now here's the really funny line.  When asked about being in that situation Dolly told a reporter, "when all else fails tell a boob joke".  Love ya Dolly.





Ivanka Trump says she believes there should be "tech" lessons starting in kindergarten.  She may be right.  It's a digital tech world we live in and work in...and we're not ever going back to typewriters and landlines.  Change...always change.  Kindergarten was pretty simple when I grew up.  My friend Roger Naylor out in Arizona who used to do stand up once said that a Kindergarten teachers big moment every day was pointing at a toddler and yelling, "dont...don't don't DON'T pee there"!!!



Gosh...we be going back up to 90 degree high this weekend.  It's not completely Fall yet.  And...out in the Caribbean guess what's brewing up again?  Yep.  Another tropical storm that could bring yet another hurricane roaring ashore.  By now...I'm thinking some folks who live in paradise are thinking North Dakota is looking more and more attractive.



I never read the Ann Landers column but it was hard for me not to notice her headline this morning of, "Teenage Boys Cause Married Woman Angst".  I didn't read the article because I already know that the job of teenage boys is to cause angst.  And anyone with a teen is silently nodding their head knowingly in agreement.  I'm not sure there was as much of that going on when I was raised up with two other brothers.  I do know this to be a fact though as I relate that to how we were raised by my Mom and Dad.  "Angst" rhymes with "spanked"...and it's not a coincidence.



I'm off to the Opryland Hotel to fill in for Mike Terry today and tomorrow from 10-3 on WSM Radio.  The Grand Ole Opry is 93 this year and I'm told that there will be celebrities calling in at anytime to say "Happy Birthday" to the Opry.  This should be a very fun 5 hours on the air today and I hope you'll listen in.  World wide you tune in at wsmonline.com....and you can also download the app for free and listen on any smart device you have.  See you on the radio.


Have a great Thursday!

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