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Georgia to Nashville...Buc-ee's...Know Nothings

Oct 4 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Monday morning and I’m back in Nashville after a run to Georgia and South Carolina.



What a great weekend of traveling and playing shows again with my friends Linda Davis & Lang Scott. After our Thursday night show in Toccoa, Georgia we drove a little less than three hours into South Carolina where Lang is from and stayed overnight with Lang’s sister Cindy and her husband Roger. They live out in the country where it’s quiet and their home is so comfortable. We just had the best time visiting, talking, and catching up. So thank you to both for letting us bunk down at their house


Then last night we had a terrific show at the MARS theater in Springfield, Georgia which is just outside Savannah. The MARS is another one of those small-town theaters that almost got torn down until the historic preservation folks stepped in and saved it. The city finally bought it and restored it where they now show first run movies and hold shows like ours last night. The theater is small, intimate, and beautiful and was certainly worth saving for that local community. We had a great crowd that turned out, and from our viewpoints on stage, it looked like the audience had as a good a time listening as we had playing our songs for them. Just a wonderful night and a wonderful run of two shows in Georgia. So great to get back to doing what we love to do.


Up next we go to Texas for a show in Woodlands just outside Houston at the Dosey Doe on Tuesday night October 12.



To those who live outside the south, one tip. When you drive through Georgia, Alabama, Texas, or Florida and soon one in Tennessee…if you see a sign that says “Buc-ee’s” stop in. It’s like a quick stop on steroids. Huge. 30 or 40 gas pumps and inside you can find anything you want, including the largest-cleanest bathrooms every. They make fresh brisket, beef jerky, candy and more while you’re waiting which is a little tastier than the hot dogs you see on a roller that have been there no telling how long. You’ll never want to stop at a gas station again if you stop at a Buc-ee’s. I wouldn’t be surprised if some folks don’t go there just to go there. Heck, you could do all you Christmas shopping there if you wanted.



Nice things being said about the song I helped write that former American Idol Alex Miller just released, “Don’t Let the Barn Door Hit Ya”. It’s out now and being played as the single of the month in all the Texas Roadhouse restaurants. If you stop in to eat, look it up on the jukebox and give it a spin.



This is how bad the pandemic is. In Northern Ireland, where my daughter got married a few years ago, there’s a clown shortage because of the Covid lockdown. A clown shortage. Who knew? When we were there, before the pandemic, I never saw a clown either. Where have all the red noses and big shoes gone?


Some doctors are now saying that cab drivers and riders should require shots.


Multiple medical authorities apparently believe it will take 90% of the country to be vaccinated to return to normal because of the Delta variant. And even though Merck looks to have a pill to take that might work on cutting the death rate, Fauci says you should still get the vaccine. So, between getting three covid shots, a flu shot, taking a Merck pill, Ivermectin for some, antibody treatments and more…we’re pretty jacked up on medicine in the country.



Scientists say a massive comet as large as a small planet is headed in our solar system and should arrive in 10 years. The dang thing is 60 to 120 miles across and 1,000 times larger than your regular old run of the mill comet. No danger of hitting earth thank goodness. So I guess I can put my protective helmet comet back in the storage bin.



Not good news if you work for Bing the search engine. According to Google the most searched word on Bing is…” Google”.



They are making a prequel of Willie Wonka and the Chocolate factory that Gene Wilder was so good in. Actor Timothy Chalamet has been given the lead road as a young “Willie Wonka”. The most fun part of the casting will surely be auditioning for “Oompa Loompas” There should be a sign that reads, “you must be this short to audition”.



Comedians perfect those. But sometimes, just good ole folks get off a great comeback line too. At a Walmart store recently some customer walked in yelling, “I’m not ashamed of who I am”!  To which another customer yelled back, “That’s your parent’s job”. 



Homes do sell fast these days. Really fast sometimes like in overnight. The top 5 cities where homes sell the fastest are.


Washington-Arlington- Alexandria DC area at number 5.


Then in reverse order it’s:

Salt Lake

San Francisco

San Jose


And the city selling homes the fastest right now in the US would be…us!  Nashville, Tennessee. Median days on the market is 35. Median price for a home in Music City is now $387,495. And folks just keep moving here.



Ever been around someone who thinks they know it all? We all have. And with all that’s going on in the world right now, there seems to be more and more of them. How folks get to that “I know it all” conclusion escapes me, but they do. Me? I gladly admit I know nothing. And my buddy Steve Dean always says to that, “I know less than nothing”. We’re gonna get t-shirts printed. The truth often lies between what I think, and what someone else thinks at least in my simplistic mind. Of course one of the really nice things about thinking you know it all is that you no longer need to think about going to school or taking classes because you already know everything. Hello!


Some guy named Stanislaw Jerzy once said, “The only fool bigger than the person who knows it all is the person who argues with him”. Again, therefore I get in very few arguments because I admit up front, “I know nothing”. Just like ole “Schultz” in Hogan’s Heroes.



It’s worth 635 million dollars right now. That means because the odds are now at the point that I could not possibly win, I’ll go out and buy a ticket. I told you, “I know nothing”.


After a road trip I left the next couple of days clear of anything musical as I have a couple of “gotta do things” that need to get done. Stuff I don’t wanna…but I gotta do. Ever been there?


Have a great Monday!





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