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Yep...pretty much on fumes this morning...but so worth it.



It truly was one of those kind of days that made me glad again to be part of this great music community that is Nashville.  It started early when I joined a bunch of celebrities that included the likes of Linda Davis, Ray Stevens, LeRoy Parnell, Leslie Satcher, Janelle Arthur, Duane Allen of the Oak Ridge Boys, my songwriter buddy Bobby Tomberlin and countless others.  We sang on the chorus of a song that BJ Thomas recorded who of course was there that was written by Sandy Knox (who also penned "Does He Love You") for Reba and Linda and Sandy herself grew up in Houston.  She organized this great event that took place ysterday. They are going to use this song-video to help raise money for Houston that was hit with that huge hurricane.  So there I was...up on a riser of talented folks way above my pay grade singing that chorus over and over until they got what they needed.  What a complete pleasure and honor to do this...and to be a small part of trying to do something good.  Thank you BJ, Sandy Knox and Bobby Tomberlin for allowing me to participate yesterday.  Memorable for sure.  I'll let you know when and where you can find the song and video soon.



Early yesterday evening I went to a studio-performance area that was once and old church that was converted into a new musical life.  Think wooden pews....those remain.  My friend Paul Bogart and a rockin' 5 piece band played songs off Paul's new project "Leather" to a "live" audience and he was just great.  It was a chance to expose the music a bit to an industry crowd and friends and co-writers like me.  I got to hear him do two of the three songs we wrote for this album..."All That Cowboy Jazz" which is the single...and then he did an encore that danged near made me cry.  He got back up with just his guitar player and fiddle player and closed the night singing this little "Buckaroo Lullabye" which was a last last second idea that made the producers stop and add this little song about Paul and his wife singing to their young buckaroo named Jett...who was there last night...wearing his own cowboy hat like he owned it.  So imagine that scene when you click on the link and listen to this little lullabye.  So proud of this song...and of Paul.  Great great job last night cowboy.



And then...I went straight from that to meeting my "Hits & Grins" partners in musical crime (Victoria Venier and Steve Dean) as we played a late night corporate show on the third floor of ACME Feed & Supply which overlooks the Cumberland River on Lower Broadway.  This company was represented with employees from all over the world...and we did our best to entertain them last night.  Our thanks to FPA...Financial Planning Association for having us for their big party...we had a blast.  And thanks to those folks who bought our CD's to take back home with them.  Enjoy.


So...now you know why I'm on fumes and lots of coffee this morning.



Well...here's an indication we're late into 2017.  Hockey starts tomorrow.  Good grief.  The baseball playoffs just got underway yesterday...and now their dropping pucks on ice again.  Maybe this will be the year the Predators will let me drive the Zamboni machine...maybe. 



What happened to their little chihuahua?   Big star for awhile...then just gone.  He should be doing appearances today as it is National Taco Day.  I'm sure their research told them that consumers had grown weary.  It happens.  Ask Spuds McKenzie the old Budweiser Dog.  I get that because I'm ready for them to put that little Geico lizard thing along with Flo from those insurance commercials into an advertising rest home.  


And since I'm a persnickety roll...one other advertising dream I have is that no car dealer owners should be allowed to do their own TV commercials.  I would be much more likely to buy a car from this iconic sales woman than any car dealer.  Just throwing it out there. 



Now that little household Google device that answers your questions when you ask...is going to give us the option of it using a male voice...not just female.  I'd choose Gilbert Gottfried please.  Just because every time I hear his voice I laugh.  Wish we could choose who we want to be our GPS voice too.  It would make driving a lot more interesting if Gilbert was telling me where to go.




It looks like the old Jungle Cruise ride at Disney Land-Disney World is about to retire forever.  It's been there since Walt opened the place all those years ago.  It was one of the first I ever rode when I went to the Magic Kingdom for the first time.  It's pretty tame compared to the technology they use on some of the other rides and attractions...but I'll just miss knowing it's not there.  My fave attraction in the Magic Kingdom?  I'll take the iconic "Haunted Mansion".  Still cool.



A couple is trying to travel the world...naked.  Uh huh.  Should be easy to spot I would think.  I know the experts suggest you travel light...but I'm not sure they meant this light.  Must have been quite the dinner discussion around their dinner table one evening.  "Honey...take your clothes off.  Let's go see the world".  And then she of course had to think about it and conclude..."what a great idea"!   And with my luck...I'll get stuck with the middle seat between them on a long flight to somewhere.  I'll let ya know.



I got an "off" day of appointments...and I'm not complaining.  The next two days however I'll be behind the WSM Radio microphone again as I'm on air from 10-3 both Thursday and Friday.  If you want to listen in...you'll find the radio home of the Grand Ole Opry worldwide at wsmonline.com


Have a great Wednesday!

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