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Timejumper Night...Vegas Fallout...and Huge Tuesday

Gearing up for a very fun busy hectic Music City kind of day.  And I wouldn't have it any other way.



Got a great Fall walk in after my writing appointment cancelled...turned in a "where is OJ"? parody song for my New York folks...and then last night my wife and I went to see the Timejumpers play at 3rd and Lindsley...one of the "Must Do" things one must do when you come to Nashville.  Vince Gill and that All Star Band were incredible like always...and I made sure to pick up their new CD "Kid Sister" that was named after former member Dawn Sears...and incredible female country vocalist who died of a cancer a couple of years ago.  Her husband Kenny is one of three fiddle players in this highly awarded ensemble of musicians and he is still front and center.


But our real reason to go last night was to show support for my Okie pal pictured here...Paul Bogart who I write a lot with.   Vince Gill is an Okie too...so Paul and he have that tie that Vince mentioned before introducing Paul who got up with the band and sang a Roger Miller classic "King Of The Road".  Pretty big deal if you're a true country singer like Paul...and I'm happy to say he looked right at home.  Congrats Paul!








Vince was dressed in black when he hit the stage and that's because he had just come from a music vigil that he and his wife Amy Grant sang at along with Keith Urban and others before a gathering of folks who gathered to bow their heads at the insanity of what happened in Vegas.  The number of dead and injured seem to keep growing.


I've said it before...you can't put a wall around the world...and no one can stop a person who wants to go crazy.  You have to continue you life...you have to live.  I told a friend half jokingly yesterday that I plan on dying before someone can kill me.  And in the process...I'll live a full life.  What are the other choices?


One man...one crazy man.  But that guy does not represent all the good folks.  Those folks lined up for hours yesterday in Vegas to give blood as well as around the country.  Those folks in Vegas gave 2 million dollars in a very short time for the victims...and for healing.  Those folks took a knee and said a prayer...and shed a few tears.  Those folks covered other folks under a hail of fire...and at least one husband died that way...saving his wife.  You can not stop insanity.



Of course our music community was rocked by this.  A lot of country stars were there...many ducking for cover.  And almost every person who plays music at "live" events must have thought..."that could have been me".  There are lots and lots of conversations going on today about the future of performing "live".  That won't stop.  But I'm guessing if you bought stock in security companies and bodyguard companies...your stock just soared. 



I say this on stage all the time and I had a conversation with a couple of great friends about this yesterday.  Humor...comedy...and the real need for it...especially today.  I'm not smart enough to figure out how to save the world or if we should control guns...or make it a law that every citizen should have one.  I'm not smart enough to make sense of why some athletes and celebrities are taking a knee during the National Anthem.  I'm not smart enough to know where the heck OJ went when they let him out of jail Sunday.  Nope.  I'm just not.  But I am smart enough to know that being able to poke fun at the world is good medicine.  Nobody ever felt bad laughing.  And that's why I make a concerted effort here and on my social network platforms everyday to put a smile on somebody's face.  That...I can do.  And I feel extremely grateful to be able to do that. So with that in mind....let's move on to the rest of the blog.



I still don't get the allure of soccer.  Short pants...run all day...very little scoring.  Maybe that will change down the road as our Mayor is proposing a brand new 250 million dollar soccer stadium here to house a professional soccer team.  I never got into hockey either until last year when our Predators played for the Stanley Cup and a bunch of hillbillies in the south went crazy throwing catfish over the glass at the games.  I swear I'm buying a ticket next year just to throw hushpuppies onto the ice.  So maybe I'll warm up to soccer too someday.  Maybe.  (It is a cool looking stadium though ain't it?)



Women spend about 4 hours per day cleaning a house.  Men?  2 hours and 41 minutes.  I usually clean only if I can't find something...like my remote control.  Once I find that...I tend not to see dirt or mess anywhere.  Of course...my wife does not understand the three second rule about food hitting the floor...so me explaining my detail to cleaning or the lack of....goes nowhere with her.  Sigh. 



"Boy Swallows A Piece Of Toy And Can't Stop Squeaking".  At least his parents never have to worry where he's at.



A complete blitz of musical fun today that will start this morning at a recording studio where I will join a bunch of celebrities to sing on a chorus of a song recorded by BJ Thomas to help raise money for Houston...BJ's hometown.  My friend Bobby Tomberlin invited me to join a group of folks that include Ray Stevens, Brenda Lee, Duane Allen of the Oak Ridge Boys, Jan Howard and many more.  In fact...there will be 43 or so of us singing.  Not only will this be fun...but it will be an honor to part of something that will do some good.



At 6 pm my friend Paul Bogart is having an album premier party at a studio here in town...playing music off his CD "Leather" that I've mentioned here many times.  I had thought at first I could not make it...but my schedule changed allowing me to be there for this great project.  I've got three songs on it including this one that they shot a video of "Grow". 







And then to top the day off...I have a corporate show with my "Hits & Grins" trio tonight from 9:30-11:30 at Acme Seed & Feed down on Lower Broadway.  So...a lot of pressure for me as I have to try and look pretty all day...and all night.  The impossible task. 


It's going to be a very memorable Tuesday...and I hope you have a great one yourself. 


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