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I can tell the Fall season is on us because my walks have gotten noisier from the sound of leafs crunching under my walking shoes.



Pretty quiet around here which is probably a good thing as I look at how busy this week is going to be.  Three writing appointments, two shifts on WSM, a corporate show tomorrow with my "Hits & Grins" trio as well as some studio time tomorrow morning singing in an All Star Choir behind BJ Thomas on a song designed to help raise money for those affected in Houston and tonight my wife and I are staying up late to see our friend Paul Bogart get up and sing with the world famous Timejumpers at 3rd & Lindsley.  And add to that an upcoming show this Saturday night at Puckett's in Franklin, TN with songwriter friends Brady Seals and Bobby Tomberlin and you can understand why I was glad to get in a couple of walks this weekend and sit back lazily an watch some football.



Certainly...like everyone else waking up on this second day of October my thoughts are with those affected in Las Vegas.  Insanity.  Country starts Jason Aldean, Jake Owen and others who were singing are okay...but you can only imagine how they...and those affected with the loss of loved one's must feel this morning trying to make sense of senselessness that has become a way of life it seems.  Much debate will follow.  Gun control arguments will pop up again...more security discussions about concerts...but in the end...the truth is no one can control this kind of insanity.  One man...one gun...one senseless moment and one very sad day.



I do want to thank my new friend Mark McCarter for a nice gift that arrived in the mail over the weekend.  His book "Never A Bad Game" that he wrote...autographed and sent me is all about "Fifty Years Of The Southern League"....talking minor league baseball here with some great ball players discussed who played down south on those teams.  Mark is from Huntsville...a sports columnist for years for the Huntsville newspaper and has covered it all.  He is also a member of the Chattanooga Sports Hall of Fame.  I can't wait to dig into the book Mark...and I love your autograph, "hope all your games are good ones".  I hope we get to see more games together Mark.








They let OJ out of prison quietly over the weekend.  Nope...I do not know if a white Ford Bronco whisked him away.  He has already said he expects a HUGE payday for his first interview.  And I'm sure folks are lining up to do just that.  A reminder that you don't have to be a great person to get rich...ya just gotta be famous.



But...I did have to grin when I read that "Hugh Hefner was LAID to rest".  Pretty sure that's accurate. 



That would be the all new platform crocs.  A style statement huh?  I'm holding out for plastic croc cowboy boots myself. 






The judge's panel is now set for the re-boot of this show.  Lionel Ritchie joins Luke Bryan and Katy Perry.  I dunno.  I hate to say it...but I think they could use another Simon Cowell type personality to put a little spark in what's going here.  What about using Jeff Dunham's character "Walter"?  That...I would watch.









Jimmy Buffett Margaritaville retirement communities might be the spot you wanna land.  Shorts, flip flops, sunscreen, beach music, palm trees and cereal bowls are filled with rum.  Or they should be.  One great iconic song "Margaritaville" has launched an empire for everyone's favorite son of the beach.  I'm pretty sure that my song "Goin' Ugly Early" will not be used as a theme for retirement homes and communities...but one never knows.




When you fly out of Nashville Airport...which is on the way to a big expansion that will include huge entrance in the shape of a guitar...you do see lots of folks with guitars strapped to their backs headed to shows all across the country and world.  We will have a non-stop to London very soon...and it looks like 3 or 4 more international one stop flights are on the way.  With that...our airport will undergo a 1.2 BILLION dollar expansion with a hotel nearby.  Man is this city growing.  I'm hoping they will have mandolin shaped bathrooms in the new expansion too...just because.



It's a fact.  McDonald locations that are in cities and states where marijuana is legal are making a LOT more money than those in other states.  Fast food munchies.  Taco Bell reports the same thing.  They should re-brand those as McDonald Joints me thinks.



That the iconic song "Blackbird" by Paul McCartney is a civil rights movement tribute?  "Blackbird" is about a black woman struggling for civil rights.  I've heard that song a million times...and somehow never knew the history of it until I read an article about hidden meanings in songs.  It also mentioned how "I Will Always Love You" was written as a love song to Porter Waggoner from Dolly Parton which I did know.  She was thanking Porter for giving her her big break...and trying to ease the wound of her going out on her own and leaving Porter without his duet partner. 


One of the reasons I love songwriter shows is getting to hear the stories behind the songs...and there's always a story.  I'm looking very forward to hearing some of those Saturday night at my show with Bobby Tomberlin and Brady Seals.  What inspired the song "One More Day" Bobby?  And what about "God Bless Texas" Brady?  How did that happen?



"Man Dressed As A Coke Bottle Robs A Kentucky Restaurant".  Uh huh.  Since he was dresses wearing a regular coke bottle...the judge will probably opt not to give him a "lite" sentence.



A very full Monday.  I'll try and write a funny parody song this morning for my New York folks...and Lord knows the world could use a smile this morning.  Then I'm off to write with Jenny Tolman who just played a big concert in New Orleans...the "Big Easy".  I'm sure she was thoughtful enough to bring home some beignets to share with me while we rhyme today.  Right? 


Then tonight my wife and I will get to hear our friend Paul Bogart get up and sing with the Timejumpers tonight which will really be a treat. I'm extremely happy for the success Paul is having with his great new CD "Leather" featuring the single we wrote together with Zach Runquist "All That Cowboy Jazz".  It's fun being along for this musical ride.


Have a great Monday!



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