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Toccoa Show..."Barn Door" Day...Springfiled GA Saturday

Oct 1 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

And a good Friday morning to you from Toccoa, Georgia. It’s the first dang day of October!



Linda Davis, Lang Scott and I made the trip to Toccoa, GA in 5 hours or so. Dropped our bags at a hotel, then drove a few yards to the historic Ritz Theater which was renovated a few years ago and she’s now a beauty. It’s the third show we’ve done there; they just keep having our “Evening in the Round” show back and we appreciate it. Last night they kicked off a military weekend with our show so that was an honor. We had such a great crowd!


Before we sang a note, they honored every branch of the armed services by playing all the military songs one by one. “Anchors Aweigh” and all the Navy veterans stood up and were applauded. “From the Halls of Montezuma” and everyone who served in the Marines stood up…etc. It gave you goose bumps. And for my last song of our show last night I chose to sing a song that I wrote with veteran Tim Lorenzen out in Colorado last year during a Freedom Sings USA retreat. Tim was in Afghanistan, and Iraq multiple times clearing mines, and explosives so tour troops could pass safely on those roads. He got concussed multiple times. Tough tough line of work. His song is called “I Cleared the Way”. What an honor it was to write his story into a song. These are the lyrics. Every word is true…it’s his story.


Thank you Toccoa, and thank you to the management of the theater there for making our concert so special last night.



Alex Miller, the “COUNTRY to a bone singer many of you saw and fell in love with on American Idol just released his first single that I helped write today. Check out “Don’t Let the Barn Door Hit Ya”.  It’s going to be fun to see how well the song will do for him. Very fun song. And thank you Alex for loving it and recording it.



My friend Jenny Tolman called me on my trip down to Georgia yesterday to tell me that our song we wrote “Lonely in The Lonestar Tonight” will be used at a musical celebration to honor one of those soldiers we lost in Afghanistan. He and his wife are from Jackson Hole, Wyoming. His wife was two weeks from delivering his baby when he was killed. Jenny has been to Jackson Hole a couple of times. Her fiancé’ Dave Brainard, also her producer proposed to her there. A female fan she made out there called Jenny to tell her that the widow wanted to use our song at his funeral-celebration in that will take place in mid-October. And Jenny is going to fly out to sing this song for that somber occasion. Click on the link above that will let you see Jenny sing our song, and you’ll hear and see what an emotional moment this is going to be. I’m honored that his widow found, loved, and selected our song to be us to honor her husband who never should have died in Afghanistan.



We certainly hit a chilling number yesterday as there are now 700,000 Covid deaths in the US.


Australia is finally going to lift it’s 18-month COVID-19 travel ban. I know that will make my young co-writer Angus Gill who lives “down under” very happy as he’s been locked down tight with a lot of Aussies.


A nurse who worked at a Virginia hospital stole a bunch of vaccine cards and then sold them on Facebook for as little as $150 per. And you just know she was wearing a mask when she pulled of that heist.


Merck & Co now says they have an experimental pill that cuts the worst effects of COVID-19. It will soon be asking health officials around the world to clear it for use. The drug is called molnupiravir. Their study claims the pill cuts the risk of death, and or hospitalization by 50%. On the news alone, the stock price for Merck jumped 5%.



Former President Jimmy Carter turns 97 today. And he and his wife are still out their building houses for those in need. And somewhere, I still have a can of his brother’s brew, “Billy Beer”. Happy Birthday Mr. Carter.



Disney World is now 50 years old. Our family just hit all 4 parks a few weeks ago and despite Covid and wearing masks it was still fun just like it was when the park first opened. I remember going not all that long after it first opened and there was just the Magic Kingdom to see. And I remember being amazed at the monorail trip that ran right through the Contemporary Hotel before it stopped at the park and being amazed.


Because of being in radio and doing my show from the Disney parks many times, I have a bag full of Disney World memories. One that stands out was when we broadcast for the opening of the new MGM park. There were broadcast tables everywhere right on the main street for radio stations who had come from all over the country. And they brought a ton of stars to our broadcast table. I remember Steve Allen the comedian coming by with his wife actress wife Jayne Meadows, (who leaned in while I was interviewing Steve and whispered, "your pants are unzipped) Duane Hickman who played “Dobie” in the old Dobie Gillis TV show and one of my favorites was Werner Klemperer who played Colonel Klink in Hogan’s Heroes who was nice. That same man led orchestras at one time in his life including the LA Philharmonic.


Still love Disney World. Happy Anniversary.



I like golf. I like to play golf. I don’t PLAY a lot of golf because I play worse than Charles Barkley and I get tired of seeing other golfers put on protective helmets if I’m anywhere near them.


And then when I see where an 11-year-old kid in Arizona makes not one but TWO holes-in-one in the same round?  I see me playing even less golf. Not fair.



Well here’s a rosy outlook for all of us married folk. A comedian says, “Being married is just taking turns folding one another’s laundry wrong until one of you are dead”. This is why I just wad my wife’s clothes up out of the dryer and toss them in a basket. Yes, I get dirty looks, but so far, she hasn’t killed me.



You can now buy Tik Tok’s “Scrunch Butt” leggings for about 10 bucks on Amazon designed to lift your butt. Just thought you might need to know that. And gosh, aren’t you glad you can order that online? I’d hate to walk into Target and ask the clerk, “uh…can you tell me which aisle the “scrunch butts” are on please?



We have an off day with our Evening in the Round trio before we play a show Saturday night just outside Savannah, Georgia in the town of Springfield. So, we are taking the day to driver three hours into South Carolina to Lang Scott’s sister’s place where we will visit with her and her husband and family and overnight with them before we hit the road to Savannah Saturday morning. Back home in Nashville on Sunday.


Have a great weekend!



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