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Georgia Bound...Crickets...and Muppets

Sep 30 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Thursday morning and I’m packed for the trip to Georgia for two shows this weekend.



I wrote with my Boston buddy Rob Bellamy; the recently married Rob Bellamy and I heard his bride Ayla give me a shout out somewhere behind Rob on the computer. Ayla Brown has gotten so busy with her early morning country radio show out in Boston that we rarely get to have her sit down with us anymore. So, it was just her hairy legged husband and me yesterday morning as we slaved over guitars and computers and got most of a new song completed that started with a little melody idea Rob had. I love both of their voices. A couple of years ago they did a duet album with at least three songs on it that I helped them write including this “Love Me Like Hell”. I did tell both not to get divorced ever because I hate writing breakup songs.



Young 16-year-old Jesse Vaughn back in Elsberry, Missouri where I graduated High School released his first ever song “Old School Country” that I helped him write when he came to Nashville. The local paper back home, “The Elsberry Democrat” wrote this nice article about Jesse and how the song came about. It’s a pretty big deal when you’re 16 and you get your picture in the paper. He’ll be seeing his name and picture in papers for a lot of years, I think.


The first time mine was ever in print was also in the Elsberry Democrat. Here’s how that happened. We had a creative writing assignment in my small English-Literature class and the teacher had us write a piece of fiction and turn it in. She liked it so much she got it to the Democrat, and they printed it. It was amazing to see. Those are the kinds of things Mom’s cut out and Elmer glue into a scrapbook forever as mine did. I have a feeling Jesse’s Mom may need more than one scrapbook. Congrats Jesse and family.



I’ve been on a fruitless hunt for a cricket who surely must be hiding in our kitchen somewhere. Up early like me the dang thing won’t stop rubbing its legs together. It’s making a heck of a racket. Must be payback from writing the song “Crickets” with Lisa Shaffer and Brent Baxter that Joe Nichols recorded. That’s the only thing I can figure.



My longtime friend Brady Seals sent me an early listen for his new album coming out before long to be titled “Deeper Shade of Blue Collar” taken from a song we wrote together several years ago. In all, I’ll have four songs on his album that I wrote with him so that’s exciting news. I’m a big fan of Brady’s talent. All those years in Little Texas, Hot Apple Pie and his solo career has helped prepare him for this great new project. “Deeper Shade” will be the first single to be released and I think they’re going to shoot a video to help promote the song too. A young artist named Coy Taylor recorded this version of our song that was great, but Brady has tweaked the song and added a very cool “rap” section that was not there before that really helps make the song sound like a lot of what we hear on country radio these days. Thank you “Gasner for laying down the rap part in this song.



Border Patrol agents must now be vaccinated or lose their jobs. The same does not apply to those crossing the border but I’ll let y’all debate the merits on that.


In Arizona they are recording more overdose deaths than Covid deaths.


On the good news front, the WHO reports that Covid cases are going down worldwide, and here in the US cases have dropped over 25% over the last two weeks.


You Tube has gone hardcore and is eliminating all anti vaccine You Tube Channels.


In New York, where Broadway just re-opened, “Aladdin” must shut down for a while because so many cast members have been infected. Can’t someone rub the lamp in that play and make their one wish to the Genie be, “Get rid of Covid”?



If you’re old enough you certainly remember being traumatized when “Travis” had his dog shot by his father in the Disney film “Old Yeller”. I’m still upset about it myself. It was I think the first movie I ever saw in a theater, and danged if they didn’t kill Old Yeller!


The actor who played Travis passed away yesterday. Tommy Kirk was 79. The movie still has fans all over the country and they even hold reunions occasionally. RIP Tommy…and Old Yeller.



Is the government going to shut down again in a few days? Do they deduct politician’s pay when that happens? Sigh. Here’s the best way to look at a government shut down if it does happen. This came from Conan Obrien who accurately stated, “Our government may be shutting down in a few hours. So folks, get ready for absolutely no noticeable difference”.



The Dollar Tree Store is getting ready to sell things that cost more than a dollar for the first time. Higher labor prices is being blamed. You may have to pay as much as $1.50 for some items now.


Their signs are going to be much bigger now to accompany the new store name of “Could Be Slightly Higher Than A Dollar Tree Store”.



That’s the name of the most unusual Mexican restaurant I’ve ever been too. I checked it out once on a motorcycle trip I took out west after an overnight stay in Colorado. It’s like walking in a cave. And they have cliff divers jumping while you’re washing down you’re burrito with a margarita. It’s been closed since March, but the folks who created “SouthPark” are buying it to re-open. If you know anything about the cartoon series “SouthPark” then you know to expect a little saltier language from the wait staff when Casa Bonita re-opens.



Not all mom’s post appropriate things. A case again for reading and re-reading before you hit the ole “Send” button. Check out this post from a mom who posed this question online. “Anyone else with ugly husbands worried the baby will look like him”?


And for the record, there were no social networks when my wife and I were expecting.



LA just threw the doors open on their new Academy Museum. Think all things related to films and the Academy Awards. And it does look cool. I’ll certainly stop if I’m ever back out in LA with time to kill again. Wonder if a yellow brick road leads to the front door of the museum?



Check out this new trailer just released from Disney + promoting the new “Haunted Mansion” movie starring the Muppets. I’m a fan. And if you've been through the Haunted Museum attraction at Disney World, you'll be familiar with a lot of what you see. Though I’ve not seen all the episodes of the old Muppet TV show, I can say that every time I watched one, I laughed. I’m sure I’ll do the same watching their new movie. Those “Two Old Geezers” alone make it worthwhile viewing.



“American Airlines Passenger Detained After Opening Emergency Exit and Walking On Wing”. Sometimes ya just really need a breath of fresh air, I guess.



Off to Toccoa, Georgia for a show tonight where the city will salute members of the military. Toccoa used to be a training base for paratroopers, and many of those brave folks who bailed out of planes in World War II trained there. So we will certainly tip our hat to those folks as well. We did a radio interview yesterday morning to help promote tonight’s show, and the local paper ran this nice article to get word out that we’re coming back again.


Then Saturday night we’re back at the MARS Theater in Springfield, Georgia for a show before returning home to Nashville sometime Sunday.


Off we go.


Have a great Thursday!

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