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Italy Ahead...IBMA Awards...Beaches

Sep 28 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

A little fog hovering overhead early this morning with a high of just 70 here.  My shorts are going back in the top of the closet it looks like...unless it’s going to be warmer in Italy tomorrow which is where I’ll be. I have no idea if I’ll have time to blog from our tour their next week with the time difference...but...I’ll be posting some comments and pictures on my socials if you want to check out my Facebook, Twitter or Instagram postings.  More on the Italy trip at the end of today’s “blog”.

The International Bluegrass Awards happened last night in Raleigh and the song I’m part of “I’m Going Under” did not win the award for Best Gospel Recorded Performance Of The Year.  That award went to Becky Buller and her song “Speakin’ To That Mountain”.  I know Becky a bit and she’s more than deserving.  Congrats to her.  

Darin & Brooke Aldridge who recorded “Going Under” did get some great news though as Brooke was named IBMA Vocalist Of The Year for the second year in a row!  Could not be happier for her and her husband Darin who have been so kind to my songs through these past several years. Just a really wonderful couple.

And my frequent co-writer Jerry Salley was honored as the “Songwriter Of The Year” yesterday and I’m surely happy for him too.  Jerry and I wrote the title track to his current CD “Back Porch Philosophy” we wrote about the images of our Grandfathers and Fathers who would sit in a cloud of Sir Walter Raleigh on a front porch evening and philosophize to all of us gathered on those front porches...including the dog.  

Congrats to all the winners last night.

Rascal Flatts announced they will no longer release albums.  Only single releases.  Bad news for songwriters who used to make a living getting album cuts.  The game gets tougher and tougher.  CD players in cars will soon disappear too.  Yep...I’m from the old school which is why I hang onto my CD’s and old albums.  I love having something tangible to look at when I’m playing music and I love to see the credits and liner notes and lyric sheets of the song.

But the world never slows...it evolves and moves forward.  To those of us in the creative world?  We have to adapt or die.  Nothing remains the same except change.  I’ve learned to try and embrace that as much as I can.

Not all markets are thirst for country music.  That was once again proven to be the case in New York City when Gaylord (the company I work for at WSM) shut down the “Opry Backstage Venue” they opened off of Times Square just 9 months or so.  No business...or not enough to sustain it.  And for a long while there’s been no country music station in NYC.  There’s one in Jersey...but not the Big Apple.  Fiddles and steel guitars are tough to sell on Broadway...still.

As I get ready to take most of my clothes off clearing security tomorrow at the airport I read that HALF of those plastic trays we drop our shoes, phones, belts etc in?  They carry a virus.  Good grief. Kind of makes common sense though don’t it?

And then there’s the news that those  Boy Scout kerchiefs they tie around their necks have high levels of lead.

So beware if you are standing in line behind a Boy Scout at an airport.  If he drops his kerchief in one of those plastic bins...ask for another.

The way we get around major cities is changing too.  Nashville is adding scooters one can rent.  $40 for two hours.

And LYFT is running a promotion trying to get us to stop driving our own cars.  They are going to give someone $500 for doing so.  You sign up.  50 folks they say will be eligible to win.

Again...another sign I’m out of touch.  I don’t Uber, don’t Lyft and certainly don’t scoot.

Kentucky Bourbon can’t keep up with demand.  They put out 7.5 MILLION more bottles than last year...the highest output since 1972.

I’m going to blame it on the news.  Hard to watch these days without drinking.

Best new Christmas news EVER.  Someone is making Mac N Cheese flavored candy canes.  Why didn’t I think of that?!  Now I know what to get all my friends this year.

Trip Advisor says those would be...in order.  Clearwater, Siesta Key (both in Florida of course) followed by Ka'anapali Beach in Hawaii.  Hard to argue against those although I’m still partial to Gulf Shores and their wide beaches and scant crowds in Snowbird Season.  The good news for me is it’s about beach time as I head there for some shows and songwriter festivals starting Mid-October and running through Mid-November.  Both the “Blast On The Bay” Festival in Port St. Joe and the Frank Brown Festival in Gulf Shores fall at this time of the year.

If you’ve never gone to a songwriter festival on the beach think about doing that once or twice.  Great fun, great music, beautiful locales.  All the info on these dates are on my calendar here at the website billwhytecomedy.com

“Man Busted For Stealing 150 Pounds Of Waffle Mix”.  I think police noticed him when they saw Mrs. Butterworth’s head sticking out of his coat pocket.

All about packing for the trip to Italy tomorrow to join my friend Brent Burns and the tour group that signed up to go with us to Rome, Florence, Venice and other locales.  There’s a huge time difference there so again, don’t know if I’ll be blogging or not.  We’ll see. No...Brent and I will not be singing to them while standing on the back of gondola...but we will be performing.  Should be a trip of a lifetime.

Have a great weekend!

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