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Four States One Song...All That Cowboy Jazz and Fat Lips

Sep 28 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Just 77 for a high today...no complaints...not one.



A song that got started in Arizona a few weeks ago with a friend John Carpino...got finished yesterday in the "Hank" writing room at Sony Publishing with my friends Paul Bogart and Gerald Smith.  John had a great song title pop out of his mouth while we were both working one day on the Grand Canyon Railway.  He didn't hear it...but I did and drew his attention to it mentioning it could be a song.  I took a couple of stabs at it...so did John...but my instincts proved to be right yesterday when I shared our idea with Paul and Gerald.  They too loved the idea and we wrote it to completion.  A stone country cool song if I do say so.  And the best part was getting a note back from John out in AZ telling me how much he loved the finished product.  So we have a writers from Arizona, Oklahoma, Georgia and Missouri all on this one little country song.  Pretty cool day at the office.



We did have weird moment while we were writing this tune 3 floors up off of Music Row.  It sounded like a BOMB went off right under us...followed by a girls scream.  What the...?  Turns out that right across the street Richard Branson is building on of his Virgin Hotels and the crew set off a dynamite blast.  The girl was writing in another room just down from us.  Wow.  Folks in building all the time knew they were doing that...but the word did not get passed to the songwriters obviously. So a little excitement was added to the rhyming for sure.



My friends song "All That Cowboy Jazz" that we wrote with Zach Runquist is getting a little attention.  GAC just started playing the video yesterday...so keep your eyes open.  There are some nice reviews and articles coming out on it too...and Paul will sing with the world famous Time Jumpers this coming Monday night....Vince Gill included in this All Star Band at 3rd and Lindsley that wow country music lovers every Monday night. 



This is a perfect fit for Paul who sings the kinds of songs the Time Jumpers play.  Certainly I'll be there to root my friend on.  He has a big showcase Tuesday evening for the new album "Leather" that I will have to miss because I'm playing at Alan Jackson's place on Lower Broadway at that same time for a corporate gig.  Yes...I'm pretty sick about having to miss that but I'll certainly be there in spirit.



And...one more piece of good news for my friend.  He shared a picture of a new baby on the way!  He and his wife Tonya's second Buckaroo.  It makes our song "Buckaroo Lullabye" that's also on his CD even more special.  Click on the link and listen...you'll understand why.  So congrats to them!







The founder of Playboy Hugh Hefner died at the age of 91.  Most think he died with a big smile on his face.  Who am I today.  But...it might be appropriate if the magazine gave him a 91 staple salute.  Maybe.



Meanwhile...OJ is out of jail it looks like on Monday.  My guess is tat Cato won't be answering his phone...or the door. 



I forgot I should have bought stock in blaze orange apparel a few weeks ago...as deer season has begun in earnest.  All I know is we have a LOT of deer in our backyard these days.  I'm keeping my eyes open for that orange color that might be up in an illegal deer stand in my backyard.  I'm surprise that the deer count is not somewhere in the same neighborhood of the amount of hunters who fall out of tree stands.  Buckle up Elmer.






The "Lingerie Football League"...yes...women playing football in lingerie...they are united too.  They say all them will "stand" for the anthem.  Of course...at those games there's a pretty good chance that not as many eyes are on flag when the anthem is playing...but ladies...thanks for standing.






I saw where actor Steven Segal had a meeting with Putin.  So we have Dennis Rodman with the North Korean dictator and Segal with Putin.  See...the world is in pretty good shape after all.  I don't know why folks worry so much.



Try these two on for size if you want to feel your heart up in your throat.  In Chile you can PAY to bungee jump into a volcano.  I'd put some fire retardant on my hair before I leaped off the bridge.  The second one is...swimming with polar bears in Canada.  You can do that too.  Those that get in and swim are referred to as "chum" I believe.



There will be a "Die Hard 6" coming out.  And yes...apparently Bruce Willis will be in it.  If he decides to bungee jump in a volcano or swim with polar bears in this latest sequel...I'm gonna predict there will be no Die Hard 7.



Smugglers are so sneaky.  Some are good at what they do.  But...most get caught.  The female they found to be an NSA leaker was caught with sensitive documents tucked into her pantyhose.


Two things.  I didn't know women were still wearing pantyhose.  I can't remember seeing those eggs in the grocery store aisles for the longest time.  Second...try Spanx.  Heavier material.  Harder for X Rays to penetrate.  You're welcome.



Kyle Jenner...part of the Kardashian reality TV wreck is pregnant.  Now...a lot of women decide after hearing they are going to have a baby to do some smart things.  Stop smoking...eat healthy etc.  Young Kyle has announce that she will stop doing lip injections just in case.  Sounds like she'll be an awesome Mama...with thinner lips.



Back at a writing table today with Gerald Smith and Wynn Varble.  Wyn many many hit songs to his credit including "Waiting On A Woman" by Brad Paisley but is also one funny funny guy with a cowboy hat.  He also wrote "Have You Forgotten" so I'm sure he'll have some pointed opinions today if we talk about all the "kneeling" going on.  The last time we wrote a classic..."That's How Country Music Gets A Bad Rap".  So...this is bound to be a good day.


Have a great Thursday yourself. 

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