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Sep 27 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

And more rain.  Wonder if Noah has started an Uber service of his own yet?



My morning started with a parody song for New York titled “Snowflakes” a new term used for kids who are spoiled and hooked on their apps and turning in grades so low that teachers give them a zero.  We took “Frosty The Snowman” and turned it into “Our Kids Are Snowflakes” so I got in the Christmas spirit really early…sort of.


One of my favorite tech expressions I use sometimes is “we live with our head up our apps”.  Must be a song in that title too I would think.



I had fun catching up with Manon Ward yesterday as we sat down to write.  Manon is the young Wyoming girl I’ve talked about here before.  Nashville is a town that moves fast and moves on pretty quickly as far as careers are concerned.  Did you see the 13-year-old girl on “The Voice” the other night that was incredibly gifted?  13!


Manon is one with her own “voice”…different…a bit eclectic if you will and I love that about her.  And since we last sat down I was very pleased to hear how some doors are finally being opened for her and her music.  She’s really easy to root for.  Works hard…is NOT a Snowflake.  AND…she brought a really great idea to the songwriting table yesterday that we tore into. 


I’ve learned that young talent like Manon have their own ears, their own way of saying things, their own phrasing that’s relevant to their audience and their generation.  So I’ve learned to really listen to artists like her and follow their lead some.  I want those songs to work for them…not me.  And I’m really pleased with the song we cranked out yesterday as we peered out a Music Row window as it rained.  Turns out…rain inspired the song title that she brought.  Just a really good Wednesday rhyming.



It had to happen.  I saw a picture on my friend Brent Burns Facebook page showing my long time buddy-co-writer smiling arm in arm with Jimmy Buffett…in Paris!  Brent started his overseas trip early for our tour and is playing in Paris tonight I believe.  Last night Jimmy had a concert there and Brent got backstage to say “hey” to Jimmy.  Brent has been at the forefront of the Trop Rock movement and sings beach and fun songs like Jimmy does.  So that was a good pairing to see!


Saturday I’m on a plane with my wife to join Brent and group of about 50 others as we are all set to tour Italy for the first time.  Can’t wait to make music with him in Rome, Florence and Venice.  Some one should warn the Italians.



The big Bluegrass Awards are tonight in Raleigh, North Carolina and we’ll find out how our song “I’m Going Under” fares as it’s nominated for a “Gospel Bluegrass Performance Of The Year” award for the artists Darin and Brooke Aldridge and for me and my co-writer of that song Karen Taylor Good.


I hate that I can’t be there for the awards show.  But with Saturday’s flight looming to Rome it was just impossible to pull off.  So…I’ll wait to get word later tonight.  Either way I’m tickled this song is getting this kind of attention from those in the bluegrass world.  Those artists are so gifted and talented and I’m a huge fan of their work.  And certainly I’m honored that a song I helped write in that genre is being recognized.  Good luck to everyone tonight in Raleigh. 



Well this is new ground.  An artist here in Nashville has painted some cool abstract designs on blank concrete walls in town.  A Christian music artist liked one so much that she shot a video of her singing in front of it.  Now the “painting” artist is suing the music artist because they did not license permission to use the artwork in the video.  Wow.  So now those who shoot videos will have to wonder if they too need to get a license before letting a camera start filming.  I guess maybe we should not use a Waffle House without permission for the new song on Brent Burns new album we wrote, “Midnight At Waffle House”.   We could get sued by their law firm “Scattered & Smothered”.



Hotels have gone up here so fast and so often I’ve become numb to it.  Now a new one is going up on Lower Broadway that will appeal to the “party” crowd even more.  This one will have a bar that you check in at when you register for your room.  Bartenders will great you.  Sign you in…AND pour you a drink.  They will have soft serve ice cream available.  And…a tattoo artist available.


If the bartender greets you when you check in…I see a fair amount of impulse ink going on bodies.  As my comedian friend Heywood Banks suggests, “if you’re going to get a tattoo…enunciate”.



OJ Simpson tells Bill Cosby to watch his back in prison.  He should know.



It’s back starting tonight.  Devon O’Day who does our afternoon show at WSM Radio where I work sometimes has a famous sister.  Her name is Faith Ford who plays Corky Sherwood on Murphy Brown.  So she’s back on TV too.  The TV show of course leans very “left” politically so not all will be big fans.  I see the humor in shows whether they or left or right politically so I watch for what’s “funny” and not worry about who’s side anyone is taking.  And whether one is a fan or not of the current administration…it’s easy to see that there’s a LOT to draw on for humor in the reboot of Murphy Brown.



I have no chance of winning but with Mega Millions now at 500 MILLION…I have to go buy a ticket today.  Just don’t shoot me the odds of not winning…please.



Have you seen THIS CAR?  A calorie burner reminding one of the car Fred Flintstone drives in that cartoon show we love.  This one has a pedal that serves as the accelerator.  No lie.  Harder you pedal the faster the car goes as it’s attached to the flywheel.  And the brake is located on the steering column…a hand brake.  (Or you can drag your feet like Fred Flintstone)  The builders claim it will be an option for your workout on the way to work. 


So if you peer over at the driver next to you and they are wearing a headband and spandex…you’ll know that they are pedaling one of these new workout cars.   And I’d bet some will have their dog doing yoga on their laps while they steer.



Catch up work and pre-packing for Italy begins today.  All roads lead to Rome right now.


Have a great Thursday.





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