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Cavalia...Harvey Relief Fund...and Cowboy Jazz

Sep 27 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Last "Hump Day" of September...and the last day of real heat for awhile.  I love love the cooler days of Fall...but really hate that the days are starting to get shorter as the leaves turn and drop.



My wife, daughter, a fried of ours and myself went to see the big Cirque show called "Cavalia" which took place under this elaborate tent you see here.  We've seen maybe three "Cirque" shows through the years...loved everyone of them.  For this one which was near the Opryland Hotel...all we really knew was there was going to be horses involved.  And there were...lots and lots of beautiful stallions and riders and trainers.  Along with that went aerial artists, gymnasts, drummers, tumbling folks, acrobats, incredible "live" music and backdrops and sceneries.  Certainly there were a lot of "did you see what I saw? moments" during the show.  I think this is the 4th Cirque show I've been too...all very unique to themselves...always entertaining.  And I appreciate how their production team chooses to use "live" music with incredible vocalists and musicians as opposed to using track.  It just adds another degree of "special" to these shows.






Oh...and the tent thing they held this show under was an amazing venue too.  Wonder how long it takes to rig this bad boy up?  It's 12 stories tall. 







I mentioned here yesterday that I will be part of an All Star Choir backing up artist B. J. Thomas (yes..."Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head") recording a song in studio October 3 that will be used to help those who suffered from Hurricane Harvey in Houston which is B.J's hometown.  So certainly this will be an honor to help in a small way.  My thanks again to my friend Bobby Tomberlin for making this happen and to songwriter Sandy Knox who is pulling this together.  Sandy has written hits for Reba, Dionne Warwick, Neil Diamond and wrote the Grammy winning duet my friend Linda Davis sang with Reba "Does He Love You". 




MSN just listed what they think to be the 10 Best places to live in America.  Number 1?  Fisher's Indiana...which is just up the road from where we lived when I was on the radio in Indianapolis for a couple of years.  Nice community.  Fargo, North Dakota is listed too.  Gets really really really cold in Fargo.  Economically...I get it.  As far as view and great weather?  That surely must be another top 10 list they are working on.



And how about this stat.  We spend on average 5.1 hours each day checking our business and personal e-mails.  Seriously?  And we wonder where our free time goes?  I'm starting to understand maybe why my bushes have overgrown and been neglected for so long.



The are experimenting with letting us have 280 characters per message now as opposed to the 140 we now have.  I'm thinking President Trump just popped a cork on a bottle of champagne in the Oval Office.  I figure folks attention spans are shorter than ever.  140 characters seems more than enough to me.  I'm leaning towards thinking they may decide less is best when this experiment is done.  I get pretty boring after 60 characters.  



Oh boy...the rats are gonna come out of the hole.  Anyone surprised that their are bribes and money being passed to kids who agree to go to certain colleges?  Me neither.  I'm on the side that they should pay these college athletes something considering how rich the schools get off their sport programs.  And the tennis shoe companies have dropped a ton of dough.  I just wish I could get Adidas or Nike to throw large amounts of money and give me free tennis shoes for doing this blog daily.  Hook a brother up!  I mean...just think how good a "swoosh" would look at the top of this column!  And...I'm so easy to bribe.







Now we have an app that will let you hire someone to stand in line for you.  Trying to get tickets to a popular "Cirque" show?  There ya go.  Wonder if that app will let me get someone to stand all day in the DMV line?  I'm sure their picture on my license has got to be better looking than mine.



An up threw a guy out at a Yankees game last night.  The guy was sitting behind home plate trying to tip the batter as to what the next pitch was going to be by shouting out the catchers location just before the pitch.   Wow.  Like the ump was not going to hear him?  Now I'm wondering if all those John 3:16's wasn't some kind of coded language at the game. 







John Travolta looks to be a great John Gotti in the upcoming movie.  Don't believe me?  Check out this TRAILER.  This is a long way from Vinny Barbarino and Kotter's old class.  






Gucci is now selling a designer fanny pack.  $1,000 folks.  No matter how much money you spend...no matter who's name is on it...a fanny pack is a fanny pack and is a fashion statement that says, "look at how ugly this thing is".  These things just need to be said sometimes in an effort to save humanity from embarrassing itself.



Madonna says she spends $600 on a butt mask.  That's right.  Ya mask your face...some superstars mask their behinds.  How does this work?  How applies it to make sure all of your tuckus is covered in green goop?  Do she pay someone?  Or...do you back up to a mirror...pile goop on a spatula and flip it back there till covered?  I'll be up the next few nights experimenting and will get back to ya.



I'm off to write with my friend Paul Bogart and Gerald Smith today.  I've written with both separately many times...but this is our first time writing as a trio.  Gerald used to write for George Strait's publishing company back in the day...and Paul is a George Strait type of artist who's proving it with his new album and this single we wrote together "All That Cowboy Jazz".  I'm looking forward to seeing how this goes today. 


Have a great Wednesday!





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