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PA Connection...Dancing...Bungee Jump

Sep 26 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Wednesday…gloomy…clouds…more rain on the way. Can we get summer back?



It has been a week full of rain so far with more in the forecast so I’m glad I had an indoor writing appointment with Irene Kelley yesterday.  Her new CD she’s working on is almost finished and we have two songs that will be on this project together.  I was hoping to hear those yesterday before we sat down at her kitchen table to write but her producer Mark Fain just got hired for a two week tour with Ry Cooder (who I saw a couple of years ago in concert at the Ryman with Ricky Skaggs) to play bass...so the final mixing and mastering is still a few weeks away.


Irene is a great Americana-Bluegrass-Country artist from Latrobe Pennsylvania…home of Arnold Palmer and Mr. Rogers to name a couple.  I was just on tour in PA so we talked about her home state some before we started rhyming on a new idea that Irene had.  I’ve learned that Irene brings great ideas every time we sit down to write together to go with her obvious talent.


Always a pleasure to spend some creative time with Irene.



Shout out to my friend Brent Burns who is in Paris by now.  He’s actually playing a little show there and seeing a Jimmy Buffett show in Paris before he joins me in Rome this Saturday for our Italian tour.  I’m sure he has a sweater tied around his neck wearing a beret and trying to look cool.


My thanks to David Mindel who lives in France for suggesting some great places to eat in Venice when we finish up our tour there.  David is from England originally…settled in the south of France with his lovely wife.  I got to know David when he came over the states several years ago and we wrote together.  And no…David did not recommend a local Olive Garden there.



More reasons for me not to ever try dancing.  Did you see Jennifer Lopez fall while dancing in her show recently?  Bounced right up to her credit.  But…this is the reason I have no choreography worked up for when I sing my song “If I Had Boobs”.  Just wanted you to know.



Well…at least some are saying that men should maybe not do prostate exams.  It may do more harm than good.  Well…it’s not too hard to convince me to NOT do that.   I do love cowboy music…but don’t care to yodel.



Will Smith the actor celebrated his 50th birthday by bungee jumping out of a helicopter over the Grand Canyon!  I don’t know which is harder to believe.  The fact he did that…or the fact that Will Smith is 50.  I’m just back from a week at the canyon and not once did it occur to me to tie a rope around myself and board a chopper and jump out of it over the South Rim.  That too would make one yodel. 


I’m pretty sure that one falls under, “Hey Bubba…watch this”!


Which reminds me…I co-wrote this CHRISTMAS SONG with that thought in it that



I only saw the headline about “Healthiest Ice Cream”.  I did not read the article because I don’t think one should be thinking “healthy” when it comes to certain things like Ice Cream!  For crying out loud.


Real ice cream?  That would be the kind I grew up with.  Homemade.  Turning the handle…ice…salt…licking the ladle.  If I ever open an ice cream shop I’m going sell ladles with ice cream all over it.



The cities with the most homicides are #1 Baltimore followed by Detroit, Memphis and Chicago.  Not exactly good for tourism is it?  There was gunfire over the Baltimore harbor that inspired ole Francis Scott to pen our National Anthem.  I guess they haven’t stopped firing yet. 



NASA folks now tell us that the earth not only spins…it wobbles when it spins.  Something about climate warming etc.  My earth wobbles every time I put quarters in a magic fingers bed.  I’ve not been able to get it to spin yet…but I’m working on it.



Cheapair.com says the ideal time to book a flight in advance in 54 days out.  Those are when airfares are ripe for picking.  I have no idea if that’s really true or not.  Actually…I have no idea if anything is true anymore or if it’s all fake news.  Sign of the times.



“Rapper Hospitalized For Eating Too Many Flamin’ Hot Cheetos”.  I’m sure he’ll put some dirty words in his next rap song.



Off to write with my Wyoming buddy Manon Ward and then my deck clears the next couple of days for packing and making sure my wife and I are good to go to Rome come Saturday.  I’m hoping my Cincinnati Reds will have a baseball game at the Coliseum while we’re there.


Have a great Wednesday!

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