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Buy My Truck...Blast On The Bay Schedule...and Cavallia Tonight

It's taking it's sweet time but Fall temps are on the way.  A high of just 74 predicted this Sunday.



I wrote a couple of songs yesterday...one being a parody about Luke Bryan being named one of the judges this year for American Idol.  I posted yesterday that he will join Kelly Clarkson...that was wrong.  Katy Perry is the other judge with one more to be named.  Kelly Clarkson who of course was the first American Idol winner ever will be a judge on "The Voice".  You figure that out.  Either way...I think I've for the most part been oversaturated with talent shows period on TV.  There's just more important quality things I want to watch these days like "The Bachelor". 



My second song was one that I completed with my Georgia co-writer young Matt Rogers.  We wrote at Matt's house yesterday and he showed me around.  Matt's a pretty good guitar player and has all the latest toys and gadgets to prove it.  Toys for Boys as we like to call it...and it was cool seeing some of the new gadgetry...although those kind of electronics are a bit above my pay scale.  I still struggle with a four slice toaster and getting it to work right.


We did finish the tune...but the best part of the day was hearing how Matt drove is Dodge pickup truck somewhere...got out and a lady approached him and asked about his truck.  Her son wanted one and she wanted to buy his.  Matt laughed and said he wasn't interested but the lady kept insisting and finally said, "come on...what's your price"?  The truck had well over 150,000 miles on it so Matt thought wha the heck...and gave her a very high price for it.  She didn't blink...wrote him a check.  Her son got a used truck...Matt took the money and brought a brand new one that was sitting in the drive when I pulled up.  Lady...if you are reading this...I have an old Toyota RAV with 160,000 miles I'll be happy to sell ya. 



My friend and co-writer Bobby Tomberlin went to Gatlinburg last weekend to that A-Frame cabin I've blogged about before that Audrey Williams (Hank's ex) once owned where she and Hank Jr. spent a lot of time.  Bobby opens the door and notices stuff scattered...calls the owners who call the police and sure enough they find some dude they arrest naked in the place...wanted in Florida.  Yikes.  The window had been smashed out...and black bears were nosing around.  Yikes.  That will make for a good story when we play together at Puckett's coming up October 7 in Franklin, TN where our mutual friend Brady Seals of Little Texas fame will also join us on stage.  It's an 8:30 pm show that night.








And my friend Bobby has invited me to join a choir of celebs to sing in part of an All Star Chorus for a worthy cause that I'll talk about soon that B.J. Thomas is going to sing the lead on.  I'll be in a choir with Bobby, Duane Allen of the Oaks, maybe LIttle Richard (wow), the group Take Six, Jan Howard, maybe Brenda Lee even and others.  Just an honor to be invited...so thank you Bobby for teeing this one up.  We will be in studio October 3 to do this.







hese are the kinds of things my ears heard at McDonald's this morning while reading the paper and making notes over coffee.  "I don't know a thang about them computers and crap".  And the second one..."dad gum it".  Pretty sure I'm in the south. 



This just in.  The "Blast On The Bay" songwriters festival in beautiful Port St. Joe/Mexico Beach Florida just gave us the schedule for our "Hits & Grins" venues and start times this year.  You'll find all of that in the calendar section of my website here.  We play three times this year...once on Friday October 20, and twice on Saturday October 21.  The three of us love this festival...and if you've never been to that part of the Forgotten Coast...think about renting a room or beach house and join us for three great days of music and fun on the beach.





I have a nephew in Pennsylvania.  His name is Chris Whyte.  He's the only child of my brother Gary and his wife Kay.  Chris had a horrible...and I do mean horrible life threatening moment when a car hit him while he was on a bike in one of those Ironman competitions.  Swim, run, bike.  His injuries were so bad one wondered if he'd ever walk again.  You'd have to know this guy to know that giving up was not a possibility.  Wanna see strength and determination?  Take a few minutes and watch this VIDEO that he put together himself that captures his recovery and rehab.  They always say if you fall...get up.  He did that in spades.  I'm extremely proud he's part of the family and his effort should quiet anyone who wants to say, "I can't...it's too hard". 



So if a QB takes a knee in the NFL to run out the clock in a game they are winning...is it just a smart play or is it a protest?



NASCAR is saying they will fire drivers and folks who work in that sport if they take a knee during the anthem.  Will NFL ratings go down and will NASCAR find some more fans they really need these days?  We'll see.



For the price of about $4,700 one way on Quatar airines...you can get a double bed to sleep in on international flights.  If I ever fly international on Quatar...I'm pretty sure I'll be sleeping in the overhead bin.



"Woman bit by copperhead snake at Longhorn Steakhouse".  Good Lord...what did she order dad gum it?



Well...my writing appointment was cancelled so I have the day to catch up on some things...and then tonight I'm taking my daughter and wife to see what is surely an amazing show called "Cavallia" that has a run under a mammoth white tent near the Opryland Hotel.  Think horses in a Cirque De Soleil kind of show.  Better yet...check out this PROMO VIDEO to see for yourself what we'll witness later tonight.


I'm waiting for Cirque to train cats to do this.  I'd buy tickets for that.


Have a great Tuesday!





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