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Costumes...Aircraft...New Video Shoot

Sep 25 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

The last Friday of September is here. I know it’s truly Fall because the Leinenkugel Fall Shandy is in stores right now. If you drink beer…buy a six pack…freeze a glass…then put a mixture of cinnamon and sugar on the rim and you’ll thank me later. 



Nothing big. My wife was out of town with our daughter so things got pretty quiet at the Whyte House especially with no writing appointment on the calendar. So, Thursday was a day of catching up and tying up some loose ends and checking up on old friends like Dean Raymer back in Missouri who besides being my booking agent for many years when I was out traveling with a country band has always been like a second Mom to me. All of my good thoughts and prayers are going out to her and her wonderful family right who I love so much.    



The college campuses have been a hot spot for spreading the virus. Up in Boulder, Colorado it’s gotten bad enough that officials have banned 18-22 year old’s from holding any gatherings of any size for two weeks.


In fact, in St. Charles Missouri near where I grew up the Mayor had decided to ban dancing to try and stop young folks from gathering so much. 


Meanwhile the Grand Ole Opry is going to have a partial “live” audience again for the first time in a long while. Starting October 3rd five hundred fans will be allowed in the Opry house to watch.  It’s a start.


Yesterday Fauci says even when we do get a vaccine we’ll still need to wash our hands and wear a dang mask.  I’d like for him to invent something to prevent my reading glasses from fogging up when I wear the mask. Do they make glasses with a defroster?



An article I read this morning claims that if you have big hips and chunky thighs you may live longer. And that means of course some of us will need to eat more Mac and Cheese to get that look.  Speaking of which.



Kraft just had to jump in on the pumpkin craze too.  Now if you’d like you can buy Kraft Pumpkin Spice Mac and Cheese.  I’ll pass. Ya just don’t mess with a classic!



For those who get into Halloween (and who knows what that will be like this year) you’re probably spending time trying to figure out what costume you’ll wear. Apparently, one of the most popular costumes this year will be a Corona Beer dress or costume to tie is with…you know what.  Don’t forget to put a lime on top of your head before you go party. 


I have to admit…Halloween is my least favorite of the holidays. Just not my thing. But it’s a huge huge business these days with folks spending lots of dollars to decorate, costume, party and celebrate.  I did have on great costume idea though.  Put a toilet lid around your head, wear a black cloak, glasses and carry a toilet brush and go as Harry Potty.  You’re welcome.



This is going to be something.  70 vintage aircraft will fly over DC later this morning to commemorate the end of World War II including a couple of big Super Fortresses. The original event was postponed because of Covid concerns the folks who restored these great old birds will be flying over the nation’s capital today.  Very cool.


I’m a fan of planes. If there’s an air museum nearby, I’ll go see it.  The Naval Air Museum in Pensacola is great as is the Air Force Museum in Dayton and of course the big one in Washington.  But if you get a chance to the museum in Osh Kosh, Wisconsin where they hold the world’s largest experimental aircraft fly in every year.  The day I went they took me up in an old Stearman Biplane and the pilot even gave me the yoke to feel what it’s like to fly a plane.   SALUTE to those iconic planes being in the air today to inspire us.



How about this mini-security drone from Amazon that we’ll be able to fly sometime next year for about $250?  It lands in a dock much like those Roomba vacuum cleaners. With your app you can fly it around your house while you’re gone to check on things.  Did you leave the stove on?  You can check and see.


And if that’s not enough Alexis will soon be able to hear you in your car where you can command an onboard camera to record.  Say you’re getting pulled over?  You can tape the exchange between the officer and you and your fine.  I might film those who drive slow in the fast lane and send them the footage with a “’Speed Up”! note. 



I’ve done a few daring things in my life. I’ll try MOST things once. But I would not ever ever consider trying to ride a 73.5 foot wave like surfer Maya Gabrina just did in Portugal breaking the Guinness Record for men AND women.  Take a look yourself and think, “would I get up on a piece of wood on that wave”?



My friend Brent Burns in a phone conversation yesterday told me an older friend of his who new life was short described how he was living the last part of it.  He said, “let me just say this.  I don’t buy green bananas anymore”.  And now I’m trying to figure out how to use that in a song.



I’m a Saturday Night Live fan.  I don’t stay up and watch it “live” and not all the sketches or humor light me up…like most folks. But…there’s always enough highlights I like that I can choose to watch on You Tube after it airs. The new season is about to finally kick off after the pandemic delay and Chris Rock is going to host. And this year Jim Carey will play Joe Biden. Alex Baldwin plays Donald Trump.  You think the SNL writers ever run out of something to write about?



“Why Intelligent Women Marry Less Intelligent Man”.  Guess I’ll ask my wife.



Off to my publishing company this morning to write with Jerry Salley and Rob Mills.  I wrote with Rob for the first time earlier this week. He’s the Dad with two boys who sing gospel music and we wrote a gospel song towards his trio “The Sound” this past Tuesday.  But Rob is from North Carolina and wants to write a bluegrass tune, so I rearranged my schedule to make this write happen this morning with our mutual friend Jerry Salley who’s been the bluegrass songwriter of the year a couple of times.  So, I’m in the room with some grassy talented folks today so that should be a great way to jump start the weekend.


Then tomorrow I’m sneaking off for a video shoot of my friend Jenny Tolman who is doing a video of a song I wrote with her and her extremely talented boyfriend-producer Dave Brainerd entitled “If I Could Invent A T-Shirt”.  The song will be released October 2 and it will be fun to see what they’re thinking video wise to help promote the new song. I believe there will be dancers in this video and I’m slightly surprised that they have not ask me to bust a move in it.  Sigh.


Have a great weekend!



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