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Earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, a shooting in a church in Nashville, the President saying "SOB" and folks kneeling while the National Anthem plays.  If you've ever wondered why this blog is mostly an attempt to be humorous...well...there ya go.  We could use some relief from the real news.  Or as my great writer friend out in Arizona Roger Naylor said on his Facebook page over the weekend, "Desperate times calls for bouts of hooky".



I got a little this weekend starting Friday night to see a young co-writer friend of mine Caroline Gallagher do a set with an acoustic guitar player.  She's getting ready to release an album soon that I found out will be titled after a song I wrote with Lisa Shaffer and Amy Lewis that's titled "Old Soul In New Boots".  So there's some good news.  Caroline is from North Carolina and has bluegrass-American roots planted deep in her soul.  It was a treat for me to hear her do 5 or six songs we wrote together...many of which will be on this album.  And...this week she will be back in her home state to perform at the International Bluegrass gathering that will give her and our songs some bigger exposure.  Got my fingers crossed for her.






Then Saturday night my wife and I went to the world famous Station Inn that was sold out as Shawn Camp had put together an all star bluegrass band to perform.  Another co-writer of mine Lauren Mascitti invited us to sneak in so we did...and STOOD for the entire set.  Not a seat to be had.  But...it was worth it as Shawn just tore it up.  Shawn's one of my favorite writer-performers in this town who's written a lot of songs that have been recorded including "Two Pina Colada's" for Garth.  And his girlfriend Lauren?  She's the real deal too.  She's going in studio soon to record 4 or 5 songs and there will be one that the two of us wrote with Wil Nance that will make this project...so...more good news.  I need to get out more often.


I do want to mention the name Mike Cleveland.  Mike played fiddle Saturday night and blew me away.  I can't believe I was oblivious to his name.  He's blind...deaf in one ear and plays like a madman.  So good.  Great hearing you strike a bow on those strings Mike.  Check out the link...listen...and you'll hear for yourself what I'm talking about. 



Check out this great review of "All That Cowboy Jazz" for my Okie buddy Paul Bogart which is an infectious Western Swing tune that is Paul's new single of his just released album "Leather".  Paul and I co-wrote this with Zach Runquist...and it's fun to see it getting some attention. 







I've added a new date coming up October 7 at Puckett's in Franklin, TN.  It's a great listening room with great food...a Saturday night show that will start at 8:30 pm.  My talented songwriter friends Wil Nance and Bobby Tomberlin will join me on stage.  Do call for a reservation as they routinely sell out on Saturday nights.  And for more info go to my calendar here on my website.



And...we're close to announcing a new date or two for our "Evening In The Round" trio with Linda Davis, Lang Scott and me.  Yes..it's been awhile but for good reason.  Linda is still on the Kenny Rogers farewell tour and she and her husband Lang, daughter HIllary and Riley Jean are still promoting their Grammy award winning album "Love Remains" that I was blessed to have a song on.  So for those of you who have been asking me?  Hang on...hopefully we'll have some new opportunities next year for you to come out and see this show that I'm proud to be a part of.





The world did not end...again...despite some guy saying it would this past weekend.  At the last second he said he had changed his mind and this morning I'm reading where he says he'll have a new date for the world ending that he'll post up soon.  Dear "Chicken"...meet "Little".



Luke Bryan is going to be a judge on the newly rebooted version of "American Idol".  He'll join Kelly Clarkson and one other judge to be named.  I can only hope it will make this little parody song I helped write with Cledus T. Judd and Colt Ford and Chris Clark...even more popular.



The Grand Ole Opry had a heck of a weekend as Reba celebrated being a member for 40 years.  Carrie Underwood walked out and sang my friend Linda Davis' part on "Does He Love You" and another Okie (like Reba) Vince Gill played guitar and dueted with her on a song the two of them released a few years ago "Oklahoma Swing".  And if that weren't enough...Reba's hero...who was there the first time Reba was introduced on the Opry 40 years ago walked out and surprised her too.  That first night...Dolly showed up she was actually given one of Reba's songs to give Dolly more time that night.  Reba could have cared less but did request to meet her...and now they are long time buddies sharing that stage.  And this is why ya buy a ticket to see the Opry folks.



How about an App on your phone that helps you find the nearest clean bathroom on the phone.  There apparently are several...one sponsored by "Charmin" of course.  I'm hoping there's an icon on that app you can hit if you forgot to flush.



And now Wal Mart is working on delivering your groceries and putting them in your fridge even if your gone from you house?  Yep.  You have a little security camera tied to the app...when the Wal Mart greeter shows up at your place with your bag of vittles...you enter a one time pass code that lets them enter your house...and you can watch them until they are gone.  If they are handling your eggs to roughly...you hit another app button and shock them with 400 volts.  Okay...that's just on my wish list.



The funny man producer says that "Blazing Saddles" would never get made into a funny movie today because of political correctness.  He may be right.  But I'm smiling right now just thinking about that inappropriate camp fire scene.  I'm glad he made it before it was too late.





The sitar George Harrison famously played on some Beatle sessions is now up for auction.  The bids are already over $50,000.  And now I can't get "Norwegian Wood" to stop running through my head.  I played French Horn in High School Band.  Since then...no one has ever asked me to get up anywhere and play it.  I'm pretty sure the same thing happens to those who sat cross legged on a floor and learned to play the sitar.



"Rabbit Sets World Record For Dunking Basketballs".  Again...I can not make stuff like this up folks.  If you don't believe me...check out this VIDEO of the rabbit who's got game.  The rabbit should be getting a 7 million dollar Nike deal soon.



Off to write with my Georgia friend Matt Rogers as we're trying to finish up a tune we started on a couple months ago. 


Have a great Monday!



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