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Missouri Beach Songs...Podcast Interview...We Polka

Sep 24 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Little gloomy type cool weather hovering outside my blogging window this morning.



I wrote with my Missouri buddy Becky Denton who was at her kitchen table up in Paris, Missouri yesterday. Becky and I have been writing songs together for a while now and she’s recorded three of those songs over the past few years including “I Love Dolly” which go here some airplay over in Australia of all places. The next two were beach songs that she recorded as Becky and her husband Will are dipping their toes more and more into Trop Rock waters these days and playing some gigs down on the ocean. I know.  Tough life huh?  So yesterday we wrote a new beach song for her titled their “Ain’t No Ocean In Missouri” that came out great and I’d be surprised if she doesn’t record this on her next album.  If you ever meet Becky and hear her, you’ll find out what I know is true…she’s impossible not to like. 



And here’s a couple of other Dolly notes. She was bored on the set of the movie “9 to 5” and wrote that song clicking her nails in her dressing room for rhythm. She’d write lyrics…go back to her hotel room and grab her guitar and take what she had from the dressing room and mold it into the song we know today.  I need to get bored more often apparently.


And the big OMG moment for me about Dolly is know that she wrote “I Will Always Love You” AND “Jolene” on the very same day.  That just ain’t right. That ONE day of writing made her wealthy forever.



I ran podcast yesterday that I had forgotten about. Back in November of last year Justin and Theresa Mason interviewed me for their podcast “True Country”.  It was a wide-ranging interview where I was asked about my radio career as well as my music and songwriting career AND comedy background. The hosts also kicked the tires on what I felt “True” country music is.  Very fun…and if you’d like to listen just click on the link.  Thank you Justin and Theresa for having me and for doing your homework and being great hosts.




I’m a big Trisha Yearwood fan.  I mentioned the song she sang at the ACM Awards show to honor the folks we’ve lost in country music this past year.  The official video of the song “I’ll Carry You Home” was just released and confirms what I thought when I watched her sing this at the awards show.  She’s truly one of the most gifted female singers in this talented town.  The song gives me goosebumps.



Walmart is now delivering Covid 19 tests by drone.  Right now, it’s in North Las Vegas only but it’s a sign that most of will see something dropped off at our front door by a drone from some company sooner than later.


25 states have reported new upticks in the virus now. Labor Day weekend fallout perhaps?


And in the town of Logan, Ohio a woman attending a middle school football game refused to wear a mask and a police officer tased and arrested her.


Johnson and Johnson is getting ready to give a one-shot vaccine shot to 60,000 folks. We’re getting closer to a vaccine. The question of course is, how many will line up for a vaccine when it’s approved?



Not the beer…the folks who keep record of weird records.  Here’s one.  Charlotte Lee here in the good ole USA.  She has 5,631 different rubber ducks. Don’t ask me why.  But she holds the Guinness record for that. 



I posted this on my Facebook a couple of days ago because I had forgotten this 60 Minutes interview that the late Johnny Carson did with the late Mike Wallace. In the interview Carson explains perfectly why he thinks it’s a bad idea to use your platform for politics. He never really did that as opposed to the flock of late-night hosts right now who are all doing the opposite of that. If you’re an entertainer and you take a consistent political stand it seems to me, you risk alienating about half of all folks who watch or listen to you. And as Carson points out “once you start thinking you’re that important”?  It’s a risk.  The old interview to me just reminds me how great Johnny truly was at his craft.



If you need a BIG ole truck stop Travel Center?  Keep your eyes open for the “Wally’s” sign in Pontiac, Illinois. This place has 76 gas pumps, 41-bathroom stalls and a beef jerky station.  Wow. I love Buc-ee's…stop at one of those two if you get the chance.  HUGE places with everything one could ever hope for inside and out.


And is it just me or do folks ONLY buy beef jerky at truck stops?



Believe it or not Oktoberfest is already underway in Munich, Germany…and it’s not October. Can’t ever start too soon when it comes to tapping the keg I suppose.  Don’t think I haven’t done my part for Oktoberfest’s through the years. I even helped write this classic polka with my friend Brent Burns titled “We Polka” that went on his last album.  Truly a classic in a different sorta kind of way.



Here’s how much of a DIY kind of guy I am NOT.  I read this headline: “The 12 Best Tools Every Man Should Have in Their Toolbox” and quietly wondered “what’s a toolbox”?



I’ve got an off day today as far as any kind of writing goes.  So, I’ll be doing some research I suppose trying to figure out what a toolbox is exactly.


Have a great Thursday!



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