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Meeting A Gold Medal Winner...Fancy Grass...7 Eagles

Sep 22 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

And now it be Tuesday the 21st of September. Man. By now when I was living in Wisconsin, I’d be getting the snow-blower oiled, gassed and ready.



Nothing like that in Nashville on Monday. Some kind of perfect weather here right now and that allowed me to get a comfortable walk in after my writing appointment with Ayla Brown and Rob Bellamy out in Boston.  Rob is a former minor league hockey player for Maine (serious hockey college) and then played in the minor leagues for years. Every time I forget what the dang “blueline” means and I get a free clinic from Rob.


I got a special treat online yesterday as Rob was at his parent’s home to help do some work when he introduced me to his sister Kacey who was on the gold medal winning hockey team for women at the last Olympics over in Korea.  She leaned in and said hey and told me she was already in training for the next Olympics which will be held in Beijing China. Go USA!  Pretty cool.


Then Rob and Ayla and I got to work on one of FOUR ideas the two of them had started and landed on a song that Ayla wanted to write as something for herself. So, we got to write a cool song for her, and I got turned down when I asked Rob’s sister if she could set it up for me to light the flame in China.  Dang.



I watched some of the Saints-Raiders game from the new Kabillion dollar stadium in Vegas last night that was played with no fans in the stands. Unreal playhouse for the Raiders. One of the high-tech features is that they can slide the entire grass field outside the stadium when they’re not playing to keep sunlight on it and keep the grass growing.  Unreal.


My daughter Heather came down last night at half-time Monday Night Football featured some rock band. I had no clue but ask my daughter who wasn’t sure either and then told it was the “Killers”.  I asked, “how do you know that”?  She said she just put a few lyrics of the song she heard them singing into the ole Google search engine and up came the band’s name.  Dang high-tech kids.



I talked with my Gulf Shores buddy Brent Burns who finally got his power restored after Sally roared through there.  Thank God for generators and chain saws as they’re starting to dry out and clean up down there. How unreal has this hurricane season been?  The current one that came ashore in Texas last night ole Beta is the 9th tropical storm to come ashore.  The last time that happened?  1916.  And a new storm Teddy is on the way.


Meanwhile over in Pensacola 20 barges have washed up into some yards. And I’m pretty sure the HOA doesn’t approve of that.



In Vegas at the Wynn Resorts alone 548 staff members have now tested positive. Tough times trying to get the strip reopened.


Popcorn has suffered during this pandemic as well.  30% of all popcorn is consumed in movie theaters.  They were closed for a long while…now some are reopened but folks are hesitant to return, and the popcorn is stacking up. Not good for popcorn farmers.  My wife and I thought about going to see a movie this last weekend and didn’t because we just thought we did not need to see a movie so bad that we’d have to wear a mask for 3 hours or so.  Hard to eat that popcorn with a mask on too.


Some folks are getting Halloween creative for any trick or treating that might be done. One couple has rigged up a chute at the top of their front doorsteps where they can slide candy down it to the little ghosts below right into their buckets with safe social distancing.



Wife: My friend Mary is pregnant.


(10 years later)


Husband: Hey, did your friend Mary have her baby?



Sundance Head who won “The Voice” one year lost his Dad Roy Head who actually appeared on the show that season to sing his iconic hit “Treat Her Right” with his son. I don’t remember any other songs by Roy Head.  But I was a young radio guy when that record crossed my desk and we started wearing it out on the air.  “Hey hey hey hey”.  RIP Roy.



I found this great piece of video on The Eagles…still my favorite all time band. All 7 of the members of the group got together on stage when they were inducted into the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame to perform “Hotel California”.  That’s the only time all 7 former and past members did that. 


And if the evening in Cleveland wasn’t great enough…a guy that used to open for the Eagles presented them that night.  And that would be one Jimmy Buffett who gave this great and funny speech.



If you need a reminder of how many good people there are out there doing the right thing?  Watch this runner give up a bronze medal on purpose to another competitor and find out why he did that.  And you’ll see how much the gesture affected actor Wil Smith. 



I’m headed to my publishing company today to write in person (instead of online which has been the new normal) with Rob Mills.  Rob has two very talented sons and the three of them make up the contemporary gospel trio called “The Sound”.  It will be the first time we meet…and the first time we write together and I’m looking forward to seeing what we can create together today and I’m hoping we can write something good enough for the group to consider recording somewhere down the road.


One of the things I have really enjoyed about having a publishing deal with Billy Blue is that from time to time the company will set up co-writes with artists and writers that they think could fit together. I’ve certainly made some great new creative friends that way…and I’m looking forward to working with Rob this morning. Here’s to a little rhyming magic happening today.


Have a great Tuesday.   

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