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Songwriters On Wheels....Whyte Road and The Holidays Already

Summer is gone...so why is it 90 degrees today in Nashville?



I got a little tour of Huntsville, Alabama and it's history yesterday with my friend Jim McBride who was part of the quartet of guys who made the trip to see the new Braves Stadium the night before...which was great fun.  Jim grew up driving a mail truck there before Conway Twitty recorded a song of his which made him think he might could be a songwriter.  His induction into the Songwriters Hall Of Fame next month will verify his suspicions were correct.  It's always great to see how someone grew up...and what route they took to become successful.  Again...my thanks to him and his two baseball buddies Mark and Benny for showing me such a good time.



My daughter is up early this morning headed for coffee and just shared some photos she took of a Mother-Daughter duo here in town that look very cool in the smoke background my daughter came up with to give them some "different" looks.  She's big time into her photography and is actually getting some work...including this session she just completed.  But...it was not those pictures that caught my attention this morning it's the T-shirt Heather was wearing that says on the front, "My Head Says Gym But My Heart Says Taco".  The apple don't fall far from the tree folks.



We are everywhere.  This picture was sent to my friends Linda Davis and Lang Scott from another friend who spotted this up in Minnesota.  Wonder if my sister Rita who lives in Rochester has seen this bad boy?  I have GOT to get me one of these.  Thank you Bill Hokeness for capturing this and getting it to us.











Anyone else have to look up what that meant?  For the past several days the lead story for most papers and online publications has been about hurricanes.  Today Kim Jong Dumb and his "dotard" line and latest threats got the lead...hurricanes were the second lead.  I'm not sure which is more scary right now.  Which is why I flipped quickly to the comic section of my newspaper this morning.



Yep...it is Fall and even though the temps are up...the stores already have Halloween AND some even have Christmas displays.  Good grief.  One company has rolled out pumpkin spice pizza already.  And Halloween costumes? Folks are already choosing.  One of the new costumes available is border patrol costumes.  Uh huh.  I just know my door bell is going to ring on Halloween and I'll look out and see some dude dressed up as the Wall.  Save yourself some money folks...do what my parents did.  Cut a hole in a white bed sheet...stick your head through it...and go as a ghost.  You can thank me for saving you some money later.









Songwriter Trey Bruce...who I know a little has come up with a cool tourist idea for Nashville.  A songwriter bus.  They built a stage on it...elevated and lit it...and turned the bus seats to face the stage. Pay for the ticket and you get a two hour ride with songwriters performing while you tour Music City.  You can't turn around in this town without bumping into someone who's singing and wearing a guitar...so there's lots of writers Trey can choose from.  There are all sorts of tours in this town on wheels...this is the latest.  Something to add to your list of things to experience next time you come to town.





Someone is rolling out an air conditioned watch.  I can't make this stuff up.  Supposedly it cools your wrist which then helps cool the rest of your body.  I might buy one to relieve the back pain I get in summer from carrying a window air conditioning unit like a boom box on my shoulder.



Arm Spanx.  From under your pants...to over your arms.  I guess it's for those with big flappy arms?  I dunno.  I'm pretty sure it would not be the most romantic Christmas gift to give though...but do what you think is right Santa.







I'm a big Disney World fan.  It's been to long since I've gone actually.  If you have made the trip to the Magic Kingdom (and I still have some old E-Tickets somewhere) you may have noticed the sound of horse clopping on Main Street when they pull carriages, trolleys etc.  It's unmistakable.  Turns out that Disney put a polyurethane coat on the shoes of their horses to accentuate that sound...make it louder.  I think some women may do the same with their stilettos...but I'll have to check on that.



Speaking of shoes.  Gwen Stefani has one pair of sneaker with a photo of her boyfriend Blake Shelton on them.  I'm trying to imagine what my wife Kathy's reaction will be when she wakes up and finds I've scotch taped a picture of me on her favorite boots.  I'll get back to ya.  And no...I don't know if Miranda Lambert has a photo of Blake Scotch taped on the bottom her her shoes. 



I'm a big Bill Murray fan.  Got hooked when he was part of SNL and double hooked after laughing so hard at him in the movie "Stripes".  He's a Dad...got a two or three kids I think...but no wife.  Here's what he has to say about that as only he could say it.


"I do have kids I'm responsible for and I enjoy that very much.  And it wouldn't have happened without women".  He made me laugh again.



Off to write with Jenny Tolman and her producer boyfriend Dave Brainard this morning.  Jenny's album is finished and the first single is just starting to roll out on iTunes and getting some play on XM..."Stripper For A Week".  Clever song...designed by title to get her some attention before they roll out a more mainstream second song.  I have a small part on her album "Jennyville" where I play a weather man that they seem to love and that's good to hear.  So...it will be fun to catch up and hear their excitement as what's going on with her career today...and star work on a new song for her growing catalog.  Got my fingers crossed for this extremely nice young lady for sure.



Nothing big...football games an catching up on the PBS Vietnam series by Ken Burns which so far is terrific, informative, educational and entertaining all at the same time.  Hard to watch sometimes...but I'm all in.


Have a great weekend!

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