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Danube Experience...Weird Tattoo...East Coast Write Today

Sep 21 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Monday morning again and it feels like Fall fell early this year.  77 and sunny today!



Started with a co-write on Friday morning with Brent Baxter and Nathan Woodard and we wrote an idea that Brent had that he thought might fit a certain country artist who’s looking for songs for his next album. We wrote that as close to what we thought sounded like the artist. Nathan then sang a little demo of it into his phone and sent it to me and Brent…then Brent forwarded that to the folks who are the gatekeepers listening to songs for this artist.  And that’s about all one can do. It’s a fun up-tempo song for sure and now we’ll just hope for the best as we do with most of the songs we write.  


The rest of the weekend was pretty lazy. But, the Titans, the Reds, and the Packers all won over the weekend all of whom I root for.  It’s RARE that all three would win so I had that going for me.



First, my heartfelt condolences to my buddy Billy Yates whose songwriter series in Branson I’ve played multiple times is one of my favorite things to do. Last time I played with Billy in Branson his Mom had passed away.  And this week Billy passed along sad news that his Dad lost a battle with Covid and passed too to join his Mom. Thinking of ya Billy.


Latest survey says…half of all Americans feel it’s safe to travel this Fall.  Half.  That means less crowds for those who do want to travel to see the Fall colors in places like Gatlinburg and Vermont.


9 Cruise Lines have now set sail in a limited way…giving me hope that our Danube Cruise with Brent Burns next July will hold up as we visit Germany, Austria, Hungary and more. Interested in sailing with us?  Click the link for details.



This might make you feel just a tad better about the massive wildfires, hurricanes and earthquakes we’re experiencing.  Jupiter has a mega storm right now. So big that it’s bigger than all of earth.  Wonder if Jim Cantore has caught the shuttle to get there to cover it yet?


Meanwhile down in Orange Beach-Gulf Shores, Alabama where folks have a lot of cleaning up to do after hurricane Sally surprised them…the Mayor is flat out blaming climate change for all the hurricanes…at least the increase in them.



They were last night. Didn’t watch as that awards show as well as others has turned into a political platform for many actors and actresses. I hate politics. So, I’ll watch a few highlights on You Tube and that will be more than enough.  For the record, “Schitt's Creek” won a “Schittload” of awards last night. Brilliant writing, very funny and my wife and I watched every episode on Netflix.  But that show will offend some and make some uncomfortable so do your homework before you decide to watch. 


The voters did show some good sense though last night as “Tiger King” did not win an Emmy.  Go figure.



This guy actually tattoos “Will You Marry Me” on his chest with a yes and no square the girl can check.  I THINK she checked yes.  I’m thinking, as long as she didn’t tattoo the yes in the square, the guy will still have the tattoo he can propose with if this one doesn’t work out. And in between proposals he can find time to have in head examined.



The dang Partridge Family TV show is now 50 years old!



Yes…there are already ads and articles for Christmas this year. This article, “35 Funny Gift Ideas That Will Get A Big Laugh at Christmas”. You can scan and look for yourself if you’d like. The one that made me laugh is the little sticker you can put on a computer as pictured in the article (and I’m sure it can be put anywhere you want) that reads, “Surely Not Everybody Was Kung Fu Fighting”. 



“Should we just lie in bed and eat chocolate and look at the Tupperware catalog”? My husband, turning me on.



Jane Fonda just revealed that she once went skinny dipping with the King of Pop…Michael Jackson. Don’t know if “Bubbles” the chimp stripped down to jump in with the two of them or not. Checking.



“The Pros and Cons of Swimming with A Hammerhead Shark”.  I’m thinking the “pros” list is a lot shorter than the “cons” list.



I’m writing online today with my Boston buddies Rob Bellamy and his girlfriend Ayla Brown about the time Ayla gets off the air after co-hosting the WKLB morning country radio show in Boston. Funny how my career and Ayla’s kind of mirror each other as I started playing music and then fell into radio full time before returning to music full time. Ayla’s path is the same right now as she and Rob were here in Nashville trying to open doors when a tremendous opportunity fell into Ayla’s lap to be a radio co-host at a major market radio station. And while that’s going on, she and Rob are still writing and performing.  Today we’ll try to write something the two of them love.


Have a great Monday!



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