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Atlanta's New Stadium...Dolly and Last Day Of Summer

Goodbye Summer.



On the next to last day of Summer I took a baseball trip to see the new stadium of the Braves.  And yesterday was VERY summer like with temps in the mid to upper 80's.


My friend Jim McBride who is entering the Songwriters Hall Of Fame next month invited me to join him and a couple of buddies on this little overnight.  One of his friends is Benny Hale who is a retired electrician and the other is sports writer Mark McCarter...both from Jim's home area of Huntville.  So I joined Jim at his house and then went to meet two other baseball addicts much like me.  Great guys.  Our entire trip to Atlanta was filled with baseball and sports talk and all had great stories to tell and memories of their favorite players, teams, stadiums and more.  Mark has covered every sporting event in his lifetime including the Olympics in Bejing.  Amazing stories from te press box and he recently wrote a book I'm going to nab this morning when we return to his house...before I leave for Nashville.


We got a hotel close enough to walk to the new park which is surrounded with condos, restaurants, entertainment places and more...sort of like it's own city.  It reminded me a bit of what Cincinnati has done around it's ballpark with it's "Banks" project.  Very cool. 







We grabbed some seats at a place just outside the gates to have cold one's and chicken wings that had peanut butter for a dipping sauce.  That's a new on.  BBQ sauce mixed with peanut butter.  The guys told me it was "interesting"...I went plain as always.  No self respecting chicken would allow it's wing to be dipped into Peanut Butter...I think.





Thumbs up for the park.  We circled most of it inside...saw their World Series trophies, some historical pictures and a great statue of Hammerin' Hank Aaron. 





And my favorite place to eat?  Just on name sake itself...this "Intentional Wok" was hard to beat.  Mark actually had to point it out to me to make sure I didn't miss the joke.  Funny for sure.  I found out just because it has that name it is not okay to "steal" the food.  I would have gotten way with it but I didn't take a big enough lead.





Our seats were down the right field line...so we kept our eyes open for screaming line drives.  I'll do that even more after seeing the story of the young lady that got hit with a 105 mph shot last night at Yankee Stadium.  I'm hoping she will be okay...and I'm thinking MLB may want to extend their protective screens.





Overall...a really really nice stadium.  Comfortable...great sight lines...and I'd come back again for sure someday with it being only 5 ours from home.


After last nights game between the Braves and Nationals...the Nats won in the late innings...I have six Major League Parks left to go.  Both NY stadiums, Minnesota, Detroit, Frisco and Seattle.  I'm getting there.  I'm going to have to add something new on my bucket list soon.  My thanks to Jim for making this happen.  We're grabbin breakfast in a few...then I head back home with some more baseball memories tucked in my bag.






I got some unexpected good news yesterday when my friend and artist Becky Blackaby from Missouri told me our little tribute to Dolly Parton song "I Love Dolly" just entered the Australian charts at 35!  What a nice surprise.  I do love this little song...and I'm happy that Becky is getting a little international atttention with this tune we wrote.  Congrats!  And she just got married!  Congrats to her and Wil.



General Mills reports cereal sales are down.  We've stopped eating cereal?  I'm a Cheerios guy these days if I do eat a bowl...but only because my wife insists it's healthier.  If I were left to choose for myself?  Sugar Crisp...or Lucky Charms.  Now you know.  Nothing like a bowl of sugar to start your morning.



Apparently Airbnb is going to get into taking restaurant reservations.  Rent on of their houses...then book yourself a table at a place to eat close by.  I'm hoping they will get into reserving a spot in the DMV line when I have to go...with an appoinment time so I don't have to sit and wait forever with a plastic number in my hand.



The movie about Billie Jean King and Bobby Riggs is out this weekend in limited release with Emma Stone and Steve Carrell in the lead roles.  USA Today this morning gives it an almost 4 out of 4 star rating.  Most surely I'm going to this one.  Nope...not a tennis fan...but I'm a Steve Carrell fan for sure...and a fan of this story.



"Man Accused Of Slapping A Customer For Swiping His Burger".  Look for the Hamburgler with a red face.  I'm sure it's him.



Back to Nashville this morning.  It is the last day of summer...soak it up.


Have a great Thursday!

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