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Studio Wrap...#1 Bluegrass...Little Rock With The Vets

Sep 20 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Road trip Friday.



I was in studio all day with Brent Burns as he put down vocal tracks on four more songs here in yesterday…three of those being songs we’ve written together.  All in all Brent and I will probably have as many as 7 or 8 of the 10 songs going on what I think is his 15th Trop Rock album…and I’m always happy to be a part of that.  It’s really going to be a fun “beachy” CD that his fans are most surely going to love.


And right about now Brent will be getting up and headed for a Parrot Head gig in Mississippi.  In and out of Nashville but we got a lot done in a couple of days.



I’ve gone from Brent Burns to Ken Burns all this week.  From the studio and writing to watching the Ken Burns Country Music documentary that I’m loving.  I caught up on episode 3 when I got home last night and was reminded how wide a difference there can be in country singers when you consider how different Patsy Cline was from her friend Loretta Lynn.  And we were reminded that Johnny Cash sang at San Quentin Prison WHILE Merle Haggard was an inmate there.  After watching Cash sing Merle knew what he wanted to be if he ever got out of jail.  Again…just a great TV series.



I found out this morning that my friend Irene Kelley’s great bluegrass album “Benny’s TV Repair” just went #1 on the Bluegrass charts that I’m blessed to have two songs on.  Congrats to my Pennsylvania buddy.  What’s really cool is that “Benny” is Irene’s Dad…so the album pays tribute to him and his home TV Repair show he had in his basement near Latrobe, Pennsylvania.


And a young man from Australia by the name of Angus Gill just released a new album “Welcome To My Heart” that has a pretty funny song on it the two of us wrote when he was here in the states months ago titled, “By We I Mean You”.  Can’t wait to get a copy and hear the entire CD.  Congrats to both of my musical friends.



Apparently “bowl” haircuts are trending in California. Like in, put a bowl on your head and shave the hair all the way around up to the Tupperware-bowl edge. Uh…been there done that…never again.


Now, I didn’t know I would have a bowl hair cut while I was in college but I did.  I was ambushed.  I signed up for a play “The Knight Of The Burning Pestle”…you can look it up.  I had just a bit part…no speaking part.  I had a sword and a gunnysack peasant type outfit as I recall.  So glad there are no pictures that exist of that. 


The day before the play was to launch on campus…the director called us extra’s in and said we need to cut your hair for the part.  So with no mirror (I had no clue) a bowl was put on my head and they started shaving.  Think “Mo” of the Three Stooges.  That’s what I looked like.  And then I had to go to classes on campus looking like that.  Sigh.  My acting career ended the minute that play was over.



Now this is an example of how creative and innovative young students can be.  A 9-year-old girl took an empty lip balm tube and put cheese in it.  She could pull it out of her little purse in class…push up some cheese and have a bite and no one was wiser.  Cheddar balm.  Gotta love that.



I’ve got a 40 minute drive or so to join two other Nashville writers and we’ll head to Little Rock to write for Freedom Sings USA along with my buddy Steve Dean and Don Goodman who head this organization that pairs songwriters with veterans.  Tonight we will have a little mini-concert and meet all the veterans at the Douglas McArthur Arkansas Military Museum.  Then Saturday we are assigned a veteran who will tell their stories to the songwriters…their song will be written…and then Saturday night we sing all of those songs to a packed house of vets, and families of vets.  It’s more inspiring than I can describe in a few words here.  Just happy to be part of this cause.


Have a great weekend!



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