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Emergency Vacation...Big Foot Juice and Baseball Tonight

Got a ball cap on and a bag...road trip to Atlanta in a few.



Tuesday was a day of catching up after a long week away from home.  Got some writing done in the process...hit the gym to remind me how out of shape I'm in...and just generally cleared the deck of "gotta do's".  I did get a good start on a fun new song with my Gulf Shores collaborator Brent Burns who is getting ready to take a trip to Scotland with a bunch of fans of his.  Yes...I have asked him to PLEASE not send me any pictures of him in a kilt.


However...if you really do want to see that...check out his PICTURE on his website...and then if you're eyes did not burn out of your sockets...do check out his new CD "Emergency Vacation" which is available there.  The two of us co-wrote six new songs on this latest Brent effort with "Emergency Vacation" being one of the songs.  And if you want a laugh...check out "Mama Dropped The F Bomb" based on a true story about Brent's Mom....not mine.  Just wanna clarify here.






Not taking sides here believe me.  I have no political interests really...it bores me.  But...I'm able to see humor in all politicians...Republicans, Democrats, Independents....whatever.  So...I did smile when I saw Donald Trump's UN speech being compared to him being like watching an "insult comic roast the world".  Too bad Dean Martin is no longer around to host these things.


On a related note...only 62 of 292 Republicans seem to be in favor of building the wall.  I opened for a Jeff Dunham once for a week at a comedy club in Cincinnati and his character Jalapeno On A Stick told Jeff that we would never ever build that wall.  When Jeff asked why?  Jalapeno replied, "Who do you think you're going to get to build the wall"?



I also smiled at a cartoon of a wife telling her husband she thinks she knows the reason prescription drug prices are so high as she looked at a chart showing the manufacturing cost being 20% and TV advertising of drugs being 75%.  I'm pretty sure that you can't watch on TV commercial break without seeing either a TV ad for cars...or drugs.  Bet on it. 



There's a new animated TV series coming out from Mike Judge...the guy who came up with Hank Hill on "King of The Hill" and "Beavis an Butthead".  This one is called "Tales From The Tour Bus" which will be animated humor about country starts like Johnny Paycheck, Willie Nelson...you name them.  I can imagine what the script looks like for the Willie segments and his tour bus.  I'll have to check out some of this for sure.



At the big telethon to raise money for Hurricane Harvey...Barbara Streisand showed up on TV to man the phones and help out.  She did stipulate that the camera dudes could only shoot her good side.  She's not the only actress or actor to do that.  Now...I would demand that myself if ever I were in front of a camera but it's a moot point since I really have no good side.  My contract is much shorter than Barbara's.




Yep...look for a lot of sequels for..."Wonder Woman"?  Why?  The current box office take worldwide for that movie is now over 819 million bucks.  The young woman who plays her...Gal Gadot?  She won't have to read any other scripts for a very long time...like...ever.  I'm trying out for the role of "Senioritis Man" hoping if I get the part that my snarly character will be half as popular.  The cool thing about this part is it's okay to forget your lines.  I'm a natural!



A woman claims to have invented a repellant that will not only keep insects at bay...but...it will also help you attract Big Foot when you're out roaming the woods.  It's called "Big Foot Juice".  I can't make this stuff up folks.  Spray some on...and then please shoot me an e-mail and let me know what ole Sasquatch looks like up close and personal will ya?  Pretty sure this same woman sold me my Pet Rock years ago.





Gosh...I get it but hate it...that most every stadium in this country now has a corporate name.  Even the Rose Bowl!  A guy with a ton of money who graduated at UCLA just gave that stadium 10 million bucks.  His name is Todd Spieker.  You'll see his name inside the stadium at various locations while they leave "Rose Bowl" on the outside of it.  I'm not sure how much luster "The Spieker Bowl" will have compared to "Rose Bowl".  And I'm guessing the New Years Day Spieker Parade will be amazing.




I'm headed for "Sun Trust Stadium" today...sigh.  Not the Atlanta Ballpark...but "Sun Trust Stadium".  One more to click off my list of every major league ballpark.  After tonight's game with the Washington Nationals I'll have only six to go.  I'm getting there.  This trip will be great fun because I'm going with my friend and co-writer Jim McBride who's as big a baseball fan as I am....not to mention the fact that he's also a great songwriter...so much so that he will be inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame in just a few months.  Jim co-wrote "Chattahoochee" and "Neon Rainbow" for Alan Jackson and this great song "Rose Of Paradise" for Waylon...just to name a few.  Now living back in his hometown of Huntsville, Alabama where he used to drive a mail truck for years...we'll rendezvous there and then pick up two more pals of his who are complete baseball nuts too...one apparently was a sportswriter for years.  So...the game is televised...just look for 4 baseball geeks sitting together.  That will be us. 


Have a great Wednesday!






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