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Brent Burns Session...A Dang Polka...Little Rock Ahead

Sep 19 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Leaves are falling in Tennessee…but the temps are still up in the 90’s.  Weird.



Turned out to be quite the creative Wednesday with Brent Burns.  Brent is in town finishing up a new CD so once I picked him up early at the airport we got down to working as he was one song short for this project.  Fortunately, Brent brought an idea he had started and we finished up that thought writing at my house so we felt like we were good to go.


Then our talented friend, bass player, session leader… Dave Frances came over to map out the songs for the other musicians who would play on this new song and two others. That done, Dave leaves and Brent and I are just sitting around waiting for the time to go to studio when real silliness started.  We were talking about doing something uniquely different for the album after this…maybe a Big Band song…something completely crazy when a POLKA idea showed up.  A really funny, kind of risqué Polka song.  And the next thing you know we write that stupid thought in about 20 minutes and like it so much we e-mail the audio to Dave in hopes that there might be enough time to add this one too.  And there was.


Studio time was 6 pm and the players got into it.  All four songs got tracked last night.  And that means he will have one too many for this CD and that’s not a bad thing.  Whatever song doesn’t get onto this one will make it to the next one down the road. 


But it’s going to be a very fun CD for Brent with songs about service dogs, exercise, a polka of all things, a really pretty ballad and of course some beach songs.  It’s fun for me to sit in studio and her conga drums and steel drums being added to the tracks.


And today Brent will go in and record his vocals before jumping back on a plane to Gulf Shores.  And then tomorrow he’ll be playing in Mississippi and I’ll be playing in Little Rock.  And so it goes.



I was a huge fan of Johnny Carson.  Pretty much the last time I really watched late night TV?  Carson was on.  For me, still the best that’s sat in that chair.  His interview skills were so great because he knew how to egg on his guests.  And he knew how to set those guests up better than anyone else.  And when to be quiet and just let them go.


I was also a big Smothers Brothers fan.  Tommy and Dick.  “Mom always liked you best”.  I still have some of their albums.


So what a treat this was to find Tommy Smothers doing a pretty dead on impersonation of Johnny Carson. I somehow had never seen this.  Check THIS out. 



Today is “Talk Like A Pirate Day”.  Right.  Every sentence you speak today must end in “argh” or “matey”.  I guess.  Maybe I’ll wear a patch over one eye to the recording studio today.  Or not.



At least one new theory has popped up that claims the ole Loch Ness Monster in Scotland might just be a GIANT eel.  Yuk.  I was always sure it was a Brontosaurus that could float.  Somehow I have a feeling we will never know for sure. 



Apparently one can stay in a “pop up” hotel at the North Pole.  It will cost you $100,000 to go up there, sleep overnight and then go look for Santa.  I don’t see me doing that when I know of several warm weather destinations I love.  But if you be interested in rubbing noses with Eskimo folk?  Book your room Nanook.



Another one of those “lists” came out listing the top 25 most beautiful cities in the world…according to them.  Top 5?  Paris, New York, London, Venice and Vancouver.  I’ve seen two.  New York and Venice. Venice I get…NY?  Not so much.  Beauty be in the eye of the traveler.  Here’s the entire LIST if you are interested.



Yesterday I mentioned KFC now has a chicken donut sandwich.  A piece of chicken between two donuts.  This morning I’m reading about a new Krispy Kreme donut that has a stuffed coffee filling.  So instead of having to buy a donut AND a cup of java…just order that caffeine glazed treat.  Wonder if they have a de-caf donut?



For whatever reason, whenever we have a storm here, even a storm without a wallop…we tend to sit in the dark and wait for the power to go back on.  That’s why this mini power station-battery pack caught my attention. Small enough that folks take it when they hike.  I can see replacing our candles with one of these bad boys.



Back into the recording studio this morning with Brent Burns for vocals on the new CD. This evening I’ll drop him at the airport and head home to pack for a road trip to Little Rock tomorrow where tomorrow evening and Saturday I’ll be writing with a veteran for “Freedom Sings USA”.  Quite the experience to hear a veteran tell you their personal war story and then write that into a song that will be performed in front of a “live” audience Saturday night. 


Have a great Thursday!



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