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Cowboy Writing...Amish Stereo...Studio Time

Sep 18 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Hump Day and I’m getting ready to make a run to the airport to pick up my beach friend Brent Burns.



I wrote with my Cowboy friend Paul Bogart yesterday for the first time in a long while…too long.  Paul has two little Buckaroos…one we wrote a song about.  Buckaroo Lullaby is all about the oldest boy Jett.  But we also wrote a true story about the birth of his youngest boy Ace that’s quite the story. Paul’s wife gave birth in the pickup truck trying to get to the hospital on time but didn’t quite get there before Ace showed up in the world.  I won’t ruin it by telling you the rest of the story because I found out yesterday that Paul is going to put this very fun true story of a song on his next album that he’s working on right now.  Kind of cool to have been his co-writer on two special songs to special young boys who are both up and riding horses like his Daddy does. 


It will be a bit before the album is out…but I can’t wait for folks to hear this song.



Another great episode in the Country Music Series on PBS last night.  A big chunk of last night was devoted to the Shakespeare of Country Music…Hank Williams.  And we learned how cantankerous Bill Monroe could be as he was birthing his own genre…bluegrass.  Really really great TV.


As I watched the section on Hank and Audrey Williams it made me feel even more proud of “Looking For Audrey” the song I wrote with Linda Davis and Bobby Tomberlin that Bobby recorded on one of his CD’s.  Bobby is such a historian of the genre as is Linda…and they were the perfect writing pair to have a conversation about Hank and Audrey that day the song came falling out.


If you’re not watching…you should. It’s that good.



Today is National Cheeseburger Day.  I’ll try and do my part and partake.  One of the GREAT foods ever!  No wonder Jimmy Buffet wrote “Cheeseburger In Paradise”.  It’s worthy of a song.


Now…I don’t know if we’ll write a song about the new KFC Donut Sandwich just out…but maybe.  Chicken and waffles are a thing here in the south…this takes it too a new heart attack level.  Nothing like a sandwich that can raise both your sugar and cholesterol levels at the same time!



I like Corvettes…been to the museum up in Bowling Green, KY before they fell through the floor.  The new ones apparently have a built in “burn out” mode you can hit.  Peel rubber.  I never figured out how to do that in my High School Chevy Belair I had…green…stick shift on the console…long bench seats.  But just reading it did bring back memories of kids in their cars on Main Street in Elsberry, Missouri trying to show off and leave rubber on the asphalt.  Small town…and that was big time entertainment.  Thanks for the memory tweak Corvette.



Did you see the Amish buggy police pulled over complete with a huge thumping stereo system in it?  Wow Ezekiel got a beat box!  Who knew?


And this is why I write songs like “I’ll Join The Amish”



I’m off to the airport to pick up my friend Brent Burns who’s here today and tomorrow.  We’ll be writing one more song this morning, then Brent’s great session leader and bass player Dave Francis will join us at the house to chart three or four songs that we will start recording this evening. Thursday morning will be a long day in studio to finish up what will be Brent’s new project out in a couple of months with any luck.  Beach songs…funny songs…all combined in a new CD


Have a great Wednesday!

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