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Collaboration Monday...Bob Wills...The Far Side Again

Sep 17 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Tuesday morning in Nashville.



My co-write was with Brent Baxter who was in town from Missouri where he now lives and he sat down to rhyme with me and Nathan Woodard.  Brent and I had the song Crickets that we wrote with Lisa Shaffer several years ago that Joe Nichols recorded.  And Nathan is a young contemporary Christian songwriter so the combo is interesting for sure.


Brent is a true lyricist.  Doesn’t play an instrument or really sing.  But he’s had several cuts in town because he’s so good with ideas and stringing words together.  And he usually brings almost an entire page of an idea with him…as he did yesterday.  And the idea was terrific so all three of us tore into it…came up with a melody to marry what the lyrics were talking about and then bend and shape the lyrics Brent brought to make them sing even better.  I think all three of us were more than a little pleased with what got written. 


Nathan is getting ready to release a song the three of us wrote called “Old Church Pew” and I’m looking forward to hearing him sing that as Nathan is a great singer. 


So a good day at the publishing office yesterday for sure.



Looks like I’m going to get up early in the morning in a couple of weeks on Friday September 27 and sing at a Christian School. I know…I’m double-checking my song choices already. My publisher had asked Nathan Woodard (who I was writing with yesterday) if he could do it but Nathan was booked.  So they’ve gone from a true great Christian songwriter to me!  Lord help all of us.  Looks like it’s a 9 AM mini concert at their school…and on that same date I’ll play a 3 pm show for a bunch of Parrot Heads gathering for “The Nash Bash” here in Nashville.  So I’ll go from singing very safe songs for kids to no telling what for those grown adults who party and celebrate all things Jimmy Buffett.  And for me it’s just fun to go from one kind of thing to another that’s completely different.     




I’m all in for the Ken Burns documentary about the history Country Music running on PBS right now.  Episode 2 last night was about “hard times” when Americans were broke from the depression and sought out country music on the radio or in theaters when they could afford it to hear folks like the Carters, Gene Autry, Bob Wills, Roy Acuff and others.  It’s also interesting to see WSM Radio featured in such a big way and to learn some things about that radio station here in Nashville that I still work for from time to time.  Last night made me want to pull up some Western Swing by Bob Wills and the Texas Playboys.  (Who knew Bob himself was such a playboy?)



My daughter Heather will be amazed to find out that money.com just named Clarksville the best place to live in America.  That’s where she lives with her Army husband Casey.  Fort Campbell is there…and apparently a hot housing market is there too with homes appreciating and selling quickly.  So there ya go.



This is good news for any fan of the comic strip genius Gary Larson.  His panels may return online.  What a wonderful twisted sense of humor that I always sought out in the newspaper every morning.  One of the few guys who could make me laugh out loud all alone sometimes when I’d look at his cartoon strip.  If you’ve forgotten…here’s several examples of his WORK.  I’m hoping the news is true and that we’ll get to laugh at his insane look at the animal world and ours…and laugh again. 



So I read a headline this morning reminding us to “Not Kiss Or Cuddle Chickens”.  You know who you are.  Check yourself for salmonella in case that’s you.  Now, I grew up with chickens.  Little banty chickens made up part of the old henhouse.  But for the record…not once did I ever think, “ya know what…I think I’m gonna go kiss that clucker”.  Not once.  Ever. 



“Man Who Beats Cancer Twice Wins 4.6 Million Dollar Lottery”.  Tell me there’s no God.



Off to write with my Okie cowboy roping buddy Paul Bogart…one of my favorite country artists in this town.  Paul has a great new beach single out.  If you need a nice pick me up…check out this SONG from Paul. 


Have a great Tuesday!





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