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Coaching Session...Comedy Loss...Ice Cream Idea

Sep 15 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Here comes that hump again. Hello Wednesday.



I did a songwriter-coaching session with Amy Vantor who lives in a small town just north of Indianapolis. She signed up for some advice online through a songwriter service I’m part of and in a half hour we talked about two different songs she’d written and together we tried to figure out which one of the two was the better choice to put on a little album she’s working on here in Nashville. She plays ukulele when she writes her songs so that was kind of cool. And I certainly hope I said something that helped her make her decision.  I think I did. It was fun getting to know her.



Here in Nashville, the Bridgestone Arena announced that you will have to be fully vaccinated starting October 2 or show a negative test 72 hours to attend any event there. The Nashville Predators play their hockey games there, and all the big events and huge concerts happen there as well at that venue on Lower Broadway. With Tennessee leading the country in Covid cases it’s not a huge surprise. The other day the posted a stat that claims one in every 500 Tennesseans has died of Covid-19. Today that number applies to the US. 1 in every 500 Americans have died from it. Sobering.


The Army put out the word that all soldiers will have to be vaccinated by December. Will some be “honorably” discharged if they refuse?


In Florida, six members of the same family just died from Covid. None were vaccinated. Meanwhile funny comedian Jim Breur, a former SNL star had dug in and said he will not do any shows where a Covid vaccine is required.



I was sorry to see the Canadian comedian had died after a private bout with cancer. Smart comedy. And his podcasts and radio work were very popular. And it turns out that Norm McDonald was a huge country music fan and a wanna be country songwriter. He was great friends with the iconic Billy Joe Shaver who Norm admitted he wanted to write a song for. So he did. Took him two weeks. And though they were great friends he never sent Billy Joe the song because by his own admission Norm said that Billy Joe’s songs were such great sh*t that he could not send his graffiti to him.


But it was his work on Saturday Night Live all those years that most of us will remember. And this role of him playing Burt Reynolds “Celebrity Jeopardy” will always make me laugh. Thank you for lightening our load many times Mr. McDonald. RIP



The new iPhone 13 is out. The biggest new features seems to be a larger battery and more storage. The phone goes for about $1,000. I want Apple to add on a voice that says, “Are you really sure you want to do this” every time a user wants to take a selfie.



So I just read an article that claims if you want to sprint at an elite level, you must develop strong butt muscles. First, I own a car. I don’t see me needing to sprint at an elite level. Second, I go to the Y and I’m not sure where the butt exercise apparatus is located. Anyone? Rear of the gym maybe?



According to the folks who are supposed to know, Americans are leaving some states quickly in favor of others.


The top 5 states we are fleeing the fastest right now. In reverse order those would be: California, Connecticut, Illinois, New York, and number 1? New Jersey. And it’s the third year in a row for Jersey.


The states we are moving TO the fastest? Again, top 5 reverse order: Arizona, South Dakota, Oregon, South Carolina and the most moved to state right now is Idaho according to United Van Lines. Here’s the entire list if you’re curious.



This one from author Agatha Christie who wrote this piece of advice for other women. “An archaeologist is the best husband a woman can have. The older she gets, the more interested he is in her”. I guess you could say that women love guys who “dig” them. I guess.



For Ice Cream. I do. Maybe that’s why Lionel Ritchie and Tyra Banks teamed up to put out an ice cream line called “All Night Love” taken loosely from a Lionel hit “All Night Long”. Makes me wonder which of my song titles that I’ve written would be a great brand name for MY ice cream line. I’m leaning towards a “Celebutard” chocolate chip thing right now.



Man Claims He Got Divorced and Lost His Job After Aliens Abducted Him and Put An ‘Implant’ In His Arm. Okay then.



I’m writing this afternoon with a young Taylon Hope who I’ve watched grow leaps and bounds with her talent in this town. Still in High School, I have to wait for her to get off the bus before we can write. But I make time every now and then to help her write songs because she’s a great kid, and very talented. One to keep an eye on for sure.


Have a great Wednesday!

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