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Texas Date Change...Mascot Racing...English Teacher Writing

Sep 13 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Monday has rolled around…I was supposed to be in Texas right now but there’s been a change of date.



I did get word that our “Evening in the Round” show with Linda Davis, Lang Scott and myself that was to happen at Dosey Does "The Big Barn" in Woodland Texas this Tuesday evening has been rescheduled now to Tuesday evening October 12 because of Covid. Though we hate not being there this week, it was the wise decision to make so we’re all happy that the folks out there in Texas teed up another date for us. We’re looking very forward to playing there for the first time.



I did go to our minor league team’s baseball game last night. They only have one more short homestand and then the season is over already. They have a thing here where they race 4 country singers every night. Johnny Cash, Reba, George Jones, and Dolly. Big mascots wearing the heads of those country singers n a race. Hey, it’s a Nashville thing. One of their big promotions this year is giving away little wind-up dolls of those singers. Different ballgames, different figures were handed out if you were early enough. I got Johnny, I got George, and last night you could choose any of the four. So I got Dolly. Only Reba is missing from what I’m sure will one day be a MILLION dollar collection. Right.


They are cool though. Wind them up and they walk forward a little. Dolly keeps tipping over for all the reasons one might think.


What I should have collected was comic books when I was a kid. Why? A guy just sold his 1962 Spider Man comic book at auction for 3.6 million dollars!



Late Friday I was in a writing session with Rick Amburgey who’s a long time English teacher up in Ohio, just north of Cincinnati. My friend Brent Baxter has a songwriter website that allows folks interested in writing songs to learn a whole lot more. And he also offers up a few folks like me to be available to write with folks who are not full-time songwriters, but want to learn to get better, or make an idea they have come to life or help make their idea better. So I was happy to hook up with Rick online. Rick used to listen to my radio show a lot when I was in Cincinnati, so we talked about that some, the Reds, Skyline Chili, and more Ohio things before we got down to tackling his idea which was a very fun drinking idea song. I do have to say we laughed about an ENGLISH teacher wanting to write “country” songs because there’s a lot of improper English that goes on the lyric page if you write country. You can’t NOT say “ain’t” instead of “isn’t” in a country song. Sounds better. And Rick knew that instinctively.


So we got his song written, he was happy, and then I spent the rest of my allotted time answering songwriter questions he had. A very fun experience.



Rick Amburgey told me this story as we were writing on Friday. He was teaching a class when a student who had been looking at his cellphone raised his hand and ask, “Who’s George Jones”? He saw in his news feed that some guy named George Jones had just died and didn’t have a clue. Signs you’re getting older.



I want to share a horror story about booking a hotel room this weekend so that you don’t make the same mistake. Here’s the story.


On a whim I was going to go to Cincinnati to see my Reds play the Pirates for a Tuesday night game, followed by a Wednesday afternoon. So, I went online to book a room near the ballpark. I THOUGH I was on the hotel website, booked the room and all was fine until I looked again and realized the Reds are NOT in town next week, it’s the following week! So I immediately called the number thinking it was the Holiday Inn I had booked in Northern Kentucky, near downtown Cincy. I get a woman (of course) that I can barely understand who tells me they have a “no refund policy” and they won’t even move the date! What followed was 2 and a half hours on the phone trying to get my money back that eventually happened with help from the manager at the Holiday Inn. Turns out it was a third party website, affiliated somehow with Priceline, Hotelbooking.com and Reservation.com. Yea, impossible to figure out. I could write another two paragraphs about the hassle I endured but I’ll shorten it and say this.


First, I’ll never ever book through them again.


Second, I’ll triple check the dates on the Reds schedule.


And lastly, I will only book a room now by calling the hotel directly and checking their cancellation policy.



26 states have now vaccinated at least half of their residents. Vermont, Connecticut, and Massachusetts are among the states seeing the lowest rates of new cases. Here in Tennessee? 1 in 500 have died of Covid.


I drove by the hospital nearest where I live yesterday evening and there were folks holding up anti-forced vaccination signs and yelling in bullhorns. First time I’d seen that.


And to lighten up Covid just a tiny bit, these folks who run a “fencing” class put up a great sign to advertise their sport. “Fencing: The perfect sport. Masks, gloves, stab anyone who gets closer than 6 feet”.



Due to Covid-19 Sweet Caroline is banned. There will be no more “touching hands, reaching out, touching you, touching me”.  


And this sign unrelated to Covid…but probably true. “Without freedom of speech we would not know who the idiots are”.



Kacey Musgraves new album is out with lots of songs about her divorce. This on the heels of the Carly Pearce album that’s been nominated for CMA Album of the year full of songs about her divorce. The lesson here is not to marry a country songwriter and then get a divorce.



Near St. Lucie, Florida residents found a mine on the beach. Yikes. The Airforce came and removed it. Wonder if the guy who found it was out with his scanner in black socks and sandals waving that thing back and forth when it lit up?  All those coins he sifted out kind of pale in comparison.



Disney says the rest of their films being released the rest of this year will only be seen in theaters. No more streaming them. So, take your mask to the theater and some extra money to help pay for the expensive popcorn.



Word is that in the next Indiana Jones movie, after this new one comes out, Harrison Ford will be gone and a female actress Phoebe Waller Bridge will take the relic hunters place. Stay tuned.



A woman has the last word in any argument. Anything a man says after that is the beginning of a new argument. Can I get an Amen?



I hope this turns out to be true. An article I read this weekend claims that a startup company funded by the Army is developing a pill to help cure PTSD. I get to write with our veterans every now and then. They tell me their stories, and we try to turn those into songs of healing for the veteran. I think I’ve done this maybe 5 times now. All five of my veterans suffer from PTSD. A pill to cure that would be awesome.



“Woman Mistakenly Names Son After a Famous Pig And Refuses To Change It”. I can only guess she yells “Soooeeee” when it’s dinner time.



Since I thought I was going to be in Texas today, my calendar for this week has opened up a bit. I see a trip to the gym and some Monday Night Football coming up.


Have a great Monday!





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