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Arkansas Shows

Sep 13 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

And good morning from Arkansas.


Short little blog this Friday morning as I’m on a road trip with Steve Dean & Victoria Venier with our “Hits & Grins” trio.


What a great show we had last night at the gorgeous Woodlands Auditorium here in Hot Springs Arkansas at the Village.  I think there’s over 25 acres here in the semi-retirement community complete with 9 golf courses and at least that many lakes.  Really beautiful.


And last night from load in to load out was just a wonderful experience.  Catering came from a local Bar B Que place “Clampetts” that would be worth checking out if you are ever near here. 


And the sound crew inside the building was as good as any we’ve had the pleasure of working with.  So thank you Paul and staff.  Nothing more fun than being on stage where the sound is THAT great and dialed in.


Over 250 folks paid last night and they as we just had the greatest evening.  Already the group got a nice follow up from Larry Wilson who made this happen letting us know that we will be coming back…and we certainly will look forward to that.


Steve’s Dad was in attendance last night and he’s celebrating his 91st birthday today!  We’re actually making a side trip to Little Rock this morning to join him and his wife and friends for a little breakfast brunch birthday celebration that should be fun.


And we also want to thank the folks here for putting us up in a great little three-bedroom house tucked inside the woods here at Hot Springs Village.  It’s easy to see why folks choose to live in this community.



After the birthday celebration we’ll drive a couple more hours to Fort Smith, Arkansas for a house concert for Gary and Lana Hunt and their home with massive windows and a view that we’ll have our backs to as we play and sing tonight.  This is our second time going here but the first time for Victoria as she was sick and could not make our first show there a year ago.  So this will be great fun tonight having the entire trio there to play for Gary and Lana and their friends.


Then Saturday we’ll hit 40 East home for Music City.


Just another weekend hanging with musical friends and playing music for folks.


Have a great weekend yourself!

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