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Arkansas Bound

Sep 12 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

No time for a blog this morning as I have an early road trip to Arkansas with my "Hits & Grins" trio with Steve Dean and Victoria Venier.


Tonight we have large crowd that's showing up for our show at Hot Springs Village in Hot Springs Arkansas...a gorgeous retirement community.  We'll be playing at their Woodlands Theater for a 7 pm show this evening.  Our thanks to Larry Wilson for setting this show up for us tonight.


Then tomorrow night we play a house concert in Fort Smith for Gary and Lana Hunt that Steve and I played last year...but Victoria was sick and missed that show in their beautiful home.  We're so glad that they and their friends will get to see the full trio sitting in front of their massive windows overlooking the beautiful scenery playing our music.


So it's West bound and down this morning. Full blog tomorrow from the "Pig Sooey" state.


Have a great Thursday. 

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