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Catching Up...Florence Bearing Down...Punny Stuff

Sep 12 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Another Hump Day to get over.



I had a writing appointment that got cancelled and it was a good thing as it allowed me to catch up from one road trip and start re-setting for another long on that starts Friday morning as I fly to Arizona to work on the Grand Canyon Railway for a week.


I had a chance to touch base with several of those who attended my writers workshop in Johnstown, PA yesterday and review a couple of songs by those writers I could not get to during the seminar because we had too many to do all in one workshop. 


And I turned in a song for the New York folks about how one school down in Georgia may re-instate paddling in school.  Okay then.  “Boot Scootin’ Boogie” turned into “Butt Spankin’ Boogie”.  (somebody gotta do it)



I did notice that gas in Pennsylvania was almost a dollar higher per gallon than it is here in Nashville.  I’m sure there’s a valid plausible reason…right?  Because of the large Amish communities up there…you’d think there’d be less cars and more buggies that don’t ever need to gas up.  Again, file that under things I will never understand.



Can we find room for yet ANOTHER country celebrity honky tonk.  Luke Bryan is the latest to open one on Lower Broadway yesterday and he gave a FREE concert on the street.  30,000 Luke fans “shook it for Luke” last evening.


And it’s only in Nashville that you can see a full-page ad or TV commercial of Charlie Daniels hawking hearing aids.  I SAID IT’S ONLY IN…..



And…Jimmy Buffett…who has one of his Margaritaville places here in the tourist area…is now getting into selling medical marijuana.  Some folks soon I guess can choose to “waste away again in Marijuanaville”.



All eyes on Florence.  Sometimes the weather guys get it wrong…one can only pray they are at least a bit off on this bad boy as it looks treacherous for millions.  Besides the obvious damage to property that is sure to come from the winds…the flooding could be so bad Noah may need to build another Ark.  Just hoping for the best for everyone on the east coast.


A fair amount of folks along the coast will be driving inland…Nashville could see a fair amount of those folks.  The bad news is…almost every room is gone here in Music City.  Constant tourism to hear hillbilly music here fills up the rooms all the time.  So finding a room for even an inflated price of 400-500 per night (as some of the hotels downtown charge) will be hard to come by.



More signs that the NFL is leaking ratings.  The Monday Night Football game this week…this year’s opener had the lowest ratings since 2006. And there was a New York team playing…the Jets…which means they had large numbers of folks to appeal to in NYC but did not. 


High ticket prices, players not standing for the anthem, and the option of college football may all be a factor.  And I have to admit that I’m one of those folks whose interest has turned.  I watch more college football…and hardly watched any of a NASCAR race this year, which is also leaking ratings in a big way. 


Things change…they always change.



A hiker was mauled by a cougar in Oregon.  I’m scared of snakes and I’ll be hiking in Arizona which has it’s share or rattlers this Friday and Saturday.  Pretty sure I’ll take a rattle on the trail now as opposed to a growl if given a choice.



So you know…Amazon this year will let one order a full size “live” Christmas tree.  Yep..they’ll deliver it.  I’m thinking that will take more than one drone.



In Indian Hills, Colorado…they’ve started putting up puns at the city limit…on a sign.  Here’s one.  “I call my horse Mayo and sometimes Mayo neighs”.  So…if you love puns…check out property prices in Indian Hills I guess.



I have an afternoon writing appointment with Amanda Williams and Keesy Timmer…our first time writing together.  I’ve written with both talented writes alone…but this will be our first trio write and that came about after the three of us had such a great time playing a show together a couple of months ago here in town.  Looking forward to that.


Then tonight…my friend Linda Davis is on the Grand Ole Opry and I’m hoping I’ll get home soon enough from my writing appointment to sneak over to the Opry with my wife and root Linda on.


A full Wednesday on tap.


Have a great Wednesday yourself.

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