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Studio Songs..9/11...Tupperware

Sep 11 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

I’ll be out pulling limbs off the lawn as a storm came through unexpectedly last night and knocked down a few while it also knocked out our electricity for about 5 hours. 100 degrees or so yesterday so it got fairly warm in the house fairly quickly.  But, I was reminded again how great my wife looks in candlelight…so there’s that.



Tuesday I had a double header of writing that started in the morning with Jenny Tolman and Dave Brainard.  We did get an idea started that we will revisit in a few weeks but a good part of the visit yesterday had me sitting on the couch in their recording studio listening to a couple of songs of ours that they are recording.  A Cowboy Christmas song that I knew about sounded great and looks to be out in time for the Christmas season along with a video that could be very fun.  So that was a nice surprise.


But an even bigger surprise was they they’ve started work on a song we finished the last time I saw them that’s very fun and sassy, as some of Jenny’s music tends to be.  This would be an EXAMPLE of that.  Jenny has a Vinyl record party release for her current album in Nashville in a couple of weeks that I’ll be at and get to hear a couple of our songs “live” so that will be fun.



And then I drove about 30 minutes north to my publishing company to write a new song with my longtime friend Jim Parker who drove in from Huntsville and at last second yesterday rearranged his schedule to make our co-write happen.  I owe Jim one.  Jim’s biggest hit was “Chicken Truck” that was a big hit for John Anderson.  But Big and Rich, Aaron Tippin and others have also recorded this very fun song.  The two of us wrote a gospel-bluegrass old time traditional song yesterday that was fun.  My publishing company is also home to Billy Blue Records…a bluegrass label…so I’m hoping someone on the label will be looking for a song like this to record in the future.  Jim has had some success in that field with an artist named Billy Droze…and here’s an EXAMPLE of one of their songs.



Our Evening In The Round show with Linda Davis, Lang Scott and myself just added a June 24 date next year in Shipshewana, Indiana located at the very northern tip of the Hoosier state.  I think that’s Amish country.  And that’s really good for a songwriter who has a song titled “I’ll Join The Amish”.  Details should be up on my website calendar soon.



Certainly it’s a day to remember where we were on that day our country was targeted by terrorists.  I was on air for a very long time on WSM-FM here in Nashville trying to make sense of it with our listeners.  A day I will certainly not forget that started with a call on the studio hot line from my Program Director Tim Murphy telling me and our show to turn on the TV set in studio.  We did…and then witnessed the second plane as it hit the second tower.  Stunned.  And I remember saying, “We’re at war”.  Normally that show ran from 5:30 am until 10 AM.  That day I was on air until about 7 pm that evening covering 9/11.  I’ve always said it was the best and worst day of my broadcasting career all rolled up into one.  May we never forget…all of us.



Man there's lots of different kinds of the Monopoly games.  The newest?  Ms. Monopoly…and for the first time they’ve changed the board cover with the mascot being the face of a young woman.  And in this version the women make more money than men.  Playing pieces?  Hard hat, wrist watch, goblet and free weight.  


Kind of makes sense.  Most folks don’t know or remember that it was a woman who invented the game of Monopoly all those years ago.



Man Kaur is 103 years young.  She’s in great shape.  So much so that she is going to sprint around the world in various competitions. And she’s winning a LOT of them.  I’m tired just thinking about it.



Here ya go.  The new iPhone camera now has a “pet portrait” option to make ole Fido or Fifi look even more stunning and cute for those who can’t help but post a gazillion pictures of their pets on the internet.  I’m waiting for the “food” portrait from them next.



Did you know that geese have teeth on their tongues?  I just repeat what I read here folks.  Apparently it do not make the geese happy either.  How folks know that…I dunno.  Must be interesting dentist appointments though.  “Stick out your tongue Mr. Goose so we can clean your teeth”.



Patti LaBelle at 75 wishes for two things.  A husband…and she’d like for Elton John to return her Tupperware.  She likes to cook.  She took some of that to Elton once (and has done so with other celebrities) but Elton kept the Tupperware in came in and never returned it.  Keeping someone’s Tupperware may very well be a crime in some states.  Checking.



Taylor Swift included the Dixie Chicks on one song off her new album.  You can barely hear their background voices to this song that SOME Country radio stations started playing.  And with that came some kick back from their listeners upset that they had the Dixie Chicks playing on their radio station.  When the Chicks made their comments…Natalie Maines in particular reaction was immediate and lasting apparently.  Much the same reaction many had with Jane Fonda after her Viet Nam visit.  So now some more radio stations are facing pressure to drop the song and may very well do so.


I remember right before I went back to do a morning show at WUBE in Cincinnati that story about the Chicks overseas was all the talk.  That radio station took a stand supporting free speech and decided to keep playing the Dixie Chicks.  That didn’t last long because listener reaction was so LOULDY opposed to it…and they too dropped the Chicks.


And with this being the anniversary of 9/11…I’m guessing those radio stations now playing that song will get even more kick back.  We’ll see how it plays out.   


For the record…this is the SONG they’re playing by Taylor and the Chicks.



The happiest state in the US…again?  Hawaii.  Surfs up…life is good.  Hard to be unhappy playing a ukulele in a hammock between to palm trees looking at the Pacific Ocean roll in to Wakiki…I would think.



It’s a day of packing for a road trip to Arkansas early tomorrow morning for two shows with my “Hits & Grins” trio.  One in Hot Springs and the second for a house concert in Fort Smith.  So it will be a brief in the morning.


Have a great Wednesday. 




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