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Trip Home...Discount For The Rhine Cruise...9/11

Sep 11 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Another anniversary for 9/11.  After just touring the Flight 93 National Park and Memorial in Pennsylvania it’s pretty fresh in my mind all over again.  May we never forget.



The trip home to Nashville takes somewhere between 10-11 hours and a lot of it was in the rain yesterday.  PA is getting flooded where we were and we hope the best for those that are near water and flooded out roads.  Fortunately our songwriter trio “Evening In The Round” with Linda Davis and Lang Scott?  We’re really a traveling family with similar interests so these road trips are sometimes as fun as the show themselves we get to do.


Our vehicle had Willie’s Roadhouse on satellite radio blasting those great classics all three of us know by heart.  And another stop in Cincinnati for Skyline Chili also made the trip go by pretty fast.


And since we are plugging Willie…check out this classic Sinatra song Willie just recorded, “One For My Baby”.  Awesome.



I was reminded how cool technology can be when I was assigned to write a parody song about Carrie Underwood’s new Sunday Night Football theme song getting a lot of negative reaction from fans who liked the old song better.  So Lang hooked me up to his hotspot on his phone allowing me to boot up my laptop while we traveled and write and send the song to New York yesterday.  In my world technology is not always a bad thing that is pointed out big time in the funny song I opened my part of our show up with Sunday afternoon “I’ll Join The Amish”.  So working and traveling at the same time also makes miles fly by a bit faster.


And…Linda pulled up a “live” feed on her computer of HSN as both her and Lang’s daughters were on that network selling LabellumHillary Scott’s clothing line.  Linda herself is flying on a semi-regular basis to Tampa where they do those shows to help promote her daughter’s clothing line too.  All three of us loved watching Rylee Jean…who just turned 18 on TV looking like a little superstar.  And it’s fun for me to watch the proud parents beaming at their daughters.  Fun!


Linda Davis is on the Wednesday night Grand Ole Opry.  You can listen to her sing from anywhere at wsmonline.com



I’m giving thumbs up to Earthquake red wine.  And that’s saying something because I’m not a big wine guy.  But we had dinner with a couple of Lang and Linda’s friends after our Sunday show at a little place called Green Gables which was awesome…and they brought their favorite wine with them.  I was all set to order a beer and then tasted the wine and beer never made it to the table.  Just another nice thing to take home from my first time playing music in PA.



My friend Brent Burns called and told me that the trip we are making next June into July down the Rhine River in Europe has offered up a few more cabins at the discounted rate.  It’s like a savings of 500 bucks or so if I understand it correctly.  The trip on the boat starts in Amsterdam and full details are here at this LINK.  The price is going to jump significantly in a few days so if it’s something you even think you might like to do…save yourself some money and sign up now.  We are nearing 90 people who have already signed up for this floating adventure…and yes Brent and I will be bringing guitars and songs to entertain our group.  These are smaller cruise ships so it’s going to feel like we own the boat next year because so many are signing up to go.



I get more and more into college football every year…and every year I think I might not watch NFL.  But after seeing Aaron Rogers make that 4th quarter comeback Sunday against their big rivals the Chicago Bears?  Uhh…I’m all in.  I got hooked on the Packers when I was in Milwaukee…and remain a fan.  But I also root for the Bengals and our Titans too.  So with any luck…at least one of my teams wins on the weekend!



Nike stock has regained all it initially lost when they announced Colin Kaepernick would be in their commercials.  Their marketing department is pretty good at understanding their young demographic so it doesn’t matter what I think or a lot of my generation thinks…to them.  I think I’m wearing a pair of Adidas this morning as I blog.



That is shaping up to be one ugly hurricane coming ashore.  Evacuations have begun.  I sat through one tropical storm in Gulf Shores, Alabama once.  It was enough to convince me that I would never be hanging round on the coast when a hurricane is coming my way.  And I hope folks are smart and get out of the way while they can.  Experts are now saying this could be the biggest weather punch in 60 years!  Geez.



The Supermodels apparently are swearing by “Fat Melting”…the latest was to get rid of fat.  They use lasers to help make the fat on your tummy go away.  Can I get a coupon?



Apparently a lot of folks are going to be seeing those this week as they put on a display.  I’ve never had the pleasure yet.  Why can’t we have southern lights?  What’s the danged deal?



To my youngest sister Rita and her hubby Terry today up in Minnesota.  Lotta years together.  Congrats to those two.



Up in Fort Campbell where my son in law is stationed a few soldiers got together and did a very cool thing putting a “Field Of Boots”.  The boots have every soldier’s name who’s died since 9/11 on them.  A reminder again of what this day is truly about…remembering and not ever forgetting. 



I’m off to write with my buddies Jenny Tolman and Dave Brainard today.  Once again it’s “rhyme time”.


Have a great Tuesday!





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