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Rehearsing...Contests...Studio Time Today

Sep 10 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Tuesday morning and the heat is going WAY up again.  I’ll be using both Left and Right Guard today.



Our “Hits & Grins” trio rehearsed for a couple of shows we have in Arkansas this week that will take place Thursday and Friday evening.  So Steve Dean, Victoria Venier and I got together and went through a set list and fine-tuned things a bit as it’s been awhile since we’ve played a string of shows together.  Victoria was just back from Vegas where she saw both the “Beatles” Cirque show “Love” out there along with a Keith Urban concert.  So she was in a really good mood.  Steve is the world’s biggest Beatle fan so he’s already been out to Vegas to see that show along with his son several years ago…so that leaves me to get to Vegas someday again I suppose.  On my list.


So we’re all tuned up and ready to hit the road early Thursday morning.  Time well spent.


And then last night I caught quite a bit of the opening Monday Night Football game…a thriller that Drew Brees and New Orleans pulled out with the clock running out against Houston at home.  Even with the temps up near 100 over the next few days…it does feel more like Fall just knowing football season has begun.



So online I see an article that will teach you how to play the old song “Tom Dooley” made famous by the Kingston Trio.  That was useful for me because it allows me to comfort my daughter who entered some stunning pictures she took when she was in Puerto Rico a few years ago that gave her a couple of red ribbons at this year’s State Fair here in Tennessee.  She was disappointed and thought hers should have won.  Dad feels the same way of course.


But…I’m able to remind her it’s just a CONTEST.  And when you’re in a CONTEST…anything can and will happen.  My two brothers and I could REALLY do “Tom Dooley” justice when we were playing music as kids in Missouri.  We entered the Missouri State Fair contest in Sedalia and sang that song and lost to a bunch of young baton twirling cuties.  Sigh.  And they dropped batons!  Not that I’ve carried that around all these years…but….!!!!!!!!


So I’m able to share that story with my daughter. 


That’s the thing about contests and auditions.  One judge or a set of judges might not like you…and then you can enter another contest and the fall all over you.  Ask Hillary Scott of Lady A, or Maren Morris about their American Idol auditions and how that went.  And look how it killed their careers!  Not.  It happens.  But to this day…I refuse to watch any baton twirling kids.  But I’m not bitter.



Halloween costumes are ready to be bought for your parties and Trick or Treating.  Most Popular?  Look for Donald Trump to show up at your door one-way or the other.  And “Sporky”…that fork in Toy Story?  You could be seeing that too.  Me?  I’m not a Halloween guy.  But if I were forced to dress up?  I take one of those workout balls…inflate it fully…put it in the behind of a dress and show up as a Kardashian.  Be careful opening your door this year kiddos.



Robert Pattison will be the new Batman.  He played Cedric in the Harry Potter movies if that helps you any.  I’m pretty sure I’m more interested in seeing new Joker starring Joaquin Phoenix coming out soon.  And with that said, I’d bet you’ll see a few Batman and Joker folks at your Trick or Treat door too this year.



I love weird museums…and they’re everywhere.  Yesterday I mentioned a dang “Cat Museum” you can tour down south.  Today I find out they have a Hammer Museum in Alaska…if you ever go.  Don’t know if MC Hammer’s dancing shoes are behind a glass exhibit or not…but I digress.  Call ahead before you go though as I’d bet the door is nailed shut a lot.



“Britain’s Oldest Twins Say They’re 95 And Thriving Because Of No Sex And Guinness”.  There ya go…the secret of life succinctly. 



A bit of a shorter blog this morning because my day got jammed up and starts early with a morning appointment with my Doc…just routine stuff.


But after that I’ll make my way to a studio where my friends Dave Brainard and Jenny Tolman are recording a Christmas tune the three of us wrote together that I love.  Think Cowboy harmony around a campfire kind of thing.  And I’m only guessing right now but I think there is a fair chance this could be something you’ll hear from Jenny for the upcoming Christmas season.  Stay tuned.


Then I drive north to my publishing company Billy Blue where my longtime Huntsville, Alabama fan Jim Parker will join me to write something new.  Jim had a big old hit “Chicken Truck” that John Anderson AND Big and Rich did quite well with.  And Jim runs one of the most successful songwriter shows in the country in Alabama that I’ve played several times in a beautiful theater there in Huntsville that’s a great music experience.  If you’re ever close…go!


So a long full busy day ahead today.  Have a great Tuesday yourself!



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