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Mountain Playhouse...New Friends...Flight 93

Sep 10 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Homeward to Music City through the rain.



A busy fun time in Pennsylvania with our “Evening In The Round” trio with Linda Davis and Lang Scott.  It was easy to see we were indeed in PA when we looked out the window of the house we stayed in and say the biggest groundhog I’ve ever seen.  Pretty sure Punxsutawney Phil dropped by to say hello. 


Friday afternoon the Sheriff of Somerset dropped by and made Linda an honorary Sheriff of Somerset County and she proceeded to arrest me and Lang…all weekend.  The Sheriff is a big fan of Linda’s…who’s not?


At lunch…we ran into some nice ladies and convinced them to come to our show yesterday in Jennerstown.  The one lady was from Cincinnati and used to listen to me when I was on the radio there.  Small world…no matter where you go.  And she did re-arrange her plans and came to the show!


Friday night was my songwriter workshop that was held in a cool little arts center in downtown Johnstown.  15 or so local writers attended my 4 hour workshop and I’m hoping all of them left with something they can use to improve their songs.  They were really a nice group of writers in all ages.  And...I heard some great songs, some funny songs…you name it during the critique part of the workshop.  The first guy sang a song about “Man Boobs” and I’ll be darn if the second guy drawn out of the hat didn’t sing a song called “Rubber Gloves”…the kind they use or used to for THAT Doctor appointment.  What are the odds?


My thanks again to Carla Fanale and Denise Baldwin who worked so hard to make this a success…and the entire weekend too!



I had an off day while Linda was out teaching two performance classes which gave Lang and me a chance to chill and watch a little football.  And have some SERIOUS pie at the Summit Diner that I heartily suggest you stop at if you’re ever in Somerset.  Geez…serious serious pie.


But the highlight of our Saturday by far was our visit to the Flight 93 Memorial 10 minutes from where we are staying.  I can’t put into word how moving the experience was.  It most certainly will take every visitor back to where they were that fateful morning.  I did not know that the entire site and several acres had been turned into a National Park…or had forgotten it.  From the museum windows visitors can see a giant boulder place out in the field that was the site of impact for flight 93 that day.  One can hear phone calls made from loved ones on the flight that day.  There’s a wall in the field with every name on it.  And there’s a new tower where the voices ring out over the Pennsylvania countryside.  If you’re near…go.  And never forget.



Our 4 pm show Sunday at the Mountain Playhouse in Jennersville, PA which is a beautiful wood-rustic Playhouse that was filled with folks who came and enjoyed our songwriting show.  Big crowd.  We saw several folks who attended our workshops this weekend and we made a whole lot of new fans. In fact 4 of Linda’s student and our friend Denise opened the show for us.


I can assure you the three of us had a great time in front of such a warm audience of nice folks.  And I surely hope we’ll have a chance to come this way again.



We arrived in shorts weather…leaving in long sleeves as the temps not only dropped drastically.  But the real story was rain and more and more of it and it continues now.  There’s a ton of flooding here and sirens went off last night.  There are a lot of roads closed around us and there were last night.  Trees down too as we found out trying to get back to where we have stayed all weekend in Somerset.  So we’re hoping the rain will stop sooner than later for folks up here as we start to set sail for home



10 and half hours to Nashville. I’m trying to see if I can get my trio partners to stop in Cincinnati once more for Skyline Chili on the way home!


 Then I have a few days of writing appointments before jumping on a bird and flying to Arizona for another week on the Grand Canyon Railway.  Think I’ll just leave the suitcase packed.


Have a great Monday!


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