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Cabin Rhyming...Sweats...Don't Hold It In

Sep 9 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

And now it’s Thursday morning and it’s only 59 degrees early in this AM.



I was beating up rhymes with my fellow Missourian Wil Nance at his writing cabin yesterday which is always fun. The little Nance Farm gave me a loud welcome when I pulled up with dogs barking, ducks quaking and geese honkin’. And they were out of tune! Wil, on his own built this cool little cabin where he can write songs, produce, watch his big screen TV, and have a place to go when he makes his wife Holly mad. He’s had mice lately. So he’s taught his young daughter to love the sound of a mouse trap snapping announcing it has caught yet another victim in the writing cabin. Something I’m sure that will be useful in that young lady’s life now for years.


Bottom line is we wrote a very fun drinking song yesterday, and Nashville can’t seem to get enough of those, so we’ll see what happens.



My run to Texas for a couple of shows that was to have happened next Tuesday and Wednesday with our “Evening in the Round” show starring Linda Davis, Lang Scott and I has been cancelled. While we’re deeply disappointed it’s the right thing to do with Covid rearing its ugly head. More on this to come.



Here in Tennessee 1 in every 75 right now have Covid. The county we live in just approved mandatory masks for kids in the school district. Meanwhile in my home state of Missouri, a school board meeting ended with a parking lot brawl. And on it goes.


In California 80% of all residents now have had at least one shot.


The Macy’s Day will be back this year in New York with that giant turkey floating in the air. It was cancelled last Thanksgiving because of Covid-19. All staff and volunteers will have to be fully vaccinated this year to take part in the parade.


And a new Nigeria study (and I’m hesitant to believe a lot out of Nigeria since I still get e-mails from them wanting money) says that their study shows that 85% of those taking Ivermectin become sterilized. They give it to horses, and they keep re-producing so who knows?



Men’s Health in an article will show men the best sweatpants to buy so you don’t look like a slob. Doesn’t every man have two sets of those? I have a couple for wearing out in the event that I think I need to look good, but most are in the other rack. Couch sweats. The “I don’t give a darn” what they look like sweatpants. The one’s with coffee and mac and cheese stains. The ones that feel comfortable!


I think I’ll put out a line of pre-stained sweatpants because buyers will know they’re already comfortable to put on. What do you think of La-Zee Fat Boy Pants for a brand name?



A new poll reveals that 40% of grocery shoppers add healthy foods to their cart to avoid judgement. I guess the minute they get home they dump those items and reach into the cupboard for the Cocoa Puffs. Or is that just me?



How about this house in New York built completely out of storage containers that just sold for 1.7 MILLION dollars?  Storage containers!


Cheaper would be this Dragon home for sale in Michigan that comes with a rotating tower AND dragon tail. The dragon can be yours for $540,000. I’m not sure if the seller’s name is Mervin or not…I’m checking.



Travel and Leisure just named Charleston, South Carolina the best city in the U.S for the 9th year in a row. I’ve been near, but not in Charleston. The beach is there, old antebellum homes are there, and Bill Murray owns the local minor league baseball team. I’m going to have to book a trip.



A surgeon is on record as saying that if you hold in your flatulence, it could cause the gas to re-enter your bloodstream which could then lead to bad things happening. Okay then.


I once had a band member (who will remain nameless) who NEVER held it in. When we would yell at him, he would reply that one would explode if they held the gas in. Turns out he may have been right. Who knew?  Let it go folks…let it go.  Of course that band member was the reason I started wearing a mask LONG before Covid-19 broke out, but that’s another story.



A comedian one liner that caught my attention today and made me smile. “I was having dinner with a world chess champion and there was a check tablecloth. It took them two hours to pass the salt”.



Steven Spielberg and others saluted Clint Eastwood yesterday as a national icon. Hard to argue against that. At 91 he’s still cranking out great movies, and there’s hardly anything that he’s acted in or produced that I’ve not loved. And his newest movie “Cry Macho” that’s just being released looks like a must watch too. It’s on my list for sure.



“Florida Man Fed Up with Potholes Plants a Banana Tree in It”. It happened in Fort Myers. I’d fill them up with water and stock them with fish. Then I’d open a bait store right beside them.


I’m doing a little online writing with Scott Barrier this morning. Scott has had some luck landing parts of his songs in movies and TV shows. So, maybe we’ll try to write something in that direction. I’ve written a song for a movie, wrote some commercial jingles, but it wouldn’t hurt my feelings to have an over-the-top dramatic heartbreaking song on some Soap Opera.


Have a great Thursday!





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