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New Hampshire Gospel...Kardashians and Chocolate Burgers

Sep 9 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

“Stuck in the Middle with You” ….Wednesday…middle of the week.  



I wrote a new gospel song yesterday with my New Hampshire friend Rick Lang who’s writing and piling up songs for “Gonna Sing, Gonna Shout 2” to follow up on the Grammy nominated success of his first album by the same title. Rick is really great about sending and idea or four before we ever sit down at our computers to online write.  Yesterday was no exception.  He had sent maybe 4 ideas, but the first one came a few days before the other three ideas and I had already tweaked a few lyrical ideas he had…added a couple of lines…and we had a chorus basically because I’d written a melody to wrap around it.  He loved it.  And the way this song is laid out…it starts with the chorus and it turns out it needed just two lines of ONE verse to make this song complete.  It’s a “prayerful” song of hope with almost a lullaby kind of melody to it and it should sound great in studio should Rick decide that this one makes his new album.  We’ll see. 


Heck, we got done so early it gave me a chance to get out in the beautiful weather we’ve been having here in Nashville and get a walk in.



Then last night my daughter Heather came down and had dinner with my wife and me and we watched a movie on the couch. Perfect way to end a Tuesday for sure. 



I got a nice call from Jenny Tolman who I write a lot with along with her boyfriend-producer Dave Brainard.  She sent me a copy of her new single that I helped write with the two of them “If Could Invent A T Shirt” and it just knocked me out.  The single will be released in early October along with a video that they’re getting ready to produce.  Spoiler alert.  There will be dancers. Don’t panic…I won’t be one of the dancers.


Dave and Jenny are creatively busy all the time.  Right now, Dave is in Texas producing an album for Jon Wolfe while Jenny just got back with a full band show she did in Omaha at an upscale club that’s owned by Bentley…yea…like the REALLY expensive car company. 



That Sturgis bike rally in South Dakota reportedly is responsible for 20% of all Covid cases in the month of August. South Dakota itself reportedly spiked 35% after the rally. The Governor and health officials of the state say, “it’s fiction”.  And on it goes.


Trainer Jill Michaels of the TV show “Biggest Loser” has the virus and admits she let her guard down. She is now advising others not to go to a gym.  I’m sure the gym owners must love that.


Yes. Some folks are making money of the virus with clever T-shirts they sell.  I’m kind of fond of this one myself.



The Kardashian show is going off the air after this season.  20 years of a show about girls getting famous from being famous…no if’s and or BUTTS about it.  Lord, how will I survive without that show being on the air?


I have a line in my song “I’ll Join the Amish” that goes like this.  “I’ll unplug my TV; I won’t watch none of that Kardashian crap”. 


Sigh…now I have to rewrite that line.



“Dancing with The Stars” will be back on soon with a new host and Derek Hough will be a judge this year taking Len Goodman’s spot because the older judge is stuck in England because of Covid and can’t get to the states to film.  My wife watches the show. I don’t. I used to but threw a hip out trying to imitate some of the moves they make. No more.



The Golden Girls is being redone for TV…this one with an all-black female cast. All well and good. Who’s capable of filling Estelle Getty's  high heels? Her character Sophia dropped the line in one of the shows that went something like this.  “Blow it out your ditty bag”. (I think you can buy a ditty bag at Amazon…not sure)



If you’ve ever wondered how the Bachelor or Bachelorette on that TV show seems to remember every name they call out at the rose ceremony?  The don’t.  During Becca Kufrin’s season she would call three names, filming would stop, she’d got off camera and comeback and then call three more names.  The magic of TV.



Burger King put out a chocolate “Whopper” in Taiwan and it drew massive crowds that lined up to get one. Chocolate and hamburger.  Two of my faves mashed together. Shouldn’t they name that bad boy a “Wonka Whopper”?



Wife: “It’s like every man on earth has to share one brain”.

Husband: “I can’t think of a good comeback because it’s not my turn to use the brain”.



I’m off to write with Irene Kelley this morning. It’s always fun to sit at her kitchen table and create with the help of her dog and parrot who chime in from time to time.   She has two talented musical daughters too and every now and then the three of them will sing together and blend wonderful family harmony. Check out this little sample of that 


Have a great Wednesday!









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