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School Music In Session...Two For One...Arkansas This Week

Sep 9 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Man the weekend goes fast doesn’t it?



Friday my writing appointment was with Becky and Will Denton.  While we sat together in a writing room at my publishing company the conversation turned to our kids and the challenges that go with that.  And how school is sometimes a welcome relief baby sitter for Mom.  And danged if we did not turn that thought into a really fun song for Becky that I think will not only make people laugh or smile…but it will be a sentiment that a LOT of parents can relate to. Always fun hanging with those two…and I’m so glad that Becky is finding some fans in the Trop Rock world of music.  She and Will are going to be at the largest gathering of Parrot Heads that takes place in Key West in November for an event called MOTM…”Meeting Of The Minds”.  And that should expose those two even more to that world of folks who love all things “beach”…including that kind of music.



We have a “Hits & Grins” show coming to  St. Joe, Texas located near Dallas is going to be Sunday November 24.  Final details are being worked out…but we’re all looking forward to going to the Big D and doing a show at a theater in that neck of the woods.  As soon as we lock in the final details I’ll post the theater, location and start time for this show.



So Starbucks has stopped carrying newspapers.  I still love to read one…a real one.  But the Sunday morning Nashville paper?  Cost $3 now.  Wow.  The Funny’s just aren’t funny enough to make me want to pony up 3 bucks for a newspaper.  No wonder online is where most of us get our news now.



We had a postcard day here on Saturday and that made it really comfortable for getting out and going for a walk. But this week?  Back in the mid to upper 90’s. So you can hold off on pumpkin spice mac and cheese, as it’s not really Fall yet even though football did break out.


At least I won’t be going for a walk in Washington State where they had over 1,200 lightning strikes in 3 hours this past Saturday.  Duck and cover kids.



Take a second and watch THIS if you have not seen it already.  At the Marlins baseball game this weekend one young kid, who smartly brought his glove, catches TWO foul balls off the same at bat!  Wow.  I can’t imagine the odds.


My daughter Heather got two foul balls one night at our Minor League teams old baseball park here.  She didn’t catch them…but was close enough to grab them as they bounced her way.  That amazed me because I don’t know how many baseball games I’ve been to (a lot) and have never grabbed ONE foul ball.  But two off the same batter in the same inning?!  Go have your parents buy you a Powerball ticket kid.



Ex-President Jimmy Carter will be here in town with his wife Rosalynn doing what they’ve been doing for a very long time now.  Building houses for folks who don’t have one.  He’s 95 years old.  No matter your political persuasion…that’s a really solid couple of folks.   



“Judge Jerry” will premier on TV.  Think Judge Judy…but this is Judge Jerry Springer!  Jerry’s been a mayor, a TV anchor, had a crazy hit TV show…and now he dons a robe and will bang a gavel.  I’m guessing he may be trying some of the folks that created so many fights on his other TV show…maybe.


Jerry is a great guy.  Got to know him when I was in Cincinnati.  He got up with my band a couple of times and sang stone country songs…or tried. He even cut a record titled “Don’t You Roll Those Blood Shot Eyes At Me” that the noted Time Jumper Band here in Nashville recorded not too long ago.  Smart as a whip…quick on his feet.  He’s always known who he is and what he’s doing.  I’m betting the show has big ratings.



A Cat Museum?  Yes…there be one.   The American Museum of the House Cat located in Hairball, North Carolina. Well...actually it's in Asheville if you're not allergic and have a hankering to go. Somehow I don't see it being added to my bucket list.



The world’s largest Starbucks is set to open in Chicago on November 15. 43,000 square feet of coffee folks.  4 stories tall with over 200 employees.  Yes, there will be tours…like at a brewery. That's a lot of Pike, and Veranda folks. 



From time to time friends, folks and more will contact me to let me know they’re coming to Nashville and want to know if I have suggestions of what to see and where to stay.  Now I can suggest they check out The Dive Motel.  A throwback to like the 70’s…like walking into a Tarantino hotel if you will. Except this one looks to be clean!  Hit the link…check out the rooms and the bar…kinda cool and it’s right here for ya in Twang Town.



Word is that Vinyl record sales this year could surpass the sales for CD’s.  That would be the first time that’s happened since 1986.  Works for me.  I just have to figure out how to use one again.


More and more artists are releasing vinyl records for their new projects and I love that.  It’s just cool to pick up one again and flip it over and read the liner notes. And it’s gotten easier to find a vinyl record store here in Nashville these days than it is to find anywhere that racks CD’s.  Time to change your needles again folks and see if you can’t find your old 45-rpm spindle. Remember those bad boys?



“Police Are Hunting For A Woman Who Keeps Crashing Weddings And Stealing Gifts”.  If you see a woman walking in leggings with a big ole rear end?  There may be a back there.



I’ve got an afternoon rehearsal with Steve Dean and Victoria Venier to get tuned up for an Arkansas road trip this week.  We leave early Thursday morning to play at Hot Springs Village in Hot Springs, Arkansas that’s followed up with a house concert for “The Hunts” at their beautiful home Friday night. 


Have a great Monday!


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