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Baseball Hall of Famers...Life Is Short...Nuggets

Sep 8 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

And there’s that hump to get over…Wednesday.



I wrote with my talented friend Irene Kelley at my publishing company. Irene just finished her cabin up in the mountains in Gatlinburg and I’m sure that one day we’ll have a little writing camp up there on her wooden deck with that Smoky Mountain view to draw inspiration from. I thought I had brought a great idea to the room yesterday, but as often happen, Irene brought a better idea and that’s what we wrote. And one of the great side benefits to writing with Irene is getting to hear her voice on what we just wrote. Fun creative Tuesday for sure.



It’s the last to two home stands for our Nashville Sounds so I grabbed a ticket and went as the home team hosted the Memphis Redbirds, the AAA team of the St. Louis Cardinals. It’s that time of season when crowds are light which I don’t mind, and the temperatures cool off. And last night it was perfect weather as the home team won. Hard to beat a night at the ballyard.



Today in Cooperstown they’ll induct Derek Jeter, Marvin Miller, Larry Walker and Ted Simmons into the baseball Hall of Fame. Jeter will draw the biggest crowd with half of New York likely to show up. Larry Walker was a great player for the old Montreal Expos, Marvin Miller helped the players make a LOT of money, and I was a big fan of catcher Ted Simmons who I watched play with the Cardinals for years. The speeches they give just outside the Hall of Fame are always entertaining, moving, and sometimes funny. To that point, my favorite Hall of Fame speech ever is the one Bob Uecker gave a few years ago. So funny.



Here in Tennessee we set yet another record for the number of people hospitalized because of Covid. An unenviable record to say the least. 7 straight days of breaking that record. 723 Tennesseans are on ventilators. 90% of those unvaccinated.


Meanwhile out in Oklahoma, at least one hospital there is disputing the claim of one Doctor who said there were several cases of folks in rural OK overdosing on Ivermectin.


If you go to Maui? You can’t dine indoors without being fully vaccinated. Pack a sack lunch and a pineapple if you go.



Between the pandemic and getting older every day, we should be aware of how short life truly is. Hans Christian Anderson once said, “Enjoy life. There’s plenty of time to be dead”.


The late and brilliant comedian George Carlin said, “I’m always relieved when someone is delivering a eulogy and I realize that I’m listening to it”.


As a songwriter I’ve tried capturing the “life is short” idea a couple of times. One of my personal favorite songs about that is “If Not Now, When”? that I co-wrote with Brent Burns who then recorded it. Better click off those bucket list items while you can folks.


Now, I don’t know if eating more plant-based foods will extend your life or not. But Impossible Foods is now giving us Chicken Nuggets. Except, there ain’t no chicken in there. It’s alfalfa or soybeans or whatever plant they use to make a meat product. Although I will say that I’ve rolled through a McDonald’s Drive thru hungry after a show and ordered McNuggets and then wondered if there was any real meat in those bad boys too.



For Disney. I just got back there from a family trip and it’s no doubt expensive these days. They just rolled out an annual pass if you’re interested. It will cost you $1,299 for the year. How many visits would one need to make to make that worthwhile? Still so much fun to go to, but the “Happiest Place on Earth” is becoming the most “Expensive Place on Earth”.



You can’t get away from it now. Halloween stuff is in stores everywhere on this 8th day of September. I read a quote from someone who said, “Hey, it’s August which means it’s almost Halloween”. Too soon. Too dang spooky soon.



Pregnant Woman and Cat Give Birth at The Same Time After Bonding. (Wonder if they both share the same litter box?)



I’m headed out to Wil Nance’s little songwriting shack he built on his property to tackle fun drinking song today. Hey, it’s country music and they still record a lot of those.


Have a great Wednesday!



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