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Back To Work...Arkansas Article...Oompa Loompa

Sep 8 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

For those still working?  Stow your weenies and your grill and the boat and the inflatables and go back to work.  It’s Tuesday.



Nothing…bunch of do nothing on Labor Day.  I got in a walk around a nearby lake that has a beautiful shaded 2-mile trail that circles around it. Lots of kayaks in the water yesterday as more and more folks have gotten into that since the pandemic began.  It was just a gorgeous day to walk and take in that kind of scenery. 



Thank you to the Hot Springs Sentinel Record for this nice article they ran promoting my solo show this Saturday outdoors at Grove Park nestled inside the beautiful Hot Springs Village in Hot Springs, Arkansas.  Just a gorgeous scenic setting and I am very much looking forward to the return trip to that part of the world this weekend.



Now they tell us that food probably does not carry the Covid virus. Does that mean I no longer have to wipe down my cumquats?


Good news.  NYC’s infection rate has now been below 1% for 30 days.


In Nashville the Mayor is allowing more restaurants to open up for sidewalk dining at least temporarily. Think France with Hillbilly Music.  Lower Broadway looked crammed over Labor Day weekend. So much so that the Mayor shut down some places. But… it’s deceptive as new reports show that hotel occupancy was only 14% as opposed to 41% last Labor Day weekend.  Which means folks will drive in from who knows where to walk into a honkytonk but won’t stay in a hotel.  Priorities I guess.


Order in ladies?   Japan just made it more tempting as they have a place that has “macho delivery”.  Order some Sushi and a guy shows up at your door looking like a Chippendale Dancer.



Now we have naked protestors in Rochester, NY. Wonder is some of those folks will be delivering Sushi to your door soon?  That’s some kind of calling. First, you feel compelled to grab a sign and go protest during a pandemic…and THEN you decide you need to do that without any clothes on?  "Naked Lives Matter" too I suppose.


While those folks are on the streets without clothes, I’m trying to remember the last time I dressed up for anything. I’ve got a closet full of blue jeans and shirts wondering what the heck is going on.



There’s a prototype V wing airplane flying now that saves a lot of money because of its unique design. The passenger’s seat is on the wing. And no, it’s not called “Wings & A Prayer Airlines”.   



The founder of Jelly Belly is going to give away one of his candy factories with a big treasure hunt. Yep, think golden ticket…Willie Wonka.  Clues will be hidden all over the world apparently…a gold ticket on a necklace.  That’s what you’ll be looking for. And now I can’t get that Oompa Loompa song out of my head.



Taylor Swift’s current album has now been #1 for six weeks in a row. I can’t remember the last time that happened on the charts.  “Folklore” is the name of the album and not only are music fans buying it, but critics pretty much praised it big time. Love or not love her music…that’s pretty impressive.



Okay, after watching the Trailer for the new Robert DeNiro movie “The Comeback Trail” that co-stars Tommy Lee Jones & Morgan Freeman? I’m in for watching this one. The trailer alone made me laugh.


JULY 4, 2020

That’s when I’ll be on a Viking River Cruise floating down the Danube River with my Trop Rock friend Brent Burns and another great artist Sunny Jim.  Can’t wait. And out of nowhere I found this great article that’s titled “Viking River Cruise’s Romantic Danube." How To Make The Most Of Every Step”. Read the article and you’ll get a real overview of what we’ll be experiencing as the writer took this EXACT cruise with the same ports of calls like Vienna and Budapest and then shared her experience.  And it’s not too late to sign up and join us and our group.  Here’s the LINK for that info.



What happens when a goat jumps into a cop car?  See for yourself.  "Baaaad Boy Baaaad Boy What Ya Gonna Do"?



I’m writing this morning with my east coast friend Rick Lang as we continue to write some gospel songs to be considered for the follow up album of his Grammy nominated “Gonna Sing, Gonna Shout” CD that featured a list of great artists like Marty Raybon, The Whites, The Cox Family and others. Should be fun, and inspiring at the same time.


Have a great Tuesday!


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