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Great Coffeehouse Show...Arkansas Is Next...Lou Brock

Sep 7 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Happy Monday…and Happy Labor Day.  Did you buy your mattress yet?  It’s the law every holiday weekend…I think. 


Things cooled off a bit in Nashville over the weekend making it very pleasant to get outdoors…unlike what the temps have been like in California as Woodland, CA broke an all-time heat record with a high of 121 degrees yesterday…no heat index…real heat. No wonder so many wildfires are raging there.



Mine started with a “live” show over in Crossville, Tennessee at the Grinder Coffee House Shop a wonderful intimate venue with great food and drink.  Asa Reese has turned this into a wonderful listening venue where folks come in and have dinner and stay for the show. He and his wife Angela host a songwriter’s night every Friday night and Asa told me he’s had a lot of performers calling trying to get on his stage with a lack of stages to get on these days.  I’m sure that’s true.  This was my second time playing there and I just had a blast. Playing ANYWHERE right now is a treat with so many places closed down. Folks were there from Indianapolis where I worked on the radio at one time, and also from Webster Groves, Missouri that I was very familiar with as I grew up in Missouri and one of my best college friends came from there.


I played 2 hours of original songs…a lot of it funny of course, but a fair dose of serious and conversation helped cover the two hours.


Before I went on, they put Chester Goad on stage to try his hand at stand-up comedy for the first time.  He was nervous…but he did good.  And I know that feeling after trying my hand at standup in some comedy clubs back in the day.  The first time you’re REALLY nervous because you don’t know if the jokes and the funny stuff you wrote will work or not.  Chester did good and it was fun meeting him and watching him go through it the first time.


They actually streamed the entire performance up on the ole inter-web.  If you’re curious…here’s the LINK to watch.



And I do have another show this coming Saturday night in Hot Springs Arkansas at the Hot Springs Village…a beautiful retirement community complete with golf courses and all the amenities one could want.  They are bringing me in to entertain Saturday evening from 6-8 pm at "The Groves" a little outdoor venue where folks can scatter and social distance from the stage I’ll be on to keep us all safe and still enjoy some “live” music.  It’s free and open to residents and the general public too. Larry Wilson who’s the head of their “Learning Institute” interviewed me in a Zoom call this weekend and if you’d like to watch…here’s that VIDEO. Looking forward to being there.



Gosh, I was sorry to hear that Lou Brock, the great Cardinal passed away at 81. One of the great all-time base stealers and Hall of Famer. I got to watch Lou play in a LOT of games growing up a Cardinal fan in Missouri. The Cards were always great at having at least a player or two on the roster that made it more than worth the price of a ticket to get in Busch Stadium.  Ozzie Smith, Bob Gibson, Stan Musial, Al Hrabosky and most certainly Lou Brock all come to mind.  I remember going to a double header once and watching Lou steal maybe 5 bases. They could not throw the guy out. He helped carry the Cards to a couple of world championships too and that happened because of one of the worst mid-season trades in baseball history when the Cards traded one of my favorite players, pitcher Ernie Broglio to the Cubs for a player I had never heard of. I was so upset initially that they had traded my guy. That player of course was Lou Brock.


Years later after Lou retired, he came through Indianapolis where I was doing a morning radio show at WFMS with Jim Denny & Kevin Freeman who are still doing the morning show there. Lou came by to promote some kind of Shell gasoline fast pass card. Normally, I would probably have passed at an interview like that thinking the audience would not be interested.  But it was LOU BROCK!  So I said yes.  Honestly, I have no idea if the interview meant anything to those listening.  But I got to meet Lou Brock and he autographed his book “Stealing Is My Game” that I still have today.


Thanks for all the highlights Lou.  RIP.



I don’t think I’ve ever seen an umpire throw the GM out of game while the GM was up in his luxury box.  That happened yesterday when umpire Joe West (who I know a little) did just that because the Mets GM Mike Rizzo was yelling, and he was wearing no mask!  The stadiums have no crowd so it’s easy to hear someone yelling from a luxury box.  He got tossed.  I’m betting Rizzo burns the country CD that Joe West recorded years ago.



Husband: “No means no,” I remind my wife, as she eyes the pimple on my shoulder.



How about a flexible arm cell phone holder? You can set your phone in a holder and move it around and bend it at any angle you want.  So far my own arm is good enough…but it’s a hot seller on Amazon right now.


And one of the other hot sellers is a “Key Smart” which is basically a little gadget you can carry with you that will allow you to open doors without touching the door yourself.  For those who are really being vigilant during the pandemic?  This would be for you. 



Your estranged wife asks the judge for 2 MILLION dollars a month so you can support the lifestyle you’re now accustomed to.  That would be the rapper Dr. Dre’s wife who just did so.  Hopefully she’ll be able to get by.



With three or four boats sinking in the Trump Boat Rally on Lake Travis in Texas, where a couple of dear friends of ours live…will President Trump now say, “Boat Twice”? 



A guy decides to feed a bear with food in his mouth. File this one under “things that could end badly”.



An elderly man in France blew up his kitchen and blew his roof up when he chased a fly this weekend with an electric racket designed to kill flies.  Problem was, he had a gas canister leaking in the home that he never knew about and…well…poof!  He’ll be remodeling for a while.



And another guy breaks his own record for longest time spent sitting in a bucket of ice. 2 hours, 30 minutes and 57 seconds in just his swim trunks. Why?  I dunno.  But I’m guessing some Californians suffering in that record-breaking heat might be going out now to buy a tub and some ice.



It’s Labor Day which means of course nobody is laboring for the most part. That includes me.  Not that I ever labor but I digress.


Have a great Labor Day.





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