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"Oh Elizabeth"...Low Pressure and Expensive Cakes

Thursday morning and outside my blogging window of the world I see our little herd of deer nestled down on the front lawn.  Couple of babies with spots on them next to Mama.  And down the hill from them Old Hickory lake is gleaming back at them a bit as the sun starts to light up the water. 



I was back in a creative room with two of my favorite folks...and writers...Jimmy Fortune and Sydni Perry.  Jimmy in particular has been on the road quite a bit...he's been up and down a lot of those over his great career.  I returned his Statler Brothers book that I read on a recent trip to San Diego and that brought up a great road story from the former Statler Brothers member.  Jimmy said he did a little songwriters round here in Nashville the other night with a couple of other talented folks...and after he got done singing a guy came up to him and told him to "keep on singing...you're gonna make it someday".  He was completely oblivious...or did not put 2 and 2 together enough to remember Jimmy was part of the Statlers for years until his friends said, "don't you know who that is"?  The man then went back to Jimmy and said, "you tricked me"!  I'm guessing when the guy heard Jimmy sing his big hit "Elizabeth" he must have been thinking, "man...that guy sounds an awful lot like the record".  It made Jimmy laugh of course...and it made Sydni and me laugh hearing it yesterday before we sat down and wrote a fun new song...unlike anything else we've written before.  Fun.  Very fun song.


It's always a treat for me to be in that kind of great company.  And it's fun to see the latest newest guitar in Jimmy's growing collection...each one seemingly with a story of it's own...just like songs.  Being around songwriters and guitar players a lot over the past several years I've learned to regret ever selling or getting rid of one of my own.  Especially that 69 Hummingbird I bought new back in the day.  Or the first guitar I learned a chord on...that old Silvertone that came out of a Sears and Roebuck catalog my Mom bought for herself that she never learned to play.  Things ya learn.


This is a very fun writing team for sure.  Jimmy is such a great player with a great ear...Sydni is a terrific singer and writer who spouts out entire thoughts that rhyme after sitting quietly on a couch contemplating where the song should go.  And on top of all of that...both Jimmy and Sydni or just solid solid individuals.  Blessed to be in the room with em' for sure.



Gosh...and now they say there are THREE hurricanes spinning around in the Atlantic?  I think my wife and I may move our beach vacation this year to California or Hawaii.  And how about the story of the Delta pilot who outraced the hurricane to Puerto Rico...landed...loaded and got back to the states safely.  Uh..no.  Pretty sure I don't want to be on a plane that decides to try and outrun mother nature.  And I have a great story that relates to that and fully explains why I don't want to try and outrun mother nature...ever.


My wife and I were hosting a cruise for a radio station.  The ship left from New Orleans.  There was a hurricane moving in.  The only captain that decided to leave port was ours.  The second morning we are at sea I hear my wife say..."Oh my Gawd"!  My first thought was, "where's the dang spider"?  But now.  She made me look outside our porthole window and I swear to you...it looked like we were sinking in the sea with the water being higher than our ship.  We open our cabin door...the ship is tilted...sea sick bags attached to every cabin.  Tons of passengers were sick.  Nobody was in the restaurants it seemed.  For whatever reason...neither Kathy or I threw up...but lots of folks were green...and upset with the Captain.  So much so that at the Captain's dinner that week...they booed when he was introduced.  And two or three couples that were part of our group off loaded at our first stop...Jamaica...and flew home.  They'd had enough.  Of course the rest of the cruise we had completely calm seas.  But...that's the reason I don't ever wanna be a on plane or ship or in a car, on a Vespa, four wheeler, tractor....trying to outrun a hurricane.  Nope.



That's because I read that Dennis Rodman has offered to go back to North Korea and save the day for us.  The Celebrity Apprentice "tornado" known as Omarosa works on the Trump team...so I don't know why he wouldn't send both of them over together.  Now that would be an interesting negotiation. 



How about the Alabama TV guy who let a little gas escape "live" on TV?  Hard to dance around that.  I think I would have started blaming that on a low pressure system that had started brewing down south.





To Jo Dee Messina who let us know she's battling cancer now.  I've had the chance to be around her a bit...interviewed her like a lot of my radio buddies have many times.  She's fun...got a great laugh and of course has had some big hits.  I was the host of a nationally syndicated broadcast once for the release of a new album from Jo Dee.  It went out across the country from Music Row...and her special guests she brought with her that day was Rascal Flatts who were just starting to make a dent on the music scene.  I remember it being a very fun broadcast with lots of laughs.  I'll be thinking nothing but positive thoughts for her.



Maybe a little sanity as a couple of major players say they will no longer hire ultra skinny models to walk down a runway to show off their clothes.  No model under size zero will be hired.  How in the world do you keep clothes on people or are THAT skinny?  Duct tape?  And I have to admit...I don't understand how you measure anyone as a "zero" or "below zero"? 


If those folks ever start hiring plus size male models...I'll start working on learning how to cross my ankles one step at a time on a runway.



Beyonce just turned 36.  Her hubby Jay Z got her a little birthday cake.  It cost $3,600!  Now...normally I would really be amazed at how you could charge anyone that for something you cut and eat.  But...after watching the work that goes into creating a cake like the one that showed up at her party...I understand maybe more than some.  That's a cake on the left my daughter made.  Hours go into something that original...and a lot of creativity.  Yes...every bit of what you see is edible.  And yes...your kitchen looks like someone dropped a bomb on it afterwards.  Happy Booty...rather...Happy Birthday Beyonce.






All kinds of yoga these days.  You can yoga with a goat...they now have "cat" yoga, naked yoga...yep...naked yoga, you can yoga on a paddleboard, or a horse.  How bout Harry Potter yoga?  Pretty sure they "sort" out your mat for ya on that one.  And now there are Christian Yoga classes.  Across the hall would be the heathen yoga classes.  Don't ask me how I know.  So...do your research...choose the one that fits you the most before assuming any position. 



Someone made pickle beer.  Really.  Since I hate pickles...I won't ask for a chilled mug with that in it.  Nope.  I do like peanut butter though...and I read an article that said peanut butter on whole grain bread is good before bedtime and could shave a few pounds off.  Pretty sure they don't mean eat an entire loaf...so I've got to adjust if I'm going to ever get down to a size zero.  Turkey and bananas...I like both...also came up on the list with others you would guess...yogurt...almonds.  When it comes to peanut butter helping shed pounds?  Now that I really think about that it makes more sense to me.  Look at Peter Pan.  Looks to be in pretty good shape to me. I just need a jar, some bread and a wand to wave and I'll be thin again.



Authorities in upstate New York found over 20 sharks in a basement.  Now...there are lots of cat and dog hoarders...but sharks?  Hopefully the owner spayed and neutered.  Hopefully.



I'm off to write with Gerald Smith again the ole "Georgia Quacker" from Hee Haw back in the day...and a heck of a good "country" songwriter.  There won't be any rap coming out of the room...although he and our friend Wyn Varble did write a song once called "That's How Country Music Gets A Bad Rap" that we are still trying to get someone to record.  So...this will be fun.


Then tonight...the first NFL game of the year kicks off.  Could be good too.  KC at New England. 


Have a great Thursday!



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