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Labor Day...Willard...Weird Museums

Sep 6 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

64 degrees in Nashville this Labor Day as I begin this Labor Day blog. Don’t forget to buy a mattress today…it’s the law, I think.



Mine started with a co-write with Laura Leigh Jones at my publishing company on Friday morning. Laura is working on a new bluegrass album right now and we wrote an up-tempo bluegrass song just in case she needs another. Laura oversees all the backstage tours at the Grand Ole Opry house and just got a promotion to handle VIP’s and more. She’s already given Tom Brady and Peyton Manning backstage tours, so I’m sure some more celebrities are going to be walking around backstage at the Opry with my friend.



I took in a lot of college football over the weekend and found out once again Vanderbilt is going to have a long season. I once joked at a show I played in College Station, Texas for some Texas A&M folks that I knew the reason they wanted so badly to join the SEC. To make sure Vanderbilt was on their schedule. Baseball…great. Football? It’s still a mystery to them.



I was sorry to see that the Today weatherman forever Willard Scott passed at 67. Everybody’s weather friend. I interviewed him a couple of times over the year. He was great…and funny too. He brought an “everyday man” approach to the weather and changed the way that some in TV hiring positions looked at that position. Folks want to be entertained. Even if they’re doing the weather. And that was Willard. He made you feel like he was your buddy giving you the forecast. And who in the world reads birthdays on the air? Willard did.


I got my first big break in morning radio at a time when a light went on. Radio used to hire guy with great voices, big voices, “hand cupped over the ear” deep voices. Then someone realized that folks want to be entertained more than they want to hear some guy with a deep bass voice introducing the next record. Good thing they did. Otherwise I might still be sweeping floors off air at some radio station.


Some NBC executive took a chance on hiring someone different to do the weather. Willard Scott sure made him look good. RIP.



The Covid death toll is now 1,500 cases a day. Tennessee, where I live in #1. Not a #1 ranking I care to have honestly. In New Zealand, which has been locked down very tightly, they reported their first death in 6 months.


On the good news side of Covid, Florida cases are starting to drop over the past few days. In Miami cases dropped for the 5th straight day.


Officials are now keeping their eye on yet another variant. This one is called Mu and there are already some cases in LA.




There are a lot of weird museums scattered across the country. A Spam Museum is in Austin. Everything Hormel that you’d ever want to see in one building. I’m going to have to send them a copy of my Spam song.


Then there’s a Museum of Death in New Orleans. That sounds like a fun visit, doesn’t it?


And how about this Mermaid Museum out near Washington? How could one not pull over for that?



There are 10 million job openings in the country right now. 8 million are without jobs.???????  You figure it out. With unemployment benefits ending today, we’ll see if some of those jobs are now filled. Best kind of job is one where you don’t feel like you’re working but somehow you still get paid for it. I should know.



Michael Jordan has made a LOT of money. So much so that he once turned down a 7 million dollar offer to play a round of golf in Asia. So much so that he turned down a 100-MILLION-dollar deal. All he had to do was lend his likeness to the brand and show up for a two-hour appearance. He said no.



In the town of Auburn Maine a landlord says that a tenant left behind 19 tarantulas and one python. Apparently, there was no HOA. The next renter should do a VERY thorough check before moving their furniture in.



On the horizon apparently is high speed radio therapy that could cure men’s prostate cancer in just two weeks. Normally one would get small doses of radiation 20 times a month. With this new treatment on would get 5 big doses in 7-14 days and most would be cured…possibly. And that is good news. I can only hope it’s true.



Attractions of America listed their Top 25 most beautiful cities in the country. Nashville was one of them. With all the traveling I’ve done I would have guessed that I had visited almost all of them. Wrong. I’ve visited 16 of these that are listed. I’ve been THROUGH two or three more but not visited.


Their top 5?


Charleston, Savannah, Seattle, Anchorage and Chicago. Out of those? I’ve visited only one. Good thing I wasn’t betting. The one was the Windy City of Chicago. How many have you visited? 



Quora is an online site that lets you ask any question, no matter how stupid, and then others can try to answer or help. They get some real head scratchers. How about this question a guy asked. “If I had a hitman try to kill me and he fails, will I go to jail”? I think I could have answered that one for him.



That there’s a breed of duck in Australia that one can teach to curse? True. Which means that some day those AFLAC commercials could get a lot more interesting and colorful.



It is Labor Day which oddly means no labor for anyone, including me today. So, I’ll get to the gym, do some catch up stuff, get a nap and watch sports on TV. Some kind of labor huh?


Have a great Labor Day!

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